Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 2 Chapter 3

[Stage 2-3] Magic Academy Competition

“Lord Vellet joining the student council!? The rumors were true! Schultz Sattia must share this information with the fan club members immediately! We absolutely can’t miss Lord Vellet’s activities, so I’ll hurry and arrange transportation to Ramdarb Island~!!”

“…It’s noisy outside for some reason.”
A shriek blew in through the window I opened to let in some fresh air.
I couldn’t make it out clearly due to the wind, but it was probably from guys who dislike me.
“Perhaps word of Sir Ouga and Lady Leiche joining the student council has spread to the general student body.”
“Hmph, people confined by common sense are pitiful.”
They’re probably unhappy that Mashiro and I joined. But they’ll soon shut their loud mouths.
In a few days, they’ll find out we were chosen as replacements for the team members with Reina they avoided. They’ll realize we joined the student council for that reason.
Recalling the abuse they just spouted, they’ll surely writhe in shame.
Just imagining their pathetic faces then… Heh heh, delightful, delightful.
“However, I predict this competition will further alter how Sir Ouga is viewed. The winds will undoubtedly shift to push at Sir Ouga’s back.”
“Yeah, in hindsight I’m glad I was selected as a tournament rep.”
I enrolled in Rishburg Magic Academy seeking talented individuals.
But after joining, I realized the students’ level was lower than I expected. It’s more an issue with their thinking.
Their discriminatory mentality is far too strong.
Such people will only sow discord. They don’t belong in my harem.
An opportunity well-suited for me has now arrived. The Academy Magic Competition.
The biggest factor is I can form connections with players from other schools by participating as a representative.
The other magic academies have weaker discriminatory thinking compared to Rishburg Magic Academy, which most nobles make their first choice. There are students like Mashiro with high ability despite being commoners.
To students like them, as a duke family I’m likely sufficiently qualified as a future employment prospect.
My target is, of course, girls with big breasts who are kind!
Breasts really are great after all!
Dad…whoops, mistake. I’ll write a letter informing him I may bring back many talents when I graduate the academy.
The day after the pajama party with Reina.
Having finished today’s boring classes, I was penning a letter in my room updating Father on my circumstances.
That I’m enjoying an amusing academy life with Mashiro, Karen, and the rest.
I joined the student council.
I was selected as a tournament representative for the Academy Magic Competition.
I hope he can come watch if time allows.
Father is a family-loving man overflowing with a spirit of family service.
“What else to write…”
What came to mind was the peach-haired girl I recently had a major change of impression on and rapidly grew closer to.
…However, Reina was acting strange that day.
In my past life, I lived while carefully reading people’s expressions. So as not to offend them, to avoid mistakes in my wording. I spent a stifling life like that.
That’s why I immediately noticed Reina’s change.
Especially after she tried to show me her breasts, she seemed devoid of vigor, suppressing herself, with an expression unlike her usual self.
As if she was bottling something in her chest, unable to speak her mind.
I recognize that feeling…aha, could it be…!?
I arrive at a frightening possibility.
But…this is something I have to test out.
Because it will impact not just my relationship with Reina, but with the other girls going forward too.
“…Alice, let me ask you one thing. …Do I smell?”
“No, not at all.”
“Don’t hold back. Would you sniff for me?”
“Understood. Pardon my intrusion.”
Bringing her pretty face close, Alice sniffs sniff sniff.
…Somehow this seems like a noble’s perverted hobby… Having a beauty like Alice smell me…it’s a little exciting.
She brings her nose near my hair, nape, back, then reports in her usual tone:
“Sir Ouga’s body is the epitome of cleanliness. I detect a pleasant sunny scent.”
“I see. Then it’s fine.”
Phew…! I was worried if the smell clinging to the clothes I gave Reina was stinky.
If the clothes I handed over reeked, even Reina would make a disgusted face, right?
But since that wasn’t the case…aha, I get it!
Reina felt the same as corporate slaves do on Sunday evening.
She said she has no friends and it was her first time playing.
The fun holiday ended, and thinking tomorrow it’s back to work days again, she grew melancholy, accidentally making that expression.
The pajama party operation may be more effective on Reina than I imagined.
Alright! I’ll keep up this white company strategy and drag Reina over to my side!
“Heh heh…Looks like I’ll have another person to introduce to Father.”
I’ll add that this addition is a definitive matter.
“Ougaa kuun~! Let’s go to the student council room!”
“It’s finally your first day on the job! I’ll teach you lots of work. I’m your senior in the student council after all.”
Mashiro and Karen came by at just the right time to invite me.
That’s right. Today is the first day we’ll be working as student council members.
Reina said I don’t have to do student council work, but I have no reason to go out of my way to obey.
I’ll snatch work away from the side, drag her outside into the sun for lunch breaks, and free her from overtime after overtime!

Lord Vellet as our representative in the showdown!? As expected! Everyone! Hurry and arrange for a passenger ship to Ramdarb Island! We can’t afford to miss Lord Vellet’s performance!”
“…I feel like I’m hearing a familiar voice outside…”
“Ouga, is something the matter? The curtains will rise soon.”
“No, it’s nothing.”
“Ouga, my hair’s not getting frizzy or anything, right?”
“Don’t worry. It’s neatly braided like always today.”
“Ouga kun, my clothes don’t look weird, do they?”
“Alice dressed you, right? Plus we’re all in uniform. Minor differences won’t be noticed.”
“Mashiro. As a rep, carry yourself with dignity and pride. Fidgeting will only draw more attention.”
“Hehe, you’re right, Lady Leiche. No one will complain about your selection, and we won’t let them.”
“Ouga…Miss Reina…okay!”
Seeing Mashiro’s nervousness melt away, the curtains rise, and student council member Karen begins announcing the academy’s representative team for the magic competition.
The auditorium used at the entrance ceremony is filled with students of all years, their gazes focused on us standing on the platform.
On the platform are the members handpicked by Headmaster Flone.
The magic studies category, where teams of three students totaling nine people present their magic research results and display their superior knowledge to determine the academy with the highest learning.
The magic sports category, with six teams of eighteen people total competing in events combining ball games, land and water sports, and magic to vie for points.
And the magic battle category, with teams of three carrying out actual combat demonstrating magic, physical ability, and tactics.
“Magic battle category representative, Ouga Vellet.”
Called, I step forward.
…Looking from the platform, contrary to my expectations, there is little hostility in the students’ reactions.
I figured I’d face more jealous gazes.
The right to select the representatives for Rishburg Academy lies with Headmaster Flone.
The fact we were acknowledged by the [Flone the Thunder].
My overwhelming victory in the recent duel against Prince Arniaz.
And they don’t want to team up with Reina in our place.
Those three points seem to have convinced them for now.
I anticipated some kind of heckling, but the inauguration ceremony for the representatives proceeded with surprising tranquility.

Once the inauguration ceremony ends, the final adjustments before the magic competition begin in earnest.
After the ceremony until after school, the practice facilities are reserved for use by only the representative members.
Surprisingly, the members selected as representatives don’t discriminate against us either, and dividing time slots and locations proceeds smoothly.
The practice facilities are divided into six sections, so we get exclusive use of one area.
“─So, h-how is it?”
“It’s wonderful. Lady Leiche’s magic is certainly effective.”
“Really!? Thank you so much!”
“Yes. With this, I don’t anticipate any particular problems.”
As soon as we arrived, Mashiro demonstrated her magic before Reina─hearing that from Reina who participated last year should be encouraging.
Her stiff, tense movements seem to have relaxed now too.
“Now that we’ve grasped Lady Leiche’s ability─”
“Let’s have team practice.”
“─Why don’t we finish the remaining student council work?”
“…Come to think of it, today wasn’t a day off.”
“It’s fine. I’ll make sure everyone gets their practice time.”
The meaning of her words didn’t sink in until several days later.
As she said, we were properly allotted practice time.
Yes…everyone except Reina, that is.
Stuck in her position as student council president, she is chased by work every day.
She seems to have a habit of taking on too much alone, tending not to delegate tasks to us more than needed. This is my impression after working as vice president for a few days.
This won’t do. While it’s true that the time freely available to us let me succeed in new attempts, there’s been zero progress saving her from the dark company environment.
“Okay, Ouga kun, like you said, I’ll shoot some magic so make sure to block it properly~”
“Got it. Come at me with no reservations.”
“Okaay~ Here I go!”
Once this special training ends, I’ll go destroy that bad habit of hers.

“Ouga? Um…”
“Hm? What is it?”
“You really don’t have to help with work. It was an unreasonable request on my part.”
“What, that? Don’t worry about it. I was bored with nothing to do anyway. It’s good to work hard at tasks like this sometimes.”
“Besides, finishing quicker means more time we can enjoy together, right?”
“…Understood. Well then, please.”

“It’s lunchtime, Reina!”
“Ouga, please open the door gently. What seems to be the matter?”
“Stop working. It’s lunch break now. A time to literally take a break.”
“Oh, I’m fine without a meal. Please go eat.”
“Rejected. I made your portion too. We’re going outside. Being cooped up all the time isn’t healthy.”
“Ah, wait, Ouga!?”
“I just thought up new menu items I want to try selling. I’ll have you taste them with me! Hah hah hah!”

“Reina! School’s over! Time to refine our teamwork for the magic competition!”
“…I’m starting to understand now. If I don’t go, you’ll drag me off again, right?”
“Heh heh, you’re catching on quick. That’s why I’m helping with work.”

“Thanks to you, I finished today’s paperwork too.”
Glancing at the mountain of paperwork in cases marked processed, Reina smiles amusedly.
One week since I joined the student council, I’ve snatched work away from Reina, diligently tackled tasks cooperating with Mashiro and Karen.
As a result, we succeeded in greatly reducing the amount of work time, managing to carve out practice time for the competition.
Or rather, that shitty headmaster. How much was she working Reina?
With Karen also caught up dealing with the prince incident until just recently, it was practically all on Reina’s shoulders. I’m amazed she didn’t collapse.
I’m increasingly feeling sympathy as our situations overlap more with my past self.
I’m getting a sort of parental feeling like I have to protect her.
“Thanks to you joining, Ouga, the student council has started running properly. Lady Leiche’s smart too, so she picks up the work quickly.”
“Obviously. I only keep excellent people by my side.”
“Hehe, you’re right about that. …With this, it seems there’d be no issues even if I disappeared.”
…What does she mean by that?
She probably muttered it quietly, but in the silent room with just the two of us, there’s no way I wouldn’t hear it.
However, before I can ask the meaning─
“It’s the practice facilities again today, right? Everyone’s waiting, so let’s get going.”
─Reina passes by my side and starts walking again.
I wonder why. Her retreating back seems so fleeting, like she really might vanish any moment, and before I know it I’ve grasped her hand.
Called by name, I come to my senses.
Crap…! It resembled too much the backs of colleagues leaving the company in the past, so unconsciously I…!
Some excuse, a good excuse is…as my genius brain spins, I realize the true meaning of what Reina said earlier.
I see…so that’s what it was! Then it’s easy to make up a reason for grasping her hand in this situation!
“I won’t let you go anywhere. You have to come back here (as student council president) no matter what.”
If we lose the magic competition, she plans to take responsibility and leave the academy.
If it’s a second consecutive loss, even someone like her probably can’t remain in her current position. Of course the other students won’t blame her, saying the responsibility lies with me and Mashiro.
But Reina regretted deeply that last year she ended up in the same circumstances, causing her seniors to drop out.
Connecting those pieces, it’s easy to conclude Reina intends to shield us.
That would be troubling. I only joined the student council because Reina was there. A student council without her would be hell. Flone would be delighted to appoint me as her replacement.
Considering Reina’s personality, even if I tell her I plan to hire her at House Vellet after she drops out, she’d surely decline.
If that happens, all my plans will fall apart. After finally getting this academy life, for it to turn into a living hell of labor…I have to prevent that future at all costs…!
“That’s why I’ll give it my all. I’ll use whatever means to safely gather this team together again as the student council. I’ll beat back any obstacles in our way.”
In contrast, Reina says nothing. But I continue speaking without stopping her.
This is it. The only way for her to know my resolve.
Stepping into the core, deep part of her circumstances that I haven’t laid bare.
“Even if the opponent is Headmaster Flone Milfonti.”
…It’s my first time seeing that kind of expression from her.
She probably thinks she’s keeping it together well.
But I can tell, you know?
That brief wavering gaze. The eyes speak as well as the mouth.
What I grasped was resignation, suffering, and a faint hope. She too harbors expectations.
For me to free her from that black company boss, Flone.
“So don’t say something like earlier again. Promise me.”
“…Hehe, strange Ouga. I’m fine, I’ll be right here. Now, let’s go.”
Pulling the hand I was gripping, Reina starts walking again.
No good. Like this I can’t draw out her true feelings, and today will slip by unsatisfactorily.
…Without a doubt my efforts have impacted her. That must have been the hope I caught a glimpse of in her eyes earlier.
It’s just missing that slight bit more. For my sincerity to reach her heart.
Then, to bridge that small gap, I’ll play my trump card too. I didn’t want to if possible, but…I judged this is the best method for Reina to understand.
“…Reina. I’ll show you something interesting.”
“Yeah. Since it’s for Reina, I’ll stop hiding it.”
I have to brace myself. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
She won’t open her heart when I haven’t bared myself either.
There are risks involved, but still, I want Reina.
“Look forward to it.”
─And the day of the magic competition arrived.

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