Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 4

“Then let’s refine our strategy to reduce the chance of losing to zero now. Alice.”
“Yes, I have prepared things here.”
What she handed over were data with Shuelba and company’s magical compositions and strategic tendencies from last year recorded.
I also pass them to Reina and Mashiro and open my mouth after skimming through them once.
“Let me review the victory conditions again. Team-wide fainting, surrender, or the referees all three judging further battle is impossible means defeat. That right?”
The two nod at my question.
“Good. Then let’s get to the main issue. Reina. Does this data have any inconsistencies with your memory?”
“No, it’s as written. They’re an offensive team that pushes through with a lightning-attribute sneak magic attack and Shuelba’s destructive flame-attribute magic firepower. The members are unchanged too, so I believe it’s the same.”
There are no others with multiple magical aptitudes like Mashiro among Misona Magic Academy’s members.
So their strategy likely can’t be greatly altered either.
“Without a doubt, they’ll first seize the advantage with [Lightning Flash].”

Thunderbolt is a lightning attribute magic spell specialized in speed.
Getting hit with it full on will send electricity coursing through your whole body, paralyzing you and creating an opening.
I’ve heard strong mages can knock a person unconscious with their Thunderbolts.
“In the early game, they rely on a high number of lightning attribute spells to attack and overwhelm their opponent. Then when the opponent is struggling to respond, they finish them off with Shuelba’s powerful magic! That’s their go-to winning pattern,”
“Yeah yeah, question. Isn’t it dangerous to use magic like that?”
“There are safety features so the power is suppressed. So feel free to use your magic freely, Liiche-san.”
“Yes, leave it to me!”
In magic battles, competitors are required to wear magic tools that suppress the power of spells.
It’s a measure to prevent any deaths, making it a competitive game within safe boundaries despite the combat format.
In that sense, Mashiro won’t be afraid of the enemy’s magic either.
She has some experience from her fight with Aliban.
“Then how did you lose last year? It seems like you should have been able to come up with countermeasures since you knew their strategy.”
From what I saw in the footage, the other two members got taken out, and the momentum carried over, letting the enemy dictate the pace.
But Shuelba’s team had been winning with the same tactics. Someone like Reina wouldn’t have made no preparations.
Because she should be familiar with Misosona Magic Academy, and by extension, the same lightning magic user as the Flone the Thunder.
“Embarrassingly…we simply lost in terms of speed.”
“That wasn’t Reina’s loss. Her teammates couldn’t defend against the enemy’s Thunderbolts. That’s all there was to it.”
“Even so, if my Thunderbolt was faster than theirs, I could have blocked it. They must have focused their training on specializing in speed.”
So that’s what’s causing Reina to feel so responsible.
She’s been regretting this whole time that if only she hadn’t lost the speed contest.
“This past year, I worked on improving my Thunderbolt as well. But the enemy must have done the same. To be honest, I can’t say for certain that we’ll absolutely win.”
If I’m to believe in her, the right choice would be to “leave it to her.”
But that’s just lip service, giving up on thinking things through. It’s a gamble.
If Reina loses again, it will wound her even deeper. Potentially even trauma involving her future.
In that case, someone else should shoulder the burden for her.
Luckily, there’s me, an abnormality here this time.
The enemy’s two biggest miscalculations.
One, we have Alice, a professional anti-magic user here.
And two, me, who’s been coached by Alice.
“Then let’s give up the first move and go with a counterattack strategy.”
“…Is that alright?”
“Yeah, with me here I can guide the two of you to victory unharmed. …Will you leave this important task to me?”
“I agree with Ouga kun. If he says so, there’s no way we’ll lose.”
“‘My words bear no second guesses.'”
“That’s right.”
“Hmph, you know me so well already huh.”
I pat Mashiro on the head and meet eyes with Reina.




“Reina. Will you let me shoulder your feelings too?”
“Understood. I will also believe in Ouga-kun.”
“Good, now that it’s decided, next is coordinating our counterattacks.”
“Just in case they use a different strategy, we should consider a few patterns too.”
“Well, we don’t need to think about what to do if Ouga-kun fails right?”
“…You’ve come to understand me well too, Reina.”
“Yes. Ouga-kun has taught me all sorts of things hands-on after all.”
“Reina, don’t phrase it like that.”
“Ouga-kun, could it be…ecchi?”
“Mashiro, don’t get the wrong idea either.”
“…I don’t particularly mind though.”
Huh, you don’t? …No no, mustn’t bite.
That would reveal my virginity.
I shake my head to dismiss the temptation.
“Alright! We’ll solidify the plan before the match!”

After the obligatory long speeches from each academy’s principal, the inter-academy magic competition finally begins.
While the magic theory and practical magic divisions are underway, we make our final preparations behind the scenes.
Surprisingly, some students who finished their matches even came to cheer us on.
Along with how there were barely any complaints about our representative selection, they must be feeling guilty.
Because even Mashiro got called out to, it seems human nature is to act out of guilt indeed.
But thanks to them, Mashiro’s motivation increased too.
And so, the battle that decides our future finally raises its curtain.
[Which academy will gain the title of strongest!? The elite chosen as representatives from each academy collide in the practical magic battle division! It’s finally starting now!!]
[Is this fate’s mischief!? It’s become a fiery first round card right off the bat!! A clash between the two favorites!]
Loud cheers erupt from the audience at the announcer’s sensational lines.
Sorry to disappoint those looking forward to an intense battle, but what’s about to unfold will be a one-sided trampling.
I do feel a little bad for them who were excitedly anticipating this dream match-up.
“Last year’s championship team has powered up and returned! Show us the strength that caused last year’s major upset! Representing Misosona Magic Academy, Shuelba-Anthem! Boden-Holly! Marka-Mighty!”
As their names were called, Shuelba and the others appeared from the opposite side of the venue.
Seeing their relaxed expressions as they waved to the cheering audience, I was convinced.
─ Our victory is an undeniable outcome.
“Facing them, from Rishberg Magic Academy, Reina-Milfonti has chosen… what, what, what, a pair of freshmen! What kind of power will they show us?! Representing, Reina-Milfonti! Ouga-Vellet! Mashiro-Lieche~!!”
“Well, let’s go, both of you.”
“Yeah! We’re definitely going to win!”
“Hehe, you’re both full of determination.”
With me in the lead, we stepped onto the stage that would become the battlefield.
For me and Mashiro, this would be our glorious first appearance on such a stage.
I’m sure those who witness this match will be happy.
But they’ll be able to witness firsthand the first steps of people about to carve their names into history.
That voice is unmistakably Karen’s. Looking in that direction, she’s in the front row waving her hand wearing a red dress.
She’s leaning over the railing so her breasts are smushed dangerously against the bars.
Since Karen rarely has chances to wear dresses, the gaping valley of her chest has destructive power far exceeding necessary limits to torment me.
…Thank you, Karen. Now I can do my best.
I thrust my fist at Karen to convey that meaning, and she smiled back brightly.
And there was another thing that caught my attention.
An amusing group over there.
Young ladies waving around flags with my name and a caricature of my face drawn on them. And next to them, instructing them is Alice.
“Crush them! Overwhelm! Ouga-sama, light of the world!”
“Your voices are too soft! Roar Ouga-sama’s name louder for the whole world to hear!”
“Crush them!! Overwhelm them!! Ouga-sama, light of the world!!”
Arghhhhhh!! She’s doing it again, Alicccccce!!
I want her to stop since it’s so embarrassing! See, we’re gathering so much attention!!
And this time there’s more than just her…she even got other people involved…!
The girls going along with Alice, I think one of them was…Sattia? The one who challenged me to a duel, why is she in a place like this?
If she hated it she wouldn’t be cheering so enthusiastically…
Probably feels guilty about going along with Alice’s antics…Well, I’ll wave back just in case.
“Ahhh!? Vellet-sama waved back at me…!? Is, is this a dream…?”
“Sattia-sama!? Get a grip!! The match is about to start!!”

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