Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 2 Chapter 2 part 5

“…Thank you very much.”
The earlier liveliness is gone, Reina’s faint voice drops into the quiet room.
“What are you thanking…rather, I’m the one who should be thanking. Thank you. You’re kind, Reina.”
Reina rejected Mashiro’s thoughtless request.
It was likely out of consideration to not let Mashiro undergo Flone’s dark labor.
She must not think well of Flone deep down to unconsciously use that firm tone.
Until interacting with her, I thought Reina was an iron-masked ruthless woman, but the reality was different.
She had no choice but to don the iron mask. To protect herself from the extreme environment.
Though not her intent, I was able to gain a slight understanding of her inner thoughts.
“…I’m not as kind as Ouga thinks.”
“Doesn’t matter. My opinion is mine. No matter how much you deny it, it won’t change.”
I understand well her self-deprecating speech too.
The mental attrition from harassment by a superior, falling into a negative spiral of blaming everything on yourself.
It’s black company culture itself…!
“That’s why I’ll insist you’re kind no matter how many times.”
What Reina needs is acknowledgement from others.
And from those of equal standing to her.
Given her position as both student council president and Flone’s disciple, there’s a chance she can’t directly take praise from Mashiro and the others to heart.
As her future boss, I should fulfill at least this much role.
I’m the kind of man who would sell his soul to the devil if it means obtaining something I desire.
Once in my grasp, there’s no escaping… Heh heh.
“…Ouga is a strange person. Before you…somehow I keep fumbling.”
“Heh heh. Thinking you can conveniently manipulate me is a huge mistake.”
“You’re right about that. …Truly, you are…with you…”
Reina shakily stands and approaches me.
Seems she wants to help tidy up.
“Reina. Sorry, but could you move the table to the wall? I’ll lift the other side─whoa!?”
The moment I try to move it, my body gets placed atop the table.
Yes. Reina lightly lifts me up.
Where does she get that strength with those slender arms…while pondering that, she sits on my lower abdomen.
…Huh? Miss Reina?
“Under these clothes…makes you curious, right…Ouga?”
Saying that, she casually undoes the top button.
As I thought, she noticed.
[Reina has small boobs, huh?] My sympathetic gaze…!
So Reina made her move during this opportune time alone.
If I say I want to see them, despite giving such a sympathetic look she’ll surely sneer [In the end, any boobs will do, right?] and rebuke me with disgust.
…However! If I’m to honestly shout my true feelings right now.
I wanna see them even if they’re small!!
In my past life, I had terrible luck with women. Of course, no experience seeing a lover’s breasts.
That’s right, I had never seen bare breasts up close.
Reina, yo―… Whether by chance or not, trying to exploit that weakness…
“Ouga…I want you to answer honestly.”
With a very serious expression, Reina presses for an answer.
Phew… Stay cool, Ouga Vellet.
Mustn’t act based on momentary desires. At worst, it would end my relationship with Reina.
That’s right. Remember Mio’s night visit.
Didn’t I reject her for the reason that I prefer big breasts?
The cool me from that time can do this.
Now, say it. “I refuse”─

“─Show me.”

Crap! My true feelings spilled out!?
Despite my serious face, I’m making such an awful remark!
Damn! Was my reason worn down by the boob smothering…!?

“I’m prepared to accept any form.”

Well, screw it!
What comes out of my mouth can’t be taken back.
Then, trying to improve my impression somehow, I added words to cover up, but Reina’s reaction…?
I nervously check her expression as she straddles me.
“…Anything at all, really?”
Reina looks like she’s about to cry.
I’m done.



After witnessing Ouga-kun swallow hard, I realize what I’m doing.
Am I really expecting Ouga-kun’s kindness to absolve me of my past and sins?
I’m such a terrible woman. Even if someone calls me scum, I wouldn’t blame them.
I’m just a horrible idiot who’s trying to burden Ouga-kun with my past.
The more composed my thoughts become, the more self-deprecating thoughts come to mind.
…But I can’t help it. I think it’s already beyond my control.
Ouga is the man who will be my prince.
In front of Ouga-kun, the walls I’ve built around my heart crumble one by one.
Because, there’s no other way.
“Show me. I’m prepared to accept anything.”
Ouga-kun said those words.
I think he’s aware of why he’s been staring at my chest all day.
He knows what’s hidden here.
He understands what he’s looking for, and what he desires in a woman.
A woman with big breasts, kindness, and charm.
I don’t fit any of those criteria.
So, the only reason for him to gaze at my chest like this is clear.
Perhaps the Vellet family has something they haven’t told us about.
That possibility is very much there.
But Ouga-kun said he would accept it.
The meaning, the weight of those words…
They’re trying to pick up my heart, which I’ve buried deep down.
“You really won’t…regret it…?”
“Even if it’s something…you’ll hate?”
“Obviously. I don’t go back on my word.”
Her straight gaze makes my heart tremble.
My cheeks flush from excitement I’ve never felt before, my breathing grows ragged.
“…I understand. Don’t look away no matter what.”
Drawing a deep breath…
It feels slightly cold each time my bare skin touches the air.
One more. If I undo one more button, Ouga will see this.
At last, my world will change─
“─Wait, Reina!”
Suddenly, Ouga reaches out his arm and shoves me off, snapping his fingers.
In an instant, a white battle coat appears from empty air.
Fluttering down, it covers my body.
The next moment, the door opens and a bright voice sounds.
“Ahaha~ I forgot the key to my own room~ Huh? Ouga, whatcha doing?”
“When moving the table, I lost my balance and spilled water.”
Looking over, Ouga is crouching and wiping the floor with his handkerchief.
Of course, no water had actually spilled.
He’s just pretending to wipe.
Caught up in the excitement, I didn’t notice Lady Leiche approaching.
“Reina should go change too. The water probably got on you.”
“You can keep wearing that. The lavatory is the door on the right.”
“Sorry for taking advantage of your offer. I’ll borrow this for a moment.”
Hurriedly cradling his clothes, I enter the lavatory and click the lock shut.
So no one else can come in.
“…I should wet the pajamas so it’s not suspicious.”
I turn on the tap and catch the water that comes out with my hand.
Catching the running water with my hands and intentionally splashing it on my face to adequately soak them.
Letting the dripping water be, I leisurely undo the buttons one by one.
I gently set aside the corset wrapped to keep the unnatural protrusions from showing.
My bared self reflected in the mirror.
The water flows down my cheeks and neck, stopped at my chest by the metal basin.
Attached as if embedded are magic tools specially ordered to be indestructible by any magic.
The green liquid in the glass bottles protected by the magic tools─the completed [Flesh Strengthening Extract].
The device making me teacher’s spare body.
Numerous thin tubes connected to my abdomen extend the liquids throughout my whole body.
“…Truly ugly.”
No one would love a girl like this.
I got a little ahead of myself.
Even I spit out [Ugly] about myself every day…of course anyone seeing this would think the same.
“I’m…truly hated even by God.”
If God really existed, there’s no way He would let that timing escape if He would make that person my prince.
If I had just gone back to the room, I could have confessed the secret and been accepted by him.
I just wanted the same as what everyone else has…!
“Hope” gets entangled by “resignation”, loses heat, and fades away.
I felt like the world was telling me I mustn’t be saved.
That’s right…even though my father, mother, and sister were all killed, I’m the only one who survived and can’t be happy…
The chilled water hitting my face feels pleasant.
…I should stop being jerked around by emotions anymore.
As of this moment, Reina Milfonti is dead.
I’m merely teacher’s replacement doll, moving as she says.
I just have to keep acting the same as always.
That way I can avoid painful thoughts.
“Sorry for the wait.”
“No, you didn’t have to…Reina. You…”
“…? Did something happen, Ouga?”
“No…it’s nothing.”
“Hehe, strange Ouga. Your expression is kinda stiff for some reason~”
With my usual motions, I poke Ouga’s cheek with a finger and compose a smiling face.
“See, a smile is best.”
That voice was my own, yet sounded like a curse.

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