Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 2 Chapter 2 part 2

Today wasn’t “Yay, more time sitting on my wonderful desk” for Mashiro either. She was quickly focused back on the class.
Since she’s a commoner, she must find opportunities to learn magical knowledge like this supremely enjoyable.
Yeah, we should also do an intensive training camp at my family home over the long summer vacation.
At the same time, introduce Mashiro to my parents. Meet with Mashiro’s parents as well.
It’s perfect hitting three birds with one stone.
I’ll give Karen a brand new dress as a present. She was freed from the Revetzenca family curse, but since she dressed as a boy until now, she probably doesn’t have any dresses suited for her figure.
I should confirm her three sizes with her handmaid.
It’s not like I have any indecent feelings. It’s information necessary for having a dress made, I have no choice.
My plans to make those two happy will be an important part of drawing Reina away.
Being nice to new people while strict to those already close invites dissatisfaction.
If those murky, unfair feelings build up in them, there’s a possibility it could explode someday.
I certainly want to avoid that kind of risk.
Might as well take advantage of my position as a duke family.
As for Alice… I can’t think of anything she would want…
Asking her directly seems like the fastest method.
Knowing Alice, she might say something like “I want to crush the villain’s base.”
When we’re alone in my room, I’ll ask her then.
“That concludes today’s lesson. For any questions, I will be available in the faculty building after school.”
Right on cue when I had decided what to do, the final class of the day ended.
Voices started buzzing from various places.
“Mm~! Sitting through nothing but lectures since first period made me kinda tired.”
Stretching her arms wide and loosening up her stiffened muscles, Mashiro.
No good. That pose is extremely ill-advised.
“Mashiro is so diligent, so maybe leaning forward is from that.”
“Eh, really? I’ll be careful next time.”
In Mashiro’s case, it can’t be helped.
If you have such large breasts, you’ll naturally get pulled forward from the weight.
“Posture impacts various areas of the body. You should be attentive. Anyway, Mashiro, about what I mentioned earlier…”
“Whaaat~? Ask me one or two or anything!”
“What makes Mashiro happy when I do it for her?”
“Something that makes me happy when Ouga kun does it!?”
“Yeah. I want to use it as reference. Please tell me by all means.”
“Uh, so direct… Why the sudden interest? You’ve gotten really proactive lately.”
“(Being proactive with) Reina is undeniable. But can you forgive me for that?”
“Nothing to forgive! If anything, I’m happy, I mean, uh… Hehe…”
Twiddling her fingers and blushing, Mashiro.
As usual, adorable today too.
“Re, really anything is fine?”
“Within reason of course.”
“Then… don’t laugh, okay?”
Drawing a deep breath to steady herself, Mashiro.
I wait intently for her words, making a serious expression so my gaze doesn’t drift to her rising and falling chest.
“I… I’d be happy if I could… stay over in Ouga kun’s room… something like that.”
“Stay over…?”
…I see.
So spending time in the same space until bedtime to deepen trust.
Building that kind of trusting relationship might be what’s necessary between Reina and me first after all.
Staying in my room may be against school rules, but with Mashiro, Karen, and Alice there too, she should feel at ease.
“Thank you, Mashiro. This will let me take a step forward.”
“Ye, yeah. I’m looking forward to it.”
“Yeah. I’ll invite Reina over right after this.”
“Oh right, the student council presi— Huh?”
In that instant, the same chilly air as this morning flowed into the room.



I occasionally have dreams.
Dreams of a prince who rescues me from this hell, and of marrying such a wonderful person to have a happy family. Dreams of me abandoning the Milfonti name, with a carefree smile that I’ve long forgotten how to make.
Even though I know dreaming of such impossible things will only hurt me.
Yet seeing him rescue Lady Levezenka from the prince that day, I couldn’t help but feel envious – is that a weakness of my spirit?
“…I haven’t grown at all.”
I’m garbage, defective, a substitute…the scorn flung at me is endless.
The values imposed on me all this time won’t come off.
Denial by others so easily destroys one’s identity.
But when brewing tea, I can forget all other thoughts.
That’s why, when I misconstrued being called out yesterday as for that, I ended up acting in anger.
“…To think that too was a misunderstanding.”
Ouga truly found the tea I brewed “delicious.”
He recognized the worth of my efforts.
Having lied my whole life, I can discern the truth in people’s eyes.
I was so happy that part of me was acknowledged.
And that person desired Reina Milfonti.
Geniuses are always the ones who break stagnant circumstances.
…If it’s Ouga, then maybe even that teacher…
“No…I mustn’t get my hopes up.”
I shake my head as if to cast off such sweet thoughts.
After finally obtaining an iron mask that doesn’t hurt me over so many years, throwing it away now would be meaningless.
Anyway, my life will…no, my very self will vanish from this world.
“…They should arrive around this time.”
Let’s switch over.
To my usual self. The doll Reina Milfonti.
I put a finger to my cheek and compose my familiar smile.
This way I can don the mask again.
Right on the expected timing, I hear his voice.
For some reason, he bursts in with a bright red handprint on his cheek and blurts out:
“Stay over in my room tonight!?”
Stay over…? Eh, wha…?
…Let’s stay calm.
First observe the situation to gain information.
Lady Leiche is beside him pouting with puffed up cheeks looking angry.
The maid as expressionless as always.
The slap mark on Ouga.
Most likely given by Lady Leiche.
Her anger means probably something to do with women.
And directed at me, “Stay over in my room.”
In other words, what his words imply is─
─Become mine!?
…No, I mustn’t make wishful inferences like that. It’s because I was just dreaming of that future.
Normally thinking, there’s no way he’d brazenly invite me to nighttime activities in broad daylight.
And we’re talking about that Ouga Vellet here.
Someone who brandishes his own justice, striding straight down the royal road – there’s no way his head would be filled with such lewd thoughts.
Then, his earlier words were likely my mishearing…no, this body making a mistake is…
Thinking about it won’t get me anywhere.
Having regained my composure thanks to those wandering thoughts, I decide to ask him directly.
“…Ouga, what do you mean by that?”
“Isn’t it obvious I want us to become closer?”
“Nnngh!? cough wheeze!?”
“What’s wrong, Reina!? Calm down!”
He rushes over and strokes my back.
Feeling his hand through the thin cloth, my mind inadvertently focuses on it.
A rough, by no means beautiful, yet strong and conveying his efforts so far, man’s hand.
…N-No, get a hold of yourself Reina.
I never imagined being sought after as a woman like this.
Everyone’s eyes have always been not on me, but the teacher behind me.
I gently touch my chest. The lump cooling my flushed fingertips brings my heightened emotions back down.
…That’s right, that must be it.
From that day, the moment I accepted this, I abandoned hopes for ordinary happiness.
If he sees my body, Ouga will surely be disillusioned.
What pale expectations was I fostering?
I’m no longer someone who can walk the path of a normal life. I’m not even human anymore.
“Feeling better…?”
So please don’t turn those eyes full of hope my way.
They’re too dazzling for me.
“…Yes, I’m fine. Sorry to worry you.”
“Don’t mind. I was also in the wrong for suddenly saying such a thing.”
Oh, so he’s self-aware…
Meaning the [Become mine] suspicion is nearing certainty…
…For now, let’s avoid thinking about this.
My mind won’t function normally.
“So, your answer?”
─However, he won’t let me escape.
“Eh, answer?”
“Yeah. Whether you’ll stay over in my room or not.”
“R-Right. We could after work―”
“No good.”
“Hyah!? …!? …!!?”
My hand tightly grasped, an unbelievable sweet voice comes out of my own mouth.
“I want to hear it from Reina’s mouth now.”
His firm, resolved gaze pierces me.
Wha, what do I… My eyes drift to a girl watching our back and forth.
“Ah…! Lady Leiche, is this okay!? Ouga, you’re saying some extreme things!”
“Hmm… But once Ouga sets his mind on something, he won’t back down.”
With an amazed tone, Lady Leiche shrugs her shoulders.
Gh, looks like she’s already accepted this.
The slap she gave Ouga must have relieved some stress.
Then I have no choice but to bring up the name of the one other person not here.
“La, Lady Levezenka! That’s right! She would be sad about this!”
“I’ve talked it over with Karen. And I won’t leave Mashiro out so don’t worry.”
All four people!?
My escape is completely cut off.
“Reina…I understand your feelings well. You’re anxious about abandoning your duties, right?”
“Th-That’s right. I mean, for my first time to be like this…”
“It’s your first time skipping work? Don’t worry. I, with experience, will take the lead.”
“Y-You really are experienced, Ouga…”
“From now on, I’ll teach Reina lots of (wholesome extracurriculars). To the point you can’t return to your former life.”
“Go…Go that far!?”
“Yeah, plenty.”
He whispers in my ear.
Ah…mm…wha, what do I…
My mind spins round and round.
My ability to judge what choice is right steadily gets snatched away.
“I-I understand. I’ll intrude on your room tonight…!”
That’s why, the words that came out of my mouth surely followed my instincts.
Despite saying it myself, for a moment I couldn’t believe it.
I, of my own will, chose the action of going to Ouga’s room.
“I see! That’s great!”
Why the beaming smile…?
In contrast to my exhaustion, his delight, he returns to the two waiting at the door.
“Let’s meet again later then. I’ll ask about student council work in more detail at that time.”
That’s fine but will I be able to explain in that kind of mood?
“Heh heh…Now I’m looking forward to it.”
Leaving those parting words, Ouga left the student council room.
I was still unable to recover from the shock, watching his back as he stormed off.
“Oh, pushed through completely…”
…Eh, am I really after this, going to be in Ouga’s hands…?
The teacher said to get closer to him even slightly to create an opening.
But this is clearly exceeding the anticipated range…
My strength fades and I slump over the desk.
“…What should I do to avoid this?”
I already accepted his invitation. However, I won’t go as far as that kind of act.
My body is in no state to be seen by another.
But, what if…he accepted even this body of mine…?
Such a dreamlike miracle crosses my mind.
…I can still faintly feel his warmth on my fingertips.
Once more, I bring my hand to my chest.
But Ouga’s cosy feeling remained without disappearing.

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