Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 7 part 3

Amidst the fear, I reassured myself that I could handle it. I heightened my focus.

However, as my concentration reached its peak, and even when I let my guard down slightly, the attack didn’t come. It felt like the moment was delayed. Instead, my attention was drawn to the increasing number of tentacles.

…Isn’t there too many?

Someone murmured.

It was an indifferent comment, but it indicated the unbearable reality, which I realized with a delay.

There were too many. Not just dozens, but already hundreds.

And that number far exceeded what 【Night Dragonflies】 could physically defend against.

It was a moment of crushing onslaught.

The rain of tentacles replaced the rain, repeatedly striking us.

I also had no choice but to draw my mountain blade and fight back.

It felt like someone deflected an attack aimed at me.

I also managed to cut several tentacles flowing behind me.

In the process, I took several direct hits.

It was truly a time to endure. If there hadn’t been instructions to defend, we might have been wiped out. I was grateful for Camilla’s command.

However, even so, 【Night Dragonflies】 was semi-destroyed.

More than half of the people had fallen.

Only a few people, including Camilla and the shield unit, were still standing, although many of them were severely injured.

The rain of tentacles had stopped. However, to prevent us from resting, the attacks continued intermittently.

The scene before my eyes was unimaginable. We had anticipated the worst. We had advanced this far with determination. Our strength and training were more than sufficient. If we were to face the situation any further, it would require a concerted effort from the entire Adventurer’s Guild, like a subjugation plan that hadn’t been seen in decades.

And yet, this was the situation.

This was the absurdity of the labyrinth. All our assumptions were meaningless.

Returning with everyone together was no longer possible. The enemy was too strong. It was incomparable to the previous Floor Masters. There was nothing I could do. The group that encountered the Floor Master first would be wiped out. That’s the kind of level this was.

[–Vim, young one.]

I heard Camilla’s voice.

[You’re not yet a member of 【Night Dragonflies】. If it were you, you could escape from here alone, and no one would blame you. In that case, could you please listen to my request?]

I approached Vim with a wicked sincerity.

“…That’s terrible, Camilla. I can’t do something like that.”

“I’m sorry.”

I didn’t think I was being incredibly harsh on myself. It was something that wouldn’t be known until someone became a sacrifice on this level. It was a point of pride that it was us, and the absurdity of the labyrinth could easily kill us. That’s how it was.

But as the leader, I had to take responsibility.

“Returning with everyone is no longer possible. We must proceed with the assumption that there will be sacrifices. The core is you and me. Listen to what I have to say.”


“Grant me all the enhancements you can. I will defeat this creature. There’s no need for support. Form squads of three and endure. If possible, provide everyone with an escape route.”

“Wait a minute, that’s…”

“Let me take responsibility. It’s okay, 【Night Dragonflies】 has many talented individuals. You know that too.”


“Heidemarie, Abel, and you, Vim. If you join us, the future will be secure. Yes, you three should form a team.”


“Please. I, Camilla, approve of bestowing my powers on the mage, Vim.”

There was a brief silence. But then, a surge of power came. A path was created between Vim and me.

“…It has been bestowed.”

Hearing those words felt like gaining the strength of a hundred people.

I turned to face the Floor Master.

It was so massive and loathsome. It regarded humans with absolute contempt, seeing us only as objects to trample upon. Its entire writhing body, despite not moving, seemed to taunt us.

I swallowed, my throat moving. I would confront it one-on-one from now on. There was no chance of winning.

No, that’s not right. It’s not that the odds aren’t in my favor.

Even though I had resolved to sacrifice myself in this situation, somewhere in my heart, I found a strange sensation.

It seems that my burden has lightened. It’s peculiar. It feels like a weight has been lifted.


“I am the warrior Camilla! I perceive you as the Floor Master of this level! With your permission, I shall reap your life!”

Haha, how foolish of me.

In response to the provocation, the tentacles lashed out. Multiple directions. The tentacles aimed at my left and right, circling widely in space, followed by five in front. They were intentionally timed to impact simultaneously, making it impossible to defend against.

However, that means nothing.

“[Respond, Great Guillotine]”

My partner responded. While cutting through the cassock, they made several detours and simultaneously severed all five tentacles. Then, they swung up their upper body in a crescent shape. My partner extended, bent, flexed, and split, repelling all the approaching tentacles.

Without time to prepare again, now there were multiple tentacles from above. It seemed they wouldn’t allow for any wind-up. This might be the limit of drawing them in.


The blade transformed into a scythe, and I swung it above my head, reaping. If I cut it, it would become nothing more than a repugnant mass of falling flesh.

Ah, my body moves well.

Despite forcibly increasing my output with Vim’s enhancements, my movements and senses don’t match perfectly. But it doesn’t matter. The slight discrepancy is rather pleasant at this moment. It feels like there’s a place left for me to ascend, and I can keep climbing without considering fatigue.

I was exhilarated.

Is this really me?

Is it the me who used to smolder?

“So that’s all, huh?”

Not yet. I haven’t drawn them in enough.

While repelling and cutting off the tentacles, I take another step closer to the Floor Master. With it, the number of attacking tentacles increases.

Not yet. I can still do it. Keep moving. It’s not just about defense. Don’t wait for the attack, but take the initiative. Cut off all the tentacles. And strike down the main body.

As an experiment, I leaped forward, causing the tentacles’ aim to falter. I performed a backward slash. And they were all severed. It’s possible. I can still fight on equal terms.

More, more, more.

It was a magnificent sight.

Camilla single-handedly knocked down hundreds of attacking tentacles.

That was the essence of her unique magic. The Great Guillotine changed its size and shape as if it had its own will, and she effortlessly sliced through everything as if dancing.

Even though I’m imposing a reckless enhancement on myself, Camilla remains unshaken. She has even reached the realm of movements that should only exist as theoretical exercises. At this moment, she’s matching the Floor Master on equal terms all by herself, holding back a monstrosity that even an army couldn’t defeat.

Is there anyone else capable of this? No, there can’t be. The battle has already transcended the realm of mythological heroes.

This is Camilla, the strongest warrior of Philbron, giving it her all.

I realized that I’m truly working under an incredible person right now.

I thought it would be a waste of time. We follow the instructions and prepare for treating the injured and escaping.


While managing the enhancements, I saw Heidemarie carrying another injured member on her back. That’s right, she may be small, but she has always been strong.

“Vim, I believed in you.”

Perhaps due to spending such intense time together, it felt like it had been a while since we exchanged words.

“Camilla’s orders. She says we don’t need support, so let’s go together. Um, I’ll carry the injured on my back too.”


That’s right. This is what I should do. Maintaining Camilla’s enhancements, I’ll escape with everyone.

That’s all. No, what does “that’s all” even mean? It’s an incredibly difficult mission. I have to complete it with all my might.

“Hans seems to be safe, but the situation of the reconnaissance team next to us is bad. Let’s go.”


We proceed together.

Damn, my body feels heavy. I wonder why. Well, it’s definitely because I’m tired, but it’s not just that. My whole body feels heavier, yes, this is…

It’s the feeling I had when using 【Dragon’s Wings】. I remembered.

What am I thinking at a time like this? I can’t afford to be relaxed. Focus. Follow Camilla’s orders.

“Hey, Vim.”

Ah, I can’t shake off these thoughts. Why? It wasn’t like this before. No, that’s just an excuse. Concentrate, Vim Strauss. You can do it. You’ve always done it. Look, one, two, three, and you’re back to your usual self. Don’t think about it. The elite members of 【Night Dragonflies】 are with you.


–Alright, one, two…

“Hey, Vim! Look over here, idiot!”

Heidemarie shouted.


“You want to know what kind of face you’re making right now.”

What is she suddenly talking about?

“You’re frozen. And then, half-smiling. It’s the face you had when you were always getting discouraged by Chronos.”

“What the hell…”

She didn’t stop walking, but she said it with a tone that pierced the depths of my heart.

“Vim, you’re hesitating now, you know.”

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