Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 2 Chapter 2 part 4

“As Lady Levezenka imagined. …Ouga, have you heard about the other magic academies?”
“Of course. I considered them all and chose Rishburg.”
Relieved to get a question I can answer, I predict what Reina means while giving that response.
The way she specifically brought up other academies, their characteristics must be related.
Something the other academies have in common that Rishburg lacks. And in light of them losing the championship…
“…I see.”
The speculation I arrived at is shockingly mundane.
But I can confidently say this is the right answer.
“You lost the championship to a team with commoners as representatives, right?”
Hearing that, Reina nodded.
“In the magic battle category, my team took second place and missed out on the overall championship. And after the tournament, that’s when issues arose. My teammates suffered terrible condemnation not just from students at the academy, but graduates as well.”
“…What about Reina?”
“Well, nothing happened to me. But that is also vexing. As the team leader, I failed to protect my comrades…”
“…I went to watch as a spectator but, President Reina fought alone until the very end. With her teammates taken out, in an overwhelmingly disadvantageous situation, she still managed to corner their last member. No one had any complaints seeing that.”
The likely reason Reina wasn’t blamed wasn’t just that.
Having Flone Milfonti behind her was also major.
The bashing focused on the other two instead.
I see, I see, now I get it.
“What happened to those two?”
“They…took a leave of absence, then left the academy altogether. They were kind seniors also on the student council…at that time, I was disgusted at my own powerlessness.”
“This year’s student council having no new members was because of that too, right?”
“…I’d rather not tell lies. It’s as Ouga says.”
Given last year’s results, they absolutely must win the championship this year with Reina enrolled.
If they miss out on the championship again, what will happen? Students who saw that terrible outcome wouldn’t volunteer as candidates.
The chances of being put on a team with Reina after joining the student council are high.
In short, I’m basically a sacrificial lamb.
The academy greenhouse-raised nitwits ran from the pressure of not being allowed to lose, abandoning this year’s competition thinking it’s a lost cause to begin with.
Heh heh…Their cowardice makes me laugh.
The selfish blame game is ugly no matter what world.
As a result, Reina had no choice but to rely on us after having such trouble finding candidates…
“Reina. I want to ask one thing.”
“What is it? I’ll answer if it’s something I can.”
“Why did you choose me and Mashiro?”
“Because I’m certain we can win with you two.”
…Hmph, immediate reply.
While this alone satisfies me, I deliberately act unconvinced.
Reina should have prepared a script capable of persuading me.
“On what basis? That we who just enrolled several months ago have that level of skill?”
“There are three reasons.”
Reina holds up three fingers.
“One, Ouga and the others are freshmen without any data. With the timing of the tournament and curriculum, freshmen rarely get selected as representatives. That factor alone is an ambush.”
“Two, Ouga defeated the prince despite having no magic himself. I, who participated in the tournament, judged that your strength would surely prove useful.”
“Three…this is conjecture, but Lady Leiche has combat experience, correct? On that day, you and Ouga were about to demonstrate magic. There’s no way until today you’ve done nothing…right?”
A gaze as if asking “Well, how’s that?” pierces me.
Faced with it, I slowly clap my hands and lift the corners of my mouth.
“Heh heh…Going out of your way to make us with no achievements participate, you’ve thought it through well.”
“You both have that much value.”
“Hmph, getting praised that much by the empire’s student council president, only a great fool would refuse. Right, Mashiro?”
“Yeah! I wanna help out the president!”
“…Does that mean?”
“Yeah, let’s show the world this Ouga Vellet’s path of conquest…!”
“Mashiro Leiche walking beside him too…!”
“Sir Ouga, Lady Leiche…congratulations!!”
Mashiro and I striking a pose as we stand.
And Alice scattering the second rain of confetti.
“Both of you…thank you so much.”
Hearing our replies, the tension Reina was feeling completely vanished.
Our participation seems to have been very important to her.
“No need for thanks. But there will likely be opposition to us being selected as reps.”
“I don’t believe there will be. Everyone knows of Ouga’s reputation.”
“My reputation…? Heh heh…I see, so that’s how it is.”
When it comes to my reputation, it’s nothing but bad rumors.
Seems the academy guys want to make a laughingstock of me by making me a representative no matter what.
I’m a noble birth but with zero magic aptitude, a man of ill repute. A villain who defeated the prince through underhanded means.
Mashiro is a commoner.
No better lineup for a hopeless fight.
They’ll accept us as having drawn the short straw ourselves.
Thinking that, I’m also getting pumped now.
As a villain, it’ll also be entertaining for us to win the championship and shove the glory in their faces.
Let’s give them a sight they won’t forget.
“Well, fine. With this, we’ve officially become a team sharing the same ambition of winning. In that sense too, it was meaningful for us to gather today.”
“Yeah yeah! To make a team, we gotta become closer friends first. I don’t know anything about the president yet.”
“True. I also didn’t know the president had a fondness for such cute underwear brands.”
“Th-This is, how to say…not my usual, circumstances today are a bit…different…”
“Don’t tell me you psyched yourself up just for us!?”
“Um…not exactly, but close enough I suppose.”
“Ehehe, kinda makes me happy!”
Unable to contain her emotions, Mashiro sits next to Reina and hugs her tightly.
“…!? …!!?”
In that moment, Reina’s expression became incredibly strange.
For the have-not Reina, Mashiro’s hug must have been too stimulating…
I understand…I get it. That’s a sort of drug.
Once you experience that supreme softness, your body won’t be satisfied with normal hugs anymore.
“Now then, serious talk is over. I made sure to prepare sweets too. Let’s enjoy this time. Reina, would you make some tea?”
“Ye-Yes, gladly.”
“That means, Mashiro get off her.”
“Okaaay. Ah, then huggy time with Ouga too!”
“What th─”
After extending an olive branch, here comes a bombshell in the form of Mashiro.
“Li, Leiche!? No fair, me too…yay!”
My face buried between softness on both sides.
Nothing but tender squishiness…this blissful spac─ oh, hang on.
Happy as I am with both of them, pushed together with no gaps like this, it’s hard to brea─!
“…! Release Sir Ouga this instant! He’s on the verge of suffocating!”
“Ehhh~? Alice, always with the funny jokes. Right, Oug─ Ouga kun!?”
“…To think this much happened while I was preparing tea?”
And so the boisterous night tea party began.



“Ouga kun, I’m sorry!”
“I got too forceful…”
“Don’t worry. My training isn’t delicate enough to lose consciousness from that.”
A lie. I was reeeally close…!
Alternately tasting happiness from the softness and suffocating agony, I was rescued by Alice and somehow kept my life.
The fearfulness of smothering in breasts is that the one being sandwiched grows unwilling to escape.
Once you know that supreme softness, ordinary human reason can’t suppress instinct.
I nearly fell victim myself… From now on, I’ll need special training for such pleasures too.
─Having gone through that scene, the ladies are now happily chatting away as the main focus.
“Ehhh!? So President, you’ve turned down engagement offers from all nobles!?”
“I have no results myself I can be proud of…and don’t have much interest in things like that.”
“Not even once…? As student council president, feels like you’d get a lot of good offers.”
“Hehe, not once. Actually, I’m forbidden from romance by my teacher.”
Mashiro’s reactions are amusingly exaggerated.
Reina and Karen also seem to be having fun laughing.
“Do teacher-disciple relations control so much?”
“Well, she is the [Flone the Thunder] after all. Her standards are probably very high. But I understand Lady Leiche’s feelings. Hm?”
“Is something the matter, Lady Levezenka?”
“But the headmaster said it was fine to give Reina to Ouga…”
“I believe that shows how much potential the teacher sees in Ouga. As expected of you, Ouga.”
“The skill to gain her hero’s recognition…Sir Ouga indeed.”
“Hmph, don’t praise me, Alice. No need for confetti.”
I stop Alice as she tries to scatter confetti she produced from somewhere.
This is the third time in this short period. There’s a limit even when eating tempura bowls.
“My apologies. I will consider new methods to honor Sir Ouga, rather than confetti henceforth.”
That’s not the issue, but she’s raring to go so I’ll leave it be.
Humans are creatures of “habit.” My ability to adapt to anything that comes is frightening.
“…Returning to the topic, since my teacher says I should devote any free time to honing my magic…”
“Ohh, I see~”
“With Headmaster Milfonti as your mentor, you probably don’t have much time to spare for other things, right?”
“Yes, my teacher is very strict.”
“…How much so?”
“Let’s just say…very.”
“But being the headmaster, I’m sure she tailors the regimen with the president’s well-being in mind.”
“You may be right about that.”
“Man, I wanna get stronger too… Umm, could I ask the president to maybe have the headmaster teach me a little…?”
“─I’d advise against that.”
That came out in a strong tone conveying clear rejection.
But as if she unconsciously blurted it out, Reina quickly follows up with her usual smile.
“You and the teacher have different elemental affinities, Lady Leiche. I’m sure Ouga will bring an instructor perfectly suited for you.”
“Y-Yeah, you’re right~. I’m just being spoiled…”
“…As Reina says. Though for Mashiro, she hasn’t built up enough fundamentals for specialized instruction yet.”
“Aww, Ouga kun, no need to put it like that~”
With puffed up cheeks, Mashiro taps my face gently.
The heavy atmosphere from earlier scatters, but…hmm, seems like good timing.
“It’s about time we wrap up.”
I set down the empty teacup and snap my fingers.
Alice promptly begins tidying up the table.
In less than a few minutes, everything is cleaned up.
“Now then, Mashiro. Slumber parties are about sleeping together, right?”
“Oh, yeah! But one bed probably won’t be big enough…”
“No worries there. I’ve prepared a sofa bed for guests. But there’s only one blanket unfortunately. Mashiro, Karen, could you get yours from your rooms?”
“Oh, if that’s what it is.”
“Okaaay. My heart’s pounding having to walk the dorm at night~”
“There was that incident the other day. Can’t be too careful. Alice, go with them and keep watch.”
“We’ll be right back then. Just a moment.”
Mashiro heads out spiritedly, Alice following behind.
Right before leaving the room, Karen gave me a wink.
She read my intentions.
That’s why she readily consented.
Hmph, as expected of my girl. Always so capable, it’s troubling.

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