Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 6

Saying that, I walk up to the blonde curled hair girl.
Noticing I was approaching her, she seems obviously flustered.
Her eyes are darting left and right, and the contents of her cup spill, causing a big mess on the table.
“Hey, playing dumb now is meaningless. I noticed from the start.”
“Eek, eeek!”
“If you’ve got something to say, I’ll hear you out. Go on, say it.”
I lift the corner of my mouth into the evilest grin I can.
From her behavior until now, she has no composure whatsoever.
This much should be plenty to sap her vigor completely.
“Um, well, I was just…”
Too bad, I treat women equally. No mercy.
Whether she tucks her tail and runs, or hurls abuse, it’s fine.
Now then, I wonder how she’ll respond…
“P, please shake my hand!!”
Shake hands…?
In front of me, she’s asking for a handshake… Kuh kuh, what an interesting woman.
Asking for a handshake despite our hostile relations…she’s undoubtedly seeking a [duel].
To think there was a girl who thought of Arnia to this extent…love is frightening.
I know well a woman’s grudge is scary.
However…for her to desire a [duel] so much she’s shaking, she must be quite gutsy.
Searching through the students I’ve pounded knowledge into in order, a face matching her traits came up as a hit.
“…Schultz Sattia, right?”
“Y, yes…! You remembered my name…”
“Of course. I’d prefer you don’t underestimate me.”
I’m a genius in this life after all.
I’ve properly remembered to secure excellent subordinates – I mean a harem.
The Sattia house is Viscount.
Is she an idiot or brave to challenge me to a [duel] despite her standing?
Like that idiot Luark, education among nobles is just—eh!?
“…Th, thank you…uuhh…!”
She’s crying!?
Could it be…she didn’t expect me to accept…?
Despite that, she’s so happy I approved the [duel] she started crying…?
What deep love…admirable, though an enemy.
Maybe someone like her is what Arnia needed.
But at this rate, it won’t be a satisfying [duel].
I also want to focus on talking with Milfonti now. I’ll give her a hand here.
Not losing composure is a cool villain move too.
“Sattia. We’ll make time separately for this talk another occasion. So for today, leave.”
“You’ll…give me your time…?”
“That’s right, I don’t run or hide. I’ll take you on anytime.”
“Believe my words or not. It’s up to you, but…what do you think?”
“I believe you!!”
O, oh…what an energetic reply.
I wonder where that trust comes from.
From the earlier tears, and this, perhaps she’s my fan…? No way.
I haven’t made any moves that would make someone like me.
She’s probably just pressing me to “not run away”.
“Then shall I ask you to go along with this?”

“Yes, of course. Well then, excuse me. Take care, Lord Vellet.”
She briskly claps her hands then promptly left the scene.
…No, not just her, the students around are leaving one after another too.
Did they politely make way after overhearing my talk with Sattia…? Only God knows the circumstances.
“…Made you wait.”
Somehow we’re alone now.
Now I can leisurely talk with the main dish fully.
“Oh not at all. I just finished my preparations too.”
Returning to my seat, Milfonti had finished warming the pot and cups by pouring in hot water.
It’s nice this world has magic, so you can easily make small magical tools like this.
“Will your maid drink as well?”
“If…I may partake for learning.”
“Then three servings it is.”
Showing no sign of refusing, she puts three spoonfuls of tea leaves into the pot, then pours in boiling hot water from up high like a waterfall.
“Just let it steep for a few minutes and it will be done. In the meantime…shall we chat?”
“I don’t know what misunderstanding you have, but I was just interested in the tea Milfonti brews.”
“Fufu, then let’s take it as that.”
No really, I have no other meaning…
Somehow she seems to over-analyze a lot.
Come to think of it, she also made probing movements at our first meeting, so it must be ingrained.
Being Flone’s disciple seems tough.
…Now then, what to do? For starters, the wall between us needs removing.
The wall I unilaterally built up. So breaking it down is my role too.
“Milfonti, let me apologize for something. It seems I had the wrong impression.”
“The wrong impression?”
“I mean, I had mistaken feelings. From now on, I want us to be friendlier than before.”
“Wah, that makes me happy! Then let’s be besties starting today, Ouga Ouga!”
“Spare me the Ouga Ouga.”
“Is Rei Rei okay?”
“That’s not the issue, Reina.”
“…I see! Understood. Let’s become friends, Ouga.”
When I call her by name, she smiles and calls me by name in return.
But it’s the same smile as always.
As I thought, this much won’t melt the iceberg.
I’ll keep interacting patiently. I don’t dislike waiting.
“Here you are, sorry to keep you waiting. I hope it meets your expectations.”
After stirring it once, she pours the translucent orange tea through a strainer into the cups.
Just bringing it near, the fragrance alone raises expectations for the taste.
“Thanks for the food.”
Taking a sip, I savor it on my tongue and throat.
“It’s so tasty…”
I naturally muttered my impression from my mouth.
Alice who brews it for me daily is by no means unskilled.
Yet the delicate fragrance, rich body, and perfect combination of astringency and sweetness in the aftertaste let me clearly feel the difference, making Reina’s tea incredibly delicious.
“…It’s the best I’ve had so far.”
“I got quite the excessive evaluation.”
“It’s not excessive. My honest thoughts.”
“It’s because Ouga provided quality tea leaves.”
“No…I couldn’t have brought out this depth alone. I believe it’s thanks to your skill, Lady Milfonti.”
“For you both to praise me so…today must be a good day.”
She pours tea into her own cup and takes a sip.
With a hoh…she exhales and smiles at me.
“—Compliment me all you like, it won’t change teacher’s opinion.”
A cold voice that makes the air grow taut.
It feels like my body, warmed by the tea, chills all at once.
She looks down at her reflection in the cup with inorganic eyes.
“I’ve no interest in my words whatsoever, so teacher will—“
“Weren’t you the one who said you didn’t intend that at first…?”
“It’s fine, no need to make excuses. I knew from the start.”
The rare bluntness from Reina sets her cup down without drinking it all.
“…Sorry. I soured the mood, didn’t I? Are you finished with your business? If so I still have work left…”
“—Then why not come to me?”
Her movements froze for a moment.
But it was just for a brief moment, an action so subtle that you wouldn’t notice if you weren’t watching closely.
“To tell you the truth, the Academy Principal made me such a proposal. She asked if I’d join the Student Council and offered to give up Reina. I declined earlier, but now I think accepting it wouldn’t be so bad.”
“Did she you some charm in me that changed your mind after how much you hated the idea?”
“You can have this delicious tea every day. Even small changes like that can increase daily happiness.”
I continued, “Being with someone like that won’t be fun. I can guarantee that spending time honing your skills with me would be much more meaningful. And that time will take me to even greater heights.”
“…Then, Ouga-kun, can you surpass ‘Flone of Lightning’?”
“In the near future, I intend to.”
“…Ouga-kun is a mysterious person. When I hear your words, for some reason, I want to believe.”
She stood up, flicked her hair behind her ears, and looked back at me.
“I appreciate your enthusiastic invitation. However, don’t say it too loudly. You’re already engaged to Levezenka-san, after all.”
She winked this time and finally left the scene.
As the disciple of a hero and the Student Council President of the Magic Academy, her back looked much thinner and weaker than one would expect.
I recognized that back.
She does resemble… my former colleagues from the black company, who disappeared suddenly in my previous life.
Eventually, she will reach her limit.
Kukuku, I understand now… the reason she closes off her emotions.
The heartless boss. The Student Council short on members. The tasks that have to be done even during lunch breaks.
To protect herself from the stress caused by these harsh conditions, she has closed herself off in a tough shell.
If I can help her like this, there’s no doubt her favorability will rise.
Unlike the masses, I should be able to become a special person to her…!
Certainly, Reina doesn’t have large breasts. But she more than makes up for it with her administrative abilities and magical talent.
Now, if I can bring her into my circle, she will surely demonstrate her abilities as my subordinate.
I feel sorry for Reina… just when she thought she was free from evil, she will be targeted by an even greater evil…
“I’ve decided, Alice.”
She didn’t say “no.” There was a reaction.
It was worth using strong words.
That’s enough for now.
“I will definitely obtain Reina-Milfonti…!”
Saying that, I clenched my fist tightly.

The next day.
“Hey, Ouga… want to join the Student Council with us…?”
“Ouga-kun… I want to stay with you from morning till after school.”
Karen and Mashiro inched closer from both ends.
Don’t come…!
I don’t want to get involved in this black company-like scene…!
But my thoughts didn’t reach them, and I was caught by both arms.
They squeezed me as if to say they wouldn’t let go, with my arms trapped against their breasts.
It’s the ideal scenario of a busty harem that I had envisioned, but I had no joy in it.
“You’re popular, Ouga-kun.”
Why did it have to turn out like this!?
To explain the beginning of this situation, let’s go back to when I was awakened by Alice earlier than usual.

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