Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 2

“Ouga kun sometimes goes into prince mode, huh~”
“I’m just candidly voicing my thoughts.”
“Then what about me now?”
“Cramming cake in your cheeks, puffing them out, you’re cute like a little animal.”
“Ehehe~, thanks. Ouga kun is cool too.”
“Oh? What parts?”
Pretending to think for a bit, Mashiro says that.
I see, everything huh. So I’ve finally become a wholly charming person.
“Me too! Kind, strong, cool…love! Ah, you think so too right, Alice!?”
“Yes, exactly as Miss Leiche and Miss Levezenka say. To me, Lord Ouga is a light illuminating the world.”
…Getting praised that much, I somehow feel…what’s the word…itchy?
The unembellished honesty makes me inadvertently blush, unable to spin words to gloss it over.
“Ah, Ouga is embarrassed~”
“Really. Rare to see him make that face.”
“I captured it in a photo.”
Why!? Your actions, Alice!
Mashiro and Karen are giggling happily looking at the photo Alice took.

That picture will surely make its way to them.
It’s embarrassing so I want them to stop, but…accepting this must also be a man’s tolerance.
I wet my throat with iced tea to calm my flushed mind.
Lately, maybe due to Reina’s influence, I’ve become quite the tea fan.
I feel I can discern the taste differences considerably now. And that’s exactly why the only impression I had for what Reina brewed was it’s more delicious.
Local Ramdarb tea has unique and harsh smell.
“Oh yeah, there’s one thing I wanted to ask Ouga kun.”
“Hm? What is it?”
“Do you like the student council president?”
Ah, dangerous. I had iced tea in my mouth and was about to spit it out.
Why does she reach that conclusion?
I think back on my past actions. I haven’t done anything weird.
I just had tea time alone with Reina, joined student council because she’s there, worked hard at my duties to increase time with her, went to invite her for lunch at the student council room nearly every day.
Just that…
…Huh? Doesn’t that seem exactly like an elementary school boy appealing to a girl he’s interested in…?
Looking at Mashiro whose sudden statement stabbed me, her eyes aren’t smiling.
Ms. Mashiro? Where’d your pretty smile go?
This is clearly causing major misunderstanding. I need to calmly resolve it, or it’ll badly affect her favorability.
“…Let me ask instead. Why do you think that?”
“Because lately you’ve been all about the student council president… And you told me about that thing too, right?”
“That’s because I judged she’s someone I can trust. Also…Reina’s atmosphere seemed precarious. As if she might disappear like this if left alone…”
“Ah, I think I get what you mean.”
Karen chimes in on my side. She looks like a goddess, a halo shining behind her.
“Since I interacted with her before anyone else, I understand what Ouga means. Student council president softened just a little after getting involved with Ouga. But lately she seems to be reverting to how she used to be…”
Karen has lived caring a lot about others’ evaluations. Just like me in my past life.
So she must have vaguely sensed Reina’s changes too.
Hearing my words made her certain.
Reina is wavering in the gap now. Flickering between resigning from Headmistress Milfonti and the deeply planted mission given by that guy.
“…So you were worried about that, Ouga kun?”
“Yeah. Mashiro’s guess was off.”
“I see. It’s the usual Ouga after all. Ahaha, got worried over nothing. Sorry for the weird question.”
The light returns to Mashiro’s eyes.
Th, thank goodness…! Welcome back, highlight! Don’t you run away again!
“Best of all that the misunderstanding is cleared up. Now then, time we left the shop. It’s about time we headed back too.”
The two give good replies, seemingly convinced.
Thank goodness…
“Hey…Miss Karen. Isn’t this really gross?”
“I’ve…been prepared since becoming his fiancée.”
“Well, that’s…Ouga kun for you, huh.”
“Yeah, because it’s Ouga.”
“Uh huh.”
“Tell me what those two are talking about, Alice.”
“I apologize. It’s surely nothing bad for Lord Ouga.”
Geez. Alice occasionally takes the girls’ side.
More than the bill amount, those two whispering together behind me bothered me when paying.



“Whoa…! We can really eat as much as we want of all this…!?”
“Rishburg is all nobles, so the food standards are set high.”
“I see! Ehehe, glad I got into magic academy!”
“…You just ate all that cake earlier. It’ll be days yet, so don’t overeat.”
“Sweets are a separate stomach! I’ll eat lots~!”
“You’ll get sleepy if too full.”
“Hehe~, don’t worry! I’m bursting with energy today!”
A few dozen minutes later.
“Mm…I can’t eat anything else~…”
“As expected.”
After finishing sightseeing and parting with Karen, Mashiro whose eyes shone at the dinner buffet proceeded to gorge herself.

Seeing Karen freely eat, Mashiro probably envies her to some degree.
I heard she has a constitution where her stomach doesn’t get fat. I guess all the nutrition gets absorbed into her ample chest.
Thank you, God. For granting Mashiro the breast nutrition circuit. I gave thanks to God.
With her stomach bulging full, she had been playing card games with me while waiting for the lottery meeting time, but…midway began nodding off and was lured into the world of sleep.
I carried her to the bed in my room where she’s now sleeping soundly, seemingly having pleasant dreams.
“Heh…such a lovable sleeping face.”
I return the hair fallen over her face back in place and gently stroke her head.
Her silky touch shows she takes good care of it.
“Alice. I need to go to the lottery meeting. Can you stay with Mashiro since she’s alone? It should be fine.”
“Understood. Please take care on your way.”
“I’m counting on you while I’m out.”
Seen off by Alice bowing her head, I leave the room.
Looking from above, the lodging facilities of each magic academy are arranged in a snowflake layout, with the lottery venue at the center. It connects directly from the 1st floor entrance, so there’s no worry about being attacked or getting lost.
Since just one representative from each team attending is fine for the lottery meeting, it’s no issue for Mashiro to sleep in the room.
I could have enjoyed watching her sleeping face too, but I wanted to directly feel the ability of students from other schools.
The participating player list had been distributed to each academy, and naturally we have data, but that’s only from last year. There may be rapid growth ones.
Like with the duel against Arnia, my policy is to not use [Magical Burial]. But I wonder how far I can manage without struggling.
“Oh, Vellet. You came after all.”
Arriving at the entrance, I happened to meet eyes with Reina about to go inside.
“Yeah. I wanted to see what kind of guys are here.”
“I’m glad you’re enthusiastic.”
If so, I wish she’d show a happier expression…but I probably shouldn’t say that.
“Did you enjoy your family time?”
“Yes…thanks to you. Speaking of which, I don’t see Miss Leiche or your maid around…”
“Mashiro is sleeping with a full stomach. Alice is watching over her.”
“Hehe, that’s so like you, Lieche-san.”
“That’s cute too, but… standing around isn’t great. Let’s take our seats.”
Yes. It looks like it’s about to start.
The lottery venue was even more spacious than I imagined. On par with Rishburg’s grand auditorium.
The tournament brackets for each category were posted on the platform at the back, and it seems the lottery is already over for categories besides magic battle.
Looking around, students from other academies seemed to have arrived already, and the only open seats were ours.
Whether because our members aren’t all here or…somehow, we’re gathering a lot of gazes. As expected of Reina Milfonti.
Some even blatantly shot over feelings resembling jealousy.
In addition to her skill, Reina has charm that attracts people with her looks too.
It can’t be helped they’d feel that way seeing the rumored [drop-out] sitting beside someone like her.
“…Please don’t mind it too much.”
“I’m used to it. Rather, it’s a medal.”
Being jealous means I got the evaluation of suiting Reina by being next to her.
“It seems it’ll start soon.”
A man in a suit carrying a magical audio device went up on stage.
He gives a slight bow then starts his greeting.
“Everyone, thank you for gathering today. We’re from the Magic Academy Competition’s executive committee. Now then, I’d like to begin the magic battle category lottery meeting. As I’m sure you already know, I’ll explain the lottery method again—“
To summarize the content he spoke concisely:
Participating teams are nine teams, one per academy. One team is seeded by lottery.
Based on results from last year, they draw lots – magical notes set up on stage that characters float up from when imbued with magical power – in order of the best performing academies.
Two matches a day. Settling all placements means a total six day battle, and magic battles are the final event each competition day.
Magic battles are made the last event simply because it’s a popular category.
The chance to see first-hand magicians clash with top-class magic and magic is rare.
Therefore it’s the main event, and star representative players also have fans, whose cheers supposedly get tremendously fired up.

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