SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part 1

Chapter Two: Heroine Mihaneya Getsuka, Yet the Main Story Is About a Man’s Underwear 

Those crows…were considerably skilled – no, vicious. 
Returning to the classroom, I look around while still rubbing my sore butt and crotch.  
Already by late April, groups had of course formed in class. Their sizes varied from big to small, but everyone was sneaking glances my way without approaching to talk to me. 
Well, it’s understandable. To a guy who declared he was wearing his mother’s underwear—plus for some reason now wearing athletic pants on just my lower half, anyone would want to avoid getting involved.  
But this is bad…the situation is quite bad. Messing up and getting isolated on the first day of transfer school is a major blunder. 
The “standing out” I want to avoid isn’t just the positive kind like making people laugh or achieving results in club activities. If you swing to the negative extreme, you can stand out plenty too…like me now.  
What I’m aiming for isn’t the popular kids at the top of the caste or some lone wolf always reading books by themselves…but belonging to the intermediate group, able to fully enjoy school life free of both praise and criticism.  
But it has to be said that plan has become quite difficult now. With uncertain elements like misfortune and the choices added to the mix, turning things around from here feels truly hopeless— 
A voice called out, and turning around, a girl with a beaming smile stood there. 
“Oh, uh, hi…you are?” 
“I’m Mihaneya Getsuka! Pleased to meet you!”  
The girl flashed her gleaming white teeth cheerfully. 
“I know, the kanji is hard to read right? Mi is the mi in tori no mi for feather, hane is wing, ya is house so Mihaneya. Getsu for moon, ka for flower so Getsuka!” 
“Mihaneya Getsuka…” 
The girl who introduced herself as Mihaneya nodded with a guileless expression. 
“So um…did you need something from me?” 
“Ootomo-san, would you perhaps like to be friends with me?” 
“Huh? …Seriously?” 
“Yes, seriously!” 
What an unhoped for development! Having already started to isolate myself, there could be nothing more welcome. 
But wait.  
“Mihaneya, don’t take this the wrong way but…why did you suddenly think to try being friends with someone like me who messed up like that?” 
Especially such a cute girl. It would be only natural for her to view me with disdain.  
“Ahaha, it’s my duty to maintain smooth class relationships!” 
“Duty? Oh, could you be the class rep for the girls or something?” 
“No no, that’s the girl with glasses over in that group. She was disdainful of you Ootomo-san, so she likely wouldn’t approach I think.” 
…Of course. 
“Well, that can’t be helped…but if you aren’t the class rep, who are you?” 
“[Ten Sai].” 
I knew they had been featured on the news, but I had only been half listening while messing with my smartphone so I didn’t grasp the individual members. I can’t believe I’d encounter one right off the bat here… 
She certainly has a cute face and charm. I don’t know about duty or whatever, but since she’s reaching out to someone she doesn’t know like me, her personality must be good too. On top of that, if she has some kind of talent befitting her selection for Japan’s top high schoolers, it’s a credible story.  
And from her behavior she seems to clearly have good communication skills. If I can become close with her, maybe she can build bridges to the other students for me. 
My concern is that she’s [Ten Sai]. 
I should absolutely avoid contact with such attention-grabbing individuals, but…I don’t have the luxury to be choosy in my current state. It’s many times better than stubbornly continuing down loner street. 
“…I’m in your debt, Mihaneya.”  
“Oh no, I’m just doing what’s only natural.” 
Mihaneya smiled brightly again…she seems like an awesome person. 
“But it’s amazing you know. [Ten Sai] is like celebrities. I didn’t watch in detail, but you were featured on the news recently right? Don’t you also take interviews and such for other media?” 
“Ahaha, there are members like that, yes. I did my best to appear on that news because the school strongly insisted but…I basically turn down everything else. I’m a little bad with that kind of thing…I don’t really like standing out itself.” 
N-No way…For someone selected as [Ten Sai] to have similar thoughts as me of not wanting to stand out…I feel a tinge of sympathy for Mihaneya.  
“But even without external exposure, aren’t you the center of attention in school?” 
“Yes. As [Ten Sai], I’m obligated to serve as a model for all the school’s students, and be perfect in everything no matter when or what. I have to constantly mind my behavior in life…recently it’s been a bit tiring…” 
There, Mihaneya smiled somewhat awkwardly.  
“When I talked about duty and such earlier…the truth is that was a lie. Having everyone in class – in school – see me only as [Ten Sai] has been painful…I wanted friends who would see me as Mihaneya Getsuka.” 


“I’m sorry…you’re disillusioned by such calculating reasons aren’t you.” 
“Huh? No, it’s not that but…I was just a little surprised is all.” 
“Yeah. I’m sorry for the prejudice, but I thought [Ten Sai] were like monsters or superhumans. But talking, you seem like a normal girl in a good way…so anyway, it doesn’t matter how it came about. I’m truly grateful you approached someone like me who messed up like that.”  
“Pleased to meet you Mihaneya, if you’ll have me.” 
When I held out my hand, the clouded expression left Mihaneya’s face, replaced by a smile.  
“Y-Yes! Likewise, pleased to—Kyaahhhhh!” 
“Wh-What happened all of a sudden!?” 
Letting out a bizarre cry, Mihaneya pointed under the desk with a shaking hand.  
“Cockroach? …Oh there, huh. But that’s—” 
“Wh-What are you doing! Hurry, hurry do something about it! Please!” 
“No, even if you say do something, that’s—” 
“Eek, how can you grab it with your hands! D-Don’t come near me! No, don’t come this wa— gyaaahhh!” 
Crash bang! 
Mihaneya had dived headlong into the desk she knocked over in her panic.  
“Whoa, you okay…?” 
“I-I said don’t come near me! Ootomo-san you idiot!” 
“Calm down. This isn’t a cockroach but…a balled up chocolate wrapper.”  
I crouched down and held up the thing in my hand before Mihaneya’s eyes.  
“It’s not a…cockroach?” 
“Yeah…it doesn’t really resemble one at all aside from being brown.” 
“…………………………..Oh…pardon me.”  
Mihaneya cleared her throat, stood up, put back the desk and chair she had knocked down, then faced me again— 
“W-Well then! Pleased to make your acquaintance!” 
“I don’t think you can just restart from there…” 
“Uu…it’s the gap!” 
“The gap?” 
“Yes! Rather than a girl without any flaws, perfectly endowed with beauty and talent, one who’s a little easily frightened is more moe right! That gap!” 
While it’s true a perfect person’s weak points can be appealing elements…I don’t know, this doesn’t feel like that kind of thing to me.  
“Hey Mihaneya.” 
“You really are [Ten Sai] right?” 
It’s my first time seeing someone actually say that… 
“H-How rude…on what grounds do you say such a thing?” 
“Well, not so much grounds as something felt off but…no way, you actually suck at it?” 
“Th-That’s not it at all! Please don’t say such groundless things! I’m begging you, stop!” 
Mihaneya’s eyes swam around and she started going hyuu hyuu, puckering her lips. She was probably trying to whistle but sadly, not a single note came out. 
“…Just a little, could you demonstrate your talent for me?” 
“Yeah, you’re [Ten Sai] so you must excel at something right?” 
“Oh that huh. Fufun…I’m a genius.”  
“At what?” 
“Wh-At what…a genius is a genius. It’s not something that’s limited to some field.” 
“What’s the difference between differential and integral calculus?” 
“Wh-Why so sudden…” 
“Nevermind super detailed, just explain briefly.” 
“Um, uh…” 
Sweat rapidly beaded on Mihaneya’s forehead.  
scene transition 



“W-Well…differential is like a relative of x…integral is y mutated…and number cruncher Takashi-kun who went out on errands is closely involved I believe.” 
“Who are said to be the three great beauties of the world?” 
“Umm…King Da‘s Yang Guifei, Ono no Komachi, and I think it was Katakana’s…Pg Princess?”  
“What chmeical element is represented by the letter He in the alphabet?”  
“You’re a total idiot!” 
No way, she has to be joking…there’s no way she could enter Ten Sai with grades like this.  
“N-No! See, it’s that…geniuses skip the process and arrive at the solution, so they can’t convey it to ordinary people and…” 
“The problem is your solution itself is wrong.” 
“Ugh…but school studies have absolutely no use once you enter society right!?” 
It’s my first time seeing someone actually say that….. 
“I can’t see someone who thinks [a herniated disc state] is an element being useful in society.”  
“Uu…oh, I see the kind of person you are…s-so don’t be fooled. Did you misunderstand thinking my talent was in academics? Tsk tsk tsk. You’re mistaken you see. It’s sports! My talent lies in extremely athletic reflexes.”  
Looks like she’s resolved to admit her stupidity.

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