Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 2 Chapter 2 part 1

[Stage 2-2] My Swaying, Wavering Heart
“Good morning,”
“Oh, good morning,”
Her face is close. I’m always surprised to open my eyes and see Alice’s face so near to mine every morning.
I think she doesn’t have to get that close… But well, I guess it’s a perk to be able to see a beauty first thing in the morning.
More importantly though…
“Did something happen, Alice? You woke me earlier than usual,”
To promote the growth of my body, I’ve lived a regular, disciplined life since childhood.
That’s why I can quickly sense anything off about my ingrained habits.
“My apologies. There was an urgent matter I had to inform you of immediately, so I took the liberty of waking you,”
“No problem. What was so pressing that you had to wake me?”
“Please take a look at this,”
“Hm, what’s this? A letter…”
An uncharacteristically flustered Alice hands me a piece of paper.
What could it possibly be this early in the morning…
I unconsciously clench my fist tightly.
[Certificate of Appointment. To Ouga Velett,
You are hereby appointed as Vice President of the Rishburg Magic Academy Student Council.
Signed, Headmaster Flone Milfonti, Rishburg Magic Academy]
“Alice, did I get drunk last night and agree to join the student council?”
“No, nothing of the sort occurred,”
“Then what exactly is going on here?”
“Most likely… Headmaster Milfonti determined your will was firm and made this decision unilaterally,”
“That’s the only explanation,”
What are you trying to do… you damn hag…!!
“Alice! Cancel today’s training! Get changed immediately!”
“Yes sir!”
Alice already has my uniform prepared, anticipating my actions, and swiftly helps me get ready.
I leap out the window once changed, dashing out of the dorm.
“Follow me, Alice! I’m going to confront the Headmaster!”
We sprint down the empty path to school before classes start, heading straight for the Headmaster’s office.
“Headmaster Milfonti!! You better explain what’s going on here!?”
I won’t let her get away with this as she pleases.
Bursting into the room with momentum, but instead of the Headmaster I was looking for…
“Oh, Ouga dear. You seem to be in quite a rush, what’s the matter?”
It was her disciple, Reina, inside.
“Nothing much, just wanted to have a chat with Reina’s master here…”
“Then it seems we have business in common,”
Saying so, she shows me a piece of paper.
It details instructions for her to look after me now that I’ve joined the student council.
“Listen, Reina. Just yesterday, I had not agreed to join the student council,”
“I understand your will is firm, Ouga. This is undoubtedly reckless behavior from the Headmaster,”
However, she continues.
“It seems she has already left the academy,”
“Please flip over the letter,”
Doing as she says, there’s an additional note that the Headmaster has gone ahead to the venue.
“Calm down and listen, Ouga,”
My mind couldn’t keep up with the rapidly unfolding events.
Amidst the continuously bewildering situation, Reina addresses me in a quiet, tranquil tone.
“While I want to respect your wishes as much as possible, don’t you think it best to hear them out first?”
At where Reina is looking – the entrance to the Headmaster’s office – Mashiro and Karen are standing.
They were also in a rush to get here, still catching their breaths.
“Ouga kun…”
“W-why are you two here…?”
“I got a letter too. It said you were joining the student council…so…”
That hag…! Not just me, but Mashiro too…?!
Mashiro tackles me, nuzzling against me affectionately.
“Why didn’t you tell me!? If you’re joining the council I wanna join too! Cause you said to stick with you!”
“Wait, Mashiro. It’s true I said that, but I haven’t decided to join the coun-“
Here it comes!!
“Of course Ouga will join right? Since I, his fiancee, am here. After professing your love so passionately, it’s obvious isn’t it?”
“No, Karen, that’s a separate issue,”
“Oh I see… Sorry, I got too clingy just because I became your fiancee. I’ll reflect on that…”
Why do you take it that way!?
Well, I guess it can’t be helped with Karen! I’ll curse you for this… Karen’s shitty dad…!!
“Hey, Ouga… Let’s do the student council together…?”
“Ouga kun… I wanna spend more time with you, from morning to after school…”
Even with such upward glancing eyes pleading, I won’t lose…! I absolutely won’t…!!
In this life, I decided to do as I please!
Even if it’s Mashiro and Karen’s pleas to join my harem, no means no!
“Ouga kun…” “Ouga…”
The ample bosoms on both sides successfully land on each of my arms.
Squish squish, they snuggle up tightly against the dangerous, ripe fruits.
It’s the heavenly sight I envisioned, yet the choice before me leads to hell.
Oh, I’m… I’m…!!
“On second thought, I was just considering changing my mind about joining the student council,”
“Yay!! I love you, Ouga kun!”
“Thank you, Ouga…!”
“I’m happy to see you two so excited,”
…I said it. I went and said it…
No, wait. I didn’t compromise my will… Yes! This is a strategic move!
I can gain favor with Mashiro and Karen.
And learn the inner workings of the student council to save Reina!
It really is killing two birds with one stone, that’s why I chose it.
It’s definitely not because I yielded to their pressure…!
“Hehe, welcome to the Rishburg Magic Academy student council. We look forward to working with you, Ouga,”
Whether she knows my internal excuses or not, Reina has a faint smile as she watches me get smothered.
And so, through the Headmaster’s scheme, I was swiftly made Vice President of the student council with the speed of lightning, befitting the moniker [Flone the Lightning Bolt].




“Then, now that your appointment to the student council is decided, let’s move on to explaining the general duties…”
Reina’s words were cut off by the clanging of a bell.
“I was about to suggest we begin, but unfortunately the warning bell has rung,”
“Can we just start anyway?”
“While lessons may be boring for you, Ouga, please attend them properly as a student,”
“You let me skip them just the other day,”
“It would be a disgrace for a student council executive to be breaking school rules,”
Tch… The downsides of joining the student council are already apparent…
However, I just said I would join the council myself. Going back on it now would be far too lame.
Compromising my image as a villain goes against my principles.
Plus I needed to gain some favor with Reina to bring her over.
“Fine. In that case, I’ll take some of Reina’s tea. It was truly delicious,”
For some reason, Reina looks at me blankly.
…Ah, I see.
“I’ll provide the snacks so let me know if you have any requests,”
“Hehe…then I humbly request your most delicious treats,”
“Yeah. Just having Reina’s tea makes me look forward to it more,”
“You say such nice things, Ouga,”
“I’m just stating the obvious,”
I noticed a gentle warmth in Reina’s expression that I hadn’t seen before.
“Hmmm…you two seem to have a nice atmosphere,”
“O-Ouga! No cheating! You have to communicate properly with us…!”
“Oh dear, it looks like I’m in trouble with you both, so I’ll end the small talk here,”
“Looks like it. See you after school then,”
“Yes, let’s meet in the student council room,”
And with that we parted ways to our respective classrooms.
“It sure was sudden news. Who knew Ouga kun would join the student council,”
“I know right!? He was totally against it before! It shocked me!”
Mashiro pouts, seemingly bothered that I kept it from her.
But please forgive me on this – I was appointed in my sleep after all.
“My bad. I had my own thoughts about it too,”
“Ohhh…it’s not to make the president your new fiancee right?”
…Strange? The weather had been getting sunnier lately, but suddenly there’s a chill running down my spine…
M-Mashiro? Is your magical energy leaking out?
“You two seemed pretty friendly earlier too…this requires caution, yes Karen?”
“Y-yeah. Please make lots of memories with us before considering others,”
“Right! First we need to make Ouga kun swoon for us! Don’t you think so, Alice?”
“Sounds good. Let’s celebrate your appointment as Vice President.”
“Well then, I guess I have to get pumped up! Alice, won’t you help us too?”
“Of course. Please let me assist you,”
With their arms firmly interlocked, the two chatter excitedly with me in between.
And it’s planning for my sake, so internally I couldn’t stop grinning.
Hehe…my harem life sure is getting lively…
A homemade meal by my classmate and childhood friend…how invaluable would that be in my past life?
An experience I could never taste, no matter how much virtue I accumulated.
“Look forward to it, Ouga!”
“I won’t forgive you if you make other plans,”
“Of course. Even if ten thousand women tried seducing me, you two take priority,”
Hearing my response, they beam and cling to me even tighter.
Two soft marshmallows deforming against me.
I proclaim it.
This is the happiest place in the world.

“That reminds me…you never answered my earlier question…it’s really not true, right?”


Now then, how shall I talk my way out of this?
My goal is the administrative skills, which I’ll still get.
Naturally, the muscle-brain justice knight Alice behind me won’t stay silent if I’m honest.
Think, me…! To gain a brief respite…!
Thus I engaged my genius intellect, praised for brilliance, at full throttle to fabricate excuses and escape this mortal combat.

After deciding to join the student council, a peaceful daily life continued as if nothing had happened.
During the time after lunch when the feeling of fullness and concentration starts to fade, students here and there could be seen fighting off drowsiness.
There is no more boring time for student life than during class.
For me who spent my childhood cramming knowledge due to having no aptitude for magic, this was already material I had covered.
So what was dominating my head was how to deal with Reina and Mashiro going forward.
Even though I ended up joining the student council against my will, I should take this positively.
My opportunities to interact with Reina will increase. In other words, my time to appeal to her will go up.
It’s important to show her an even better work environment in order to draw her over to my side.
Of course money matters in the future, but she doesn’t seem to be very greedy.
If I’m going to win her over, it will be through this.
First I have to show her how I’m different from Flone.
What I should do is pamper Reina to no end. Stay by Reina’s side, and create the environment she desires.
Once I get her to sign the contract, she’ll be mine.
We’ve got plenty of money.
Heh heh… So the exploiter gets to have this much fun. I can’t help but grin.
“Ouga kun, what are you doing…?”
“Just thinking a bit. I’ll tell you later.”
Tilting her head quizzically, Mashiro returned her awareness to the lesson.

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