Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 2 Chapter 2 part 3

No, not “phew” at all.
In contrast to the hot daytime, a cool breeze is blowing on this night.
Yet for some reason, I was sweating profusely.
Am I…nervous?
“Who’d have thought such a day would come.”
After promptly suspending my duties, I returned to my room to prepare.
Picking out my cutest underwear, and showering to cleanse myself…
“Not bad for rushed preparations.”
Of course I don’t own sleepwear meant to appeal to men, so I went into town and bought this outfit.
Not too vulgar, yet boldly exposing my legs.
Yes, I know. Things like my pitiful chest having no demand.
Then I have no choice but to bet on my thighs.
Thanks to minding my health, my skin should still be tight.
Let’s gamble on Ouga having fetishes not only for breasts, but thighs as well.
─Consider this a battlefield from here on, Reina.
If I become close with Ouga, the chances of success for the plan to bring him to that island will rise accordingly.
Ouga is extremely kind to those he considers family.
Regardless of status, past…he embraces all.
This is a once in a lifetime chance.
Having my first time be with four people is…a precious experience, let’s think of it that way.
They say he likes heroic colors, so this will prove he too aims to carve his name in history.
In front of the door to Ouga’s room, I put a finger to my cheek and composed my mask-like smile. ─But in that moment.
Together with the crisp, dry sound, I heard Lady Levezenka’s voice through the door.
Eh, eh…It’s already begun…!?
That intense it’s making those noises…?
“No…I must have misheard. Yes, that’s right. At this time when students are still resting in their dorm rooms…”
I mutter to myself, regaining my mental composure.
Why does Ouga disrupt my mind so?
He’s such a troublesome person.
“Excuse me, it’s Reina.”
“Oh, been waiting for you! Sorry, but could you open it yourself? My hands are occupied at the moment.”
As I thought, the feast has already started…!!
Hands occupied means he must be grabbing something indecent for sure!
Like Lady Levezenka’s hips or b-bottom…!
Just like that former prince who had relations with numerous female students!
To think he couldn’t endure and started before I arrived…my impression of Ouga will change.
As a woman, I’m a little disappointed he’s so faithful to his desires.
…But I mustn’t show such personal feelings outwardly.
I simply have to become closer as usual with him.
Nothing more than that.
Inhaling, resolved for the lascivious world that must lie beyond, I opened the door.
“Ouga, thank you for having m─”
“”Welcome, Student Council President Reina!!””
Cutting off my words were the popping sound of poppers unfolding, and Lady Leiche and Lady Levezenka greeting me.
Confetti fluttering down to the floor.
“We welcome you, Reina!”
He was in the middle of hanging up a banner reading [Slumber Party for Bonding]. Turning while still in that posture, he smiled my way.
Streamers with colorful paper covering the entire wall.
Sweets lined up on the table. Equipment for brewing tea like at lunch also prepared.
I inadvertently blinked at the sight far different from what I imagined.
“Umm…what’s all this…?”
“Mashiro advised me a slumber party is good for deepening friendships as comrades. She said there’s a culture among commoners called [pajama parties] or something.”


“I want to build a friendly relationship with Reina. Plus, it looks like Reina is overworking herself from an external perspective. I want to give Reina a break somehow. This gathering serves a dual purpose, you see.”
“Doing it with four people…”
“Of course talking about the party but what else?”
“That loud sound from earlier was…”
“Karen had an accidental misfire. I was teaching her how to handle one of my magic tools and bang it went off.”
“I was startled and let out a weird voice…I’m sorry for surprising you.”
Lady Levezenka bows her head.
But that wasn’t what I cared about right now.
I look back on the conversation.
If I think carefully, he never said anything like that.
I simply misunderstood the situation based on his talking purely about wanting to become closer friends.
I’m sorry, Ouga! For imagining the lewdest things!!
Unable to endure the onrush of embarrassment, I collapsed in place.



“…Hey, Alice?”
“Yes, how may I help you?”
“Why do you think Reina crouched down and became unmoving?”
She covered her face with her hands and tensed up.
I can tell she’s mumbling but it’s too quiet to make out up close.
“While this is merely my conjecture, I believe Lady Milfonti is trembling with joy.”
“Your basis for thinking that?”
“If I were welcomed like this by Sir Ouga, I would weep tears of elation to the point of collapsing.”
“I see.”
I was certain that was wrong.
Looks like I asked the wrong person.
But it did reveal something that makes Alice happy.
Hmm, let’s plan a big celebration when we return to the mansion.
Anyway, I can’t leave Reina like that.
I kneel down and hold my hand out to her.
“Are you okay, Reina?”
“Hm? Sorry, could you repeat that?”
“─That’s right! I don’t have any experience being friends with someone!! So I was so, so happy being welcomed like this I collapsed!!!”
“I see. Well, if that’s the case, then it’s fine.”
“Really! I absolutely not thinking about something else!!”
Pressured by the uncharacteristic Reina, I nod along, got it, got it.
…No, who am I to define what is “uncharacteristic” of Reina Milfonti?
I’ve no right to speak of her when I know nothing.
Learning she has this girlish side too, I’m glad.
“Heh heh. Then Reina might have trouble from now on.”
“…What do you mean?”
“Birthdays, graduation ceremonies…I’ll host celebrations for you many more times on various occasions in the future. Even bigger in scale than this. Don’t cry each time.”
“…Pfft, no need to worry about that. You won’t see me shedding tears.”
“Oh? Quite the confidence there. Now I have to make them grand enough that you’ll cry no matter what. I stake the Ouga Vellet name on it.”
Having regained her composure, Reina only smirked at my words.
Heh heh, enjoy acting composed while you still can.
When I free you from Headmaster Milfonti’s dark shackles, you’ll surely spill tears of joy.
Next up is the [Retirement Commemoration]… Heh heh!
“Student Council President Reina…”
“Why didn’t you tell us…?”
Holding Reina’s hands were Mashiro and Karen, gazing at her with warm, kind eyes.
“Um, what’s the matter, you two?”
“From today, we’re…friends!”
“I’ll come play anytime if you want! Just say the word!”
“Oh, thank you very much.”
“Let’s chat lots tonight.”
“Let’s work hard together from now on too!”
“Of course I will as well. We’ll have lunch together starting tomorrow. Alice, prepare more servings.”
“Yes, understood.”
“…I suppose I have no choice.”
“Hm? Did you say something?”
“No, just that I’m very grateful for your kindness.”
Despite her words, for some reason she was frowning…
…I see. She did say she has no friends.
Given her position as disciple to the Milfonds.
She must have made many blood-sweat-and-tears efforts. Naturally, no time to play with peers either.
Thus she’s not used to this sort of distance.
…That chest too probably didn’t develop because of the unhealthy lifestyle pouring everything into magic.
“Ouga? Is something concerning you?”
“No, it’s nothing.”
Whoops, dangerous. I hear women are sensitive to gazes at their chests.
Best not to stare too much.
“Anyway, let’s get to business. The fun party comes after hearing Reina’s explanation.”
Saying that, when I sit on the sofa Mashiro and Karen also take seats beside me.
From here is serious talk.
The mood until now scatters, everyone has tensed expressions.
Sitting in the empty armchair across from me, after clearing her throat once Reina began speaking.
“First, I’ll explain why the headmaster wanted Ouga and Lady Leiche so badly. Without convoluted words, I’ll be direct. ──She wants you two to join my team for the [Academy Magic Competition].”
“Us on a team with the student council president!?”
“The Academy Magic Competition…”
Acting like I know it all, I lean back against the chair.
Incidentally, I don’t know at all what kind of event it is.
Having no affinity, I had no interest and ignored such magic using events.
“Awesome, Ouga! We get to represent the academy!”
“Being selected as representatives in your first year, following President Reina, that’s an outstanding achievement for you both!”
“As expected of you, Sir Ouga, Lady Leiche.”
“Hmph, don’t praise us yet. It’s still too early to be happy before hearing Reina’s story.”
So stop scattering confetti every time something auspicious happens, Alice.
Judging by their delighted reactions, it seems an honorable thing.
But I still don’t even know what kind of event it is myself. If that’s all it is, I wouldn’t have ignored it…!
Can’t ask [What’s the Academy Magic Competition?] at this point.
I’ll have to subtly draw out information from Reina…
Showered with applause and confetti, as usual I ask her:
“You chose me with zero magic aptitude. There must be circumstances, right? Explain from the beginning.”
“Let’s see…As Ouga knows, the Academy Magic Competition is a tournament held between the nine magic academies which has repeated hundreds of times. Again this year, it will take place in the island nation of Ramdarb Kingdom one month from now.”
I see, the name says it all.
Scattered throughout the kingdom are magic academies each with distinct characteristics.
The one with the oldest history, having produced many names recorded in magical history, is the Royal Rishburg Magic Academy.
“Each school enters teams of three students for a total of ten teams, thirty students, divided into magic studies, magic sports, and magic battle categories, competing in each and the overall winner determined by total points. In recent years at this Academy Magic Competition, Rishburg Magic Academy has grasped the glory of overall champion year after year…”
“Except last year!”
“I see…! So Ouga and Leiche are…!”
Hey, hey? What do you mean?
Lady Karen, don’t nod along and interrupt.
I’m completely lost here!

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