Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 2 Chapter 5 part 1

[Stage 2-5] A Fateful Day
“Yeeeesh! Wham!”
With the defeat of Misosona Magic Academy, who we thought would be our toughest opponent, there was no stopping us now.
Our next opponent in the semifinals was Haius Magic Academy.
They tried hitting us with water magic wave attacks, but with Mashiro’s ice magic, they were at a huge disadvantage and got completely crushed.
With their main method of attack sealed away, we pushed through with brute force and magic from me and Reina.
At last, the semifinals were over for every category. The fever pitch excitement across the land was reaching its peak.
But then a report came that doused water on the excitement.
“What…? The competing students have gone missing?”
All that was left was tomorrow’s finals. To be in top shape, I had been pushing my body to the limit in training today.
Since Reina got called away by Ms. Milfonti, I went to meet her.
I was with Mashiro who had been accompanying me in my training, when Reina came running up to us. She immediately brought up the missing students case.
“What’s going on, Reina?”
“I asked the teacher, and it seems students from other schools haven’t come back to their lodgings…”
“Couldn’t they just be out partying and overdoing it?”
“If it was one or two, that’s possible. But…some haven’t been seen for two or three days. That’s suspicious.”
“I see. Yeah, that smells fishy.”
“No one from Rishburg is missing, right?”
“Yes. Roll call this morning confirmed no one from our school is gone.”
That was a silver lining in this misfortune.
…To be honest, I didn’t really care about students from other schools going missing.
I felt a little bad for them, but in the end they were strangers.
It wasn’t a hero’s job to save every random person like I was some goody-goody.
Karen came on her family’s ship. It was big enough to hold all the Rishburg reps.
So we should just gather up Mashiro and Reina and say farewell to this island…
“The teachers are going to patrol the school grounds tonight. I’m scheduled to help out too.”
“Then I’ll come along too. More people is better.”
This is not good. Very not good.
The students who have come to this island this time are all promising talents for the future. They are powerful enough to kidnap several of them.
If, by any chance, Reina were to be abducted…
All my efforts so far would be in vain. Certainly, patrolling is a hassle, but the most painful thing for me is the thought of all my hard work going to waste.
It’s like the feeling of emptiness that comes when a game data you’ve been playing for a long time gets lost due to a malfunction.
I could try convincing her not to go against Ms. Milfonti’s orders, but that was too big a gamble on her choosing my side.
“Then I wanna help too! Can’t let the bad guys get away with this!”
“Alright…I’ll let the teacher know you two are coming too.”
With that, Reina ran off towards the lottery hall.
That was probably their command center now.
Just as she left, Alice came over.
“I have returned.”
“Welcome back, Alice. How was the town? Have fun?”
I had given her the day off.
With no plans today and Mashiro to accompany me, I didn’t have much work. So I decided to let her freely enjoy the outside world for a change.
She’s been cooped up with me at Rishburg Academy,
I told her that since she was out, she was free to go around for a break.
Definitely not because I wanted alone time to flirt with Mashiro.
“Yes, very much so. Thank you for thinking of me, Master Ouga. By the way, this is for you.”
She handed me an envelope.
I immediately recognized the Vellet family seal stamped on it.
He had already written back to me. Busy as he must be…
“Yes, Miss Leiche, please refrain from looking.”
Mashiro’s eyes were covered by Alice.
Once I confirmed that, I opened the envelope.
[My Dearest Son Ouga,
Thank you for the letter. It seems you’re enjoying academy life, and that makes me happiest of all.
I frequently hear of your exploits back home too. You’re bringing honor to our family as the next head.
I was quite surprised to hear of your engagement to the Levezenka girl. Thanks to you, cooperation with the military has gotten easier, and you’ve helped your old man out.
Your mother was thrilled you were chosen as the academy tournament rep. I’m proud too. Congrats.
Work keeps me from cheering you on in person, but I’m watching your accomplishments closely.
Bring all your friends over. I look forward to meeting the kids you’ve taken a liking to.
Now then, here’s the information you wanted to know.
You take after your father more than I ever imagined, asking about this…
Those two first met twelve years ago. The year the Ramdarb Kingdom was attacked by the demons.
I hope this helps you out. Burn this letter after reading.]
“I knew it…”



My guess was right. No, it might have been worse than I imagined.
Adding the extra details, I picture Reina Milfondy’s past.
She was probably a war orphan. With nowhere to go, her exceptional magical talent got Ms. Milfonti’s attention. Becoming her disciple was likely Reina’s only path to survival.
Under the guise of mentorship, Ms. Milfonti made the young girl do harsh labor. The state of the student council before we joined tells that story.
With that kind of past, it makes sense why Reina’s face is so stiff.
She couldn’t bear those painful days and lost her smile.
Maybe her heart and mind are broken beyond repair.
When even I was only planning to exploit the church orphans when they grew up…
Ms. Milfonti is more wicked than me.
At first I just wanted to poach Reina for her administrative skills.
But knowing we shared similar circumstances completely flipped my feelings for her.
I must save Reina from that soul-crushing slave driver…!
“Thank you, father.”
I expressed gratitude to my father for making me realize what’s important.
“Alice, the magical ignition.”
“Here you are.”
Alice lit it with the magical ignition, and I burned the letter in the fire.
Though, he replied so fast it was like he was here in Ramdarb…
“Ouga! Miss Leiche! Over here!”
Seeing Reina call out to us makes me feel bad for her.
Even outside school she gets bossed around by Ms. Milfonti…
…I’m resolved.
After this mess gets sorted out, I’ll confess how I feel to her.

Night time had come.
Mashiro and I were walking the second floor of Rishburg’s lodging facility.
“Hope tonight ends peacefully.”
“Yeah, that’s what we want.”
Various discussions happened that led to the academy deciding students would continue using the lodging.
Renting rooms at local inns was proposed, but there was too much risk in dispersing when the culprit was after students. And it would involve civilians. The lodging was easier to monitor the students.
Students were strictly ordered to not leave their rooms no matter what.
The lodging had five floors. We patrolled in pairs, one duo per floor.
Some objected to me and Mashiro participating, but they were short on teachers. Ms. Milfonti’s vote let the student council members help.
Reina and the headmasters waited in the command center as a trump card, ready to head over if trouble occurred.
Alice seemed eager to join since I told her about the incidents, but I couldn’t exactly add my maid to the patrol group…
I had her wait somewhere else.
“Tonight’s the decisive moment. If we get through this, we can sail tomorrow.”
In case the missing students return, the departure has been postponed until tomorrow.
If the students were indeed kidnapped, capturing the culprit would ensure the safe return of all of them.
The missing students are naturally children of nobility.
For the sake of the reputation of the magic academy, it wouldn’t be acceptable for this to end like this.
“Yeah, but… hmm…”
“What’s wrong?”
“I’m wondering what the motive of the culprit is. If it’s for ransom, they should have issued a ransom demand by now.”
“…You’re right. They must have already secured enough hostages.”
Once you start thinking about it, more questions arise.
“Why would they specifically target the representatives? If it’s for financial gain, there are easier targets on this island.”
There are many students who came to this island to support the school at their own expense, like Karen and the others.
So, why would they target the representatives?
“…Is being an excellent magician a condition they’re targeting?”
If that’s the case, then it’s possible that…
─ And at that moment, it comes without any warning.
“…! Mashiro, are you here!?”
“Yeah, I’m here!”
I immediately reached out to the position where Mashiro was. I felt a familiar touch and pulled her close.
Those breasts were unmistakable. It’s Mashiro.
“Mashiro, can you activate a magic light source?”
“Uh, yeah, wait a moment.”
She took out a magic light source from her pocket and pressed the switch.
The light illuminated both of us, and I realized that we were incredibly close to each other.
“Uh, sorry, Ouga-kun. It must be difficult to walk like this. I’ll step back…”
“No, it’s fine. Hold on tight.”
“Huh, wha… ohhh!?”
I lifted Mashiro and ran towards the first floor where she had been.
If my prediction was correct, then one of the most likely candidates for the target was the two of us.
Mashiro, who was one of those targets, was safe. Therefore…
“Ouga-kun! That voice just now!”
“Ah! Down there…!”
Damn it, why didn’t I notice something so simple?
Turning my frustration into energy, I stepped on the accelerator.
As soon as we reached the first floor, Mashiro illuminated the surroundings.
Two male teachers, who looked familiar, were lying near the entrance.
“Hey! Are you guys okay!?”
We rushed to the two of them and checked their injuries.
There were some minor scratches, but nothing life-threatening.
“…You guys…”
One of them, who responded to our voices, opened his eyes.
Thank goodness… it seems he’s conscious.
“…We were… targeted when it got dark…”
“I understand, you don’t have to talk now. Just rest.”
“Sorry… he… went that way…”
Saying that, he pointed in the opposite direction from where we came.
He must be indicating the direction in which the culprit who attacked them fled.
And beyond that, there is the headquarters where Reina is.

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