Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 5

For some reason Sattia collapsed and had to be supported by another girl.
What an interesting girl…I’m taking a liking to her. I’ll ask Alice about it later.
Anyway, pushing that aside for now, I focus my mind on the match.
“Those confident faces huh, Vellet.”
Shuelba sneers with a villainous grin.
I might be a little envious of how naturally he can make that expression.
“Of course. There’s not even a one in ten thousand chance we’ll lose this match. It’s only natural to have this kind of face.”
“I like it. I love guys like you. Though I think the biggest fool is the one who chose you as the representative over there.”
Shuelba changes his target from me to Reina.
“Say, Milfonti-san the [God’s beloved]. If I win against you, tell Professor Flone-Milfonti for me. To take me on as a disciple. Having an excellent disciple would be better right?”
“Why yes, I don’t mind at all. The professor loves talented individuals too. If you can defeat me twice, I’m sure you’ll catch her eye.”
“…Tch. As hard to deal with as ever.”
Shuelba clicks his tongue at Reina who smiles back completely unfazed.
She handles this well as expected.
“Somehow the atmosphere feels really hostile huh, Ouga-kun. Is the tournament always this antagonistic?”
“No, probably just this time. Mashiro shouldn’t worry about it too much.”
“Got it! I’ll give it my all~ “
Adorable. Her smile is enough to purify even the murderous atmosphere.
[Then contestants, please take your positions!]
Following the announcement, we line up at the designated spots.
I stand at the front, with Mashiro and Reina hiding behind me, forming a triangle.
Our opponents line up horizontally across from us.
[Which side will the goddess of victory smile upon!? The inter-academy magic competition first round match one, begin!]
The enemy’s lightning spell Thunderbolt fired the instant the match started.
It’s a spell focused on speed, paralyzing you with numbness if hit directly.
An effective magic against other mages in magic battles.
A borderline surprise attack. But that much polished skill.
I see, so they have more than just talk.
However, it still won’t reach us.
“They evaded it!?”
I had been watching the flow of mana from the beginning and caught the activation timing.
If you can grasp the triggering timing and trajectory, avoiding it is no big deal.
Same as with guns. If you can grasp when the muzzle points your way and when the trigger is pulled, you can dodge it.
We had planned beforehand that I would read their opening move, evading the magic with Mashiro and Reina following my lead, invalidating their attack.
Likewise, the two dodged the Thunderbolt.

Now it’s our turn to go on the offense.
“Go get them, Reina!”
“So fast!?”
The flash of lightning Reina unleashed is just as fast as the enemy’s Thunderbolt, scoring direct hits on all three.
Her efforts didn’t betray her, reaching their targets as well.
“Blast Blow!”
Seizing that opening without hesitation, Mashiro activates her wind magic, blowing them into the sky from below.
Splendidly splitting them apart, making coordination difficult for them now.
Brought to this point, we’ve seized the pace.
They’re no match one-on-one.
“It’s pattern one! I’m taking the leader, Reina!”
“By all means. Then Liiche-san, proceed as planned.”
“I’ll try not to disturb your posture! Blast Blossom!”
Blown from behind by Mashiro’s wind magic, Reina flies straight ahead just like before. But this time in a straight line. With the wind’s assistance, she closes in on one of the scattered students at astonishing speed.
She plans to strike them all before they can regain their footing.
With last year proving Reina’s overwhelming advantage in magic over them besides their quick-draw Thunderbolt.
The strong make the choices to demonstrate that strength.
“Hey! Reina Milfonti! I’m over here!”
“Too bad, Shuelba. Your opponent is me.”
“Tch! Screw you! Fire Bullet!”
“Choosing offense over defense. A good choice.”
The Blast Blossom assist is certainly powerful, but mid-flight after being blown away, it’s impossible to evade enemy attacks. At best you can counter their magic.
In other words, since I can’t use magic, I can’t receive Blast Blossom’s support.
So it takes some time for me to reach Shuelba.
He fired the flame magic to obstruct my path, buying time.
“Not bad. Using your head a little.”



To impede my approach, he didn’t fire the bullets concentrated in one spot, but spread them out.
With me deciding not to use Magic Burial, I have no choice but to evade them, naturally creating losses trying to reach him.
Shuelba had also switched to defending, re-establishing his posture before I could close in.
“Too bad! With no magic, your freedom is limited until you can land the finishing blow! That plan failed too!”
“No, this is still going exactly as calculated.”
“Crushing your perfect state with sheer power head-on. That will make things clearer no?”
“You…don’t mess with me! Firebomb!”
Shuelba points the eight firebombs created between his fingers at me and hurls them my way.
“Just blow away!”
“Can’t let you have your way.”
I take out a bundle of iron coins from my waist pouch and fling them ahead.
Colliding with the advancing coins, the fiery bombs explode.
They do explode, but all miss me.
Smoke obscures our view between us, but…it’s my turn now.
“There you are.”
I scatter the remaining coins around and they make sounds hitting Shuelba, telling me his location.
Lowering my stance as I approach, Shuelba is there with his face twisted in frustration and irritation from the smoke.
“Bastard, where are you!? Come out!”
“Behind you.”
“Shi-! Flame Sh– !”
“Too slow for magic at this range.”
My fist plunges into his stomach with a satisfying sensation.
The launched fist carries Shuelba into the air.
He falls to the ground with a heavy thud.
Getting close reveals his eyes rolled back, knocked out unconscious.
“Fists are still the best after all.”
I mutter while looking at my fist.
The hard work and time invested into these muscles won’t betray me.
“Now then, how’s it going over there…Haha. Looks like it’ll be over soon, this one.”
Glancing at Mashiro, the battle situation was obvious at a glance.
“No fair having dual-magic casting!”
“That’s just how I was born though.”
The female student rolling on the ground had her hands and feet chained by ice shackles.
She must have been wary of wind magic and got hit by ice magic instead.
Even understanding that, properly responding to two attribute magics is difficult.
“Okay. Stay quiet now.”
“Mmph!? Mm…! Mmm…!”
Mashiro stuffed a handkerchief in her opponent’s mouth to prevent them from using magic.

With that state, it was pretty much game over.
Now then, Reina is…
“Shit…! Lightning Sword Dance!”
“Lightning Pillar Descend”
The six blades of lightning dancing in the air come raining down to cut Reina apart, but pillars of lightning rising from the ground block them.
The difference in pure magical power was clear. Sharing the lightning attribute, Reina’s magic seemed to be absorbing the opponent’s magic.
Just like a predator beast devouring its prey.
“Sorry about that. It seems Ouga-kun and the others are done too, so I’ll finish this up.”
“N-no way…”
Her words, as if she had only been entertaining a child’s play until now, dyed the opponent’s expression in despair.
“—Lightning Whip—“
A whip appearing in her hand, cracking with electricity.
She swung it with practiced motions, cutting through the wind with a loud snap as it struck the ground.
“Don’t worry. Even if it hits, it’ll just sting a little.”
“Let’s have some fun!”
Smiling as she swung the whip, she looked for all the world like a queen of the night…is all I’ll say.

The three students rolling on the floor.
Shuelba with his glasses cracked from the impact. Marca writhing like a caterpillar. For some reason, Borden presenting his butt with an enraptured expression.
Confirming that, the referee raised the flag bearing Rishburgh’s crest.
[W-what an outcome! A perfect victory…! Overwhelming power! Rishburgh Magic Academy who drank bitter medicine last year has brought new war potential, mercilessly crushing Misosona Magic Academy!]
The announcer declares the conclusion.
After a brief pause, voices carrying all sorts of emotions from the audience echoed through the hall.
Voices praising us. Voices shocked at the unexpected outcome. Voices frustrated that the team they cheered on lost.
Right now, every voice reaching my ears sounds joyful.
Because they’ll spread the news of our victory in all sorts of ways.
“Mashiro. Reina.”
“Ougaaa-kun, yeeey!”
“Good work.”
I high-five the two sharing the same joy.
Even though it was just the first round, this match will have a huge impact.
The other schools will likely abandon any hopes they had that Rishburgh Magic Academy was strong.
If they lose even a little of their will not to give up, the possibility of victory becomes very slim.
But before that,

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