Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 3

“Who will go to tournament match drawings?”
“I don’t have the best luck.”
“Then shall I go?”
While we talk, the name Misona Magic Academy – last year’s winning school – is called, and their representative goes on stage.
“I’m Shuelba Anthem, representative of Misona Magic Academy. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”
…Hm? Did that guy glance this way just now…? My imagination?
…No, that man’s gaze…I just received the same sort exactly last month.
Shuelba, who gave his name, takes the rightmost note without hesitation, and the characters “1‐A” float up.
This settles Misona Magic Academy being the first match.
“Rishburg Magic Academy representative, please come on stage.”
“Then I’ll go up.”
Reina stands and goes before the notes with graceful conduct.
She also shows no hesitation, taking the center note.
Written on it was—
“Le, Rishburg Magic Academy…1‐B.”
Stirrings arise in the venue.
It can’t be helped. The winning and runner-up schools from last year are clashing in the first round.
Unable to conceal their excitement at the sudden big match, the executive side and students from other schools watch developments that have strong opponents crushing each other with sparkling eyes.
“It seems I also had bad luck.”
Returning to her seat, Reina says.
“We’d have to defeat them sooner or later to win anyway. It’s just a matter of whether it’s early or late.”
“It’s reassuring to have a stalwart comrade.”
“That should be my line.”
Despite her words, Reina shows no sign of tension whatsoever. She has absolutely no interest in things like order.
Wherever we’re placed, all that matters is continuing to win. That’s the kind of simpleminded thinking she has.
With an uproar from the turbulent opening that wouldn’t settle down, the lottery proceeded and all the academies were determined.
This information would be relayed within Ramdarb Kingdom via the executive committee, and the venue will likely see great excitement tomorrow morning.
“Well then, shall we head back too?”
“Yes. Right away we should…discuss strategy for tomorrow…”
Reina’s words stop because three males and females are blocking our path.
One of them is Shuelba, who was looking this way earlier.
“Yo, Milfonti. Thanks for the cocky act.”
Despite his intellectual appearance, quite the belligerent greeting.
A brawl right away…could every academy have guys like Arnia…?
If so, that would be dreadful. It’d wreck my external harem plan.
“Cocky act…what do you mean? At the very least, I formed a team aiming to win, didn’t I?”
“Hey now! Do you think that reasoning will work when you added a first-year who just enrolled? There can’t be many more irregulars like him!”
“Even if you say that…hmm. I believe he’s far stronger than you all. Right, Ouga?”
…So you’ll pass it to me huh.
Reina grabs my shoulder and pushes me out front like a shield.
Shuelba looks me over then heaves a belittling sigh.
“…Reina Milfonti has fallen too. After all, you’re a failure unworthy of Professor Flone.”
“—Oi. Take back what you just said.”
I also shoot back strong words at his attitude of looking down on Reina however much.
I’m fine being treated like a fool.
But in front of this crowd, I’d be so ashamed I couldn’t return home if I stayed silent while a precious comrade is reviled.
That would truly become a “disgrace to the Vellet Duke house”.
If you’re going to do it, be prepared to receive it back.
“Hah? Why? She lost to us in the first place. That’s fact.”
“If you say that, it was a hard fought victory pushed to the brink by just one person, right? It’s amazing you can still act big.”
“You mean it’s the teammates’ fault? Even more so then! It’s even worse this year! First-years as representatives are extremely rare in the long history. The exception being her, but…even she couldn’t win. Despite the blessed position of being the renowned [Flone the Lightning Strike ]’s disciple!”
The familiar sneering smile looking down on people, and gaze looking down on them.
Nothing is uglier than people who look down on others, and it’s exasperating.
“Couldn’t win despite receiving the hero’s tutelage! Can’t properly select teammates either! What more can you say!?”
“Heh, spout too many strong words and it’ll rebound back at you guys. In just a few days, you’ll be looking up at us who you ridiculed from below the stage.”
“Hah? Were you listening to me? So like I said, a first-ye–“
“Don’t care. There’s never been an Ouga Vellet before. So that data is meaningless.”
“Ahaha! You’re right, data is irrelevant to you… Since you’re that [drop-out]!”
Shuelba, who realized my identity, lets out an especially loud laugh.
Not just him. The ridiculing laughter spreads to the other two behind him.
“Now I’m certain. Reina Milfonti has prepared sacrificial pawns again this year, intending to survive alone. Because she realized she can’t defeat us, she chose members like this.”
“Is that so? In that case, your eyes are blind holes.”
“Don’t get cocky, [drop-out]. What kind of mouth are you running against me?”
“I thought this much was enough against someone beneath me who can’t grasp the difference in ability… Was I wrong?”
The moment I say that, an arm reaches for my neck and grabs my collar.
I see an enraged expression past the lenses.



“I’ll make sure you never show that face outside again.”
“If you don’t notice I intentionally avoided it, you’ll never manage it in your whole life.”
“…Tch. At least your mouth is at Duke house level.”
After glaring at each other for a few seconds, Shuelba leaves a parting shot then leaves.
That man is quite fixated on Reina.
“Sorry, Ouga. For it to become so awful…”
“Don’t mind it. More importantly, what’s your relation? It didn’t seem like just students from different schools to me.”
“Last year, he was rejected when he tried to become teacher’s disciple. I believe he directs that irritation at me who continues as her disciple despite losing.”
“I see. Then I’m relieved.”
“Yeah. If I defeat someone who looks down thinking I’m beneath him, his upturned nose will break too, right?”
“Ouga is quite hot-blooded.”
“Isn’t it natural to get angry when someone belittles your precious person?”
“Yes, just like Miss Leiche…”
“No, Mashiro and you too, Reina. You as well.”
Hearing my words, Reina gives a little start.
Why’s she so surprised? I think we’ve been together for quite a while now, but my appeal still wasn’t enough?
…But that’s fine. I like her even more now.
She doesn’t simply go along with it. That’s also proof her sense of duty runs deep.
Meaning she likely won’t betray so readily once working under me.
“…Does Ouga say that sort of thing to anyone?”
“No way. Only to those special to me.”
“…I think I can understand Miss Leiche and the others’ feelings a little now.”
“Huh? What do you mean?”
“Oh, nothing. May I intrude on your room tomorrow morning? I want to confirm strategy, but…”
“I’d feel bad waking Mashiro too, so understood. Then after breakfast, please just come to my room…is how I’ll request it.”
“Understood. Well then.”
Having finalized tomorrow’s plans, Reina heads toward her room. …But on the way, she glances back here.
“…Good night.”
Waving her hand unfamiliarly small, she says it in a tiny voice I’d miss if I let my guard down.
“Yeah, good night. See you tomorrow.”
“…Yes, see you tomorrow.”
This time Reina truly turns her back and starts walking.
But her footsteps somehow seemed quicker than usual.
…Was she sleepy?
What a dutiful fellow to force out a greeting despite drowsiness.
Well then, I’m tired too after walking around all day.
There’s probably fatigue I don’t even notice from the unfamiliar environment. I’ll go to bed early to greet tomorrow in peak condition.
—Opening the door, Mashiro was dogezaing on the bed.

“I’m very sorry!!”
With the sun having revolved in a circle, the next day. The beautiful dogeza from Mashiro last night was directed at Reina.
She also ate less than usual at breakfast, looking quite repentant.
“Fufu, it’s fine, Miss Leiche. There’s no rule all three of us need to come after all.”
“Uuu, Miss Reina is so kind~! Thank you so much~!”
“There, there.”
Reina strokes the clinging Mashiro’s head.
Just like a mother soothing a baby. Though part of the mothering is the opposite.
“…Ouga? You aren’t thinking anything rude, are you?”
“It must be your imagination.”
Why are girls’ boob senses so sharp!? It’s getting a little scary.
“I think it was the right call Mashiro didn’t come last night. We met some weird guys.”
“Weird guys? Like with me?”
“Yeah. And our opponent today is a guy like Bourbon.”
“Ehhh!? That’s bad!”
“It’ll be fine. Miss Leiche and Ouga are here this time. I have absolutely no concerns.”
“Ehehe~, is that so~?”
Mashiro has completely been soothed by Reina.
That said, what she stated is fact.

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