Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 5

Ouga Vellet instinctively sniffed out the faint suspicious smell that can’t be fully hidden, and incorporated it into his actions.
“With him joining, Mashiro Leiche will surely follow. Then I can take those two to the Magic Academy Competition…”
“…In that case, I plan to utilize Lady Levezenka as a love rival to spur on Miss Leiche. Lord Ouga Vellet has soft spots for those two.”
“Fine. Ensure those two join student council. And take them as our academy’s representatives to that land which will host it.”
“As long as the plan succeeds, even this position will lose meaning. Therefore, it would be wasteful not to exercise authority while still useful.”
Low laughter echoes in the quiet room.
The teacher has accumulated the years for this plan.
The time to fulfill her desires is nearing.
The rise in emotions I’ve seldom seen before must also be because of that.
I feel…nothing in particular.
I just carry out the role given to me – the meaning for Reina Milfonti’s existence.
“After preparing his letter of appointment, I will arrive on-site first… Then just follow my instructions properly. Even an incompetent like you should manage that much.”
“…I will surely fulfill teacher’s wish.”
“Good. That’s why I picked you up. Now return to your duties. Lunch break must be busy for student council too.”
The pressure enveloping until just now disappears, and I’m prompted to leave by the teacher wearing the face students know – the headmistress’s.
Once more bowing my head, I left the room.
While walking down the hallway, I erase the traces of being hit by the teacher with healing magic.
That’s right, my neck too. She put quite some strength in, so there might be hand marks.
The only reason she couldn’t destroy me is the decline in the teacher’s strength.
No matter who, the power one can exert decreases with age.
Even if she is the renowned [Flone the Lightning Strike ], who raced through countless battlefields and slew enemy generals.
“Now then, let me finish my duties as student council president as told.”
With insufficient council members, the amount I shoulder naturally increases.
…I’ll have to stare down piles of paperwork again.
“Oh my.”
—Just as I was somewhat depressed and about to open the door, a black-haired boy came out from inside.
Since that’s none other than Ouga Vellet, it’s only natural my body reflexively stopped moving.
It’s as if God descended to comfort me. What a fortuitous encounter.
“Perfect timing. I was looking for you, Student Council President.”
“How unusual. You were looking for me?”
“How about we have lunch together?”
“Why is that?”
“I heard you make excellent tea, Student Council President, so I hoped you could demonstrate for me.”
“…I see, I see.”
Caught off guard by the unexpected words, I couldn’t even retort lightly.
I never imagined I would be praised so directly.

Seeing me at a loss for words, Vellet thinks I misunderstood and continues his proposal.
“As compensation, I’ll provide a satisfying meal. So, how about it? Let’s eat together?”
The hostility I always sensed in his gaze has faded.
At first I thought he was contacting me to try and extract information, but…
The possibility it’s just goodwill has arisen.
…In other words, could his earlier invitation have been sincere…?
Various speculations and slight emotional ups and downs swirl inside me.
…No, my priority can remain low.
This opponent who I could never get a handle on has come forward himself.
I can’t miss this chance.
“Then by all means, I’d love to.”
I answer with my usual smile.



The academy courtyard, famous as a lunch break spot at Rishburg Magic Academy.
It’s always bustling with students gathered regardless of grade, but right now it’s unnaturally quiet.
Because we who took position surrounding the center aren’t saying a word, just silently eating our meals.
[Th, they’ve arrived! Lady Sattia…!!]
In an instant, a transmission comes in to the transceiver-type communication magical tool – an earring I have on – from the lookouts.
I – Schultz Sattia – simultaneously feel joy and tension that the target person has arrived, making a complex expression.
But it seems I’m not the only one, looking around shows everyone has similar faces.
As the one leading these girls, I lightly play with my golden curled hair to calm the excitement.
Fufu, it can’t be helped getting this worked up.
[It’s…Ouga Vellet!]
Gathered here are comrades – unofficial Ouga Vellet fanclub members.
[As gallant as ever today…]
[Ahh…I see a golden aura shining from his whole body…]
[Just seeing Lord Vellet brightens my heart!]
Voices of praise come pouring in.
We saw and were moved by his duel with Prince Arnia where he demonstrated overwhelming love for Lady Levezenka through his actions.
For nobles, marriage is strongly tied to connecting houses and expanding power, with future spouses often decided from birth…it’s not rare.
While I understand being born in a blessed position, the desire to freely experience love sometimes wells up, which is also a fact.
There’s a proper basis for romance plays and novels being popular among young noble ladies.
In that context, the grand romance of the two from Duke houses shown to us.
The many love-filled actions for Lady Levezenka he displayed at the venue.
Charging ahead unwaveringly even against Prince Arnia, the next king. Of course we’d be envious.
Ignoring the boos from the masses, his resolute attitude. Fighting fearlessly amidst Prince Arnia’s magic without even a shield.
Above all, despite being restrained, the spirit seeking true love he showed lit fires of admiration in our hearts.
[La, Lady Sattia!]
“What is it? Report calmly.”
[Lo, Lord Vellet and the student council president are heading toward the target point…! So the rumor was true after all!]
The rumor in question is of Lord Vellet joining student council.
It’s unclear who started saying it, but apparently the student council president highly values Lord Vellet’s ability.
She’s also supposedly gotten involved with the duel against Prince Arnia.
…If that’s true, it’s not strange for them to have lunch together like this.
But spreading uncertain information and causing trouble is shameful as fanclub members.
Especially making mistakes handling information in front of the Vellet Duke house, just imagining what disappointment we might cause…it’s frightening.
“It hasn’t been confirmed yet. Absolutely don’t spread rumors, understand?”
[Y, yes ma’am!]
We’re happy to see Lord Vellet active, but that’s our own circumstance.
In fact, when secretly contacting his attendant maid, I was told Lord Vellet acts for the sake of others entirely.
He’s not after popularity as a noble at all.
So there remains the possibility he wouldn’t take on student council positions that restrict his time.
[…Lady Sattia. Lord Vellet and the student council president are heading toward you on the path to the target point.]
The target point refers to the table a maid has prepared.
On that path was also the table where I sat.
In other words, Lord Vellet would pass right by next to me…fufu, I’ve gotten excited for no reason.
Just look, the tea poured into the cup in my hand is rippling.
It’s shaking minutely. My hand, that is.
“No good, me. I must calm my breathing now—“
“—So I’ve prepared menu items that I think will pair well with the tea here. Please enjoy fully.”
“Thank you very much. Actually I’ve been interested for a while in the unfamiliar brands the Vellet house sells.”
Since I couldn’t calm down, I’ll cope by holding my breath…!
He shines! If pierced by that sharp gaze, anyone would surely fall for him!!
[Lady Sattia? Did something happen?]
“No…it’s nothing.”
…Phew, calm down.
I’m the shrubbery in the courtyard. An object. The air…
Yes…just someone in the same space. I absolutely musn’t openly show emotion.
“Now everyone. Let’s be sure not to interfere today, just watch over Lord Vellet.”
[ [ [Yes ma’am!] ] ]
Even from afar, we can view this historical moment of His Lordship.
That alone makes us happy.
…However, everyone.
“I wish you’d acquire more ladylike refinements.”
The gazes directed at the seated Lord Vellet are a bit rough—Ah!?
I can’t see His Grace from this seat…!!

It’s a nice clear day today. The perfect gentle warmth for taking a break outside.
“As expected of the Vellet Duke house. So many hard to approach brands.”
Alice arranges the tableware with clinks and clanks while Milfonti gazes at it curiously.
This time I’ve had Mashiro and Karen sit elsewhere.
I wanted some time alone with her.
…But more than that, something’s been bothering me since I sat down!
An incredible amount of gazes!!
Especially the gaze of the blonde curled hair girl behind me, I feel it strongly piercing me.
It’s not the usual interested gaze I get.
It’s like I’m feeling some strong pressure.
“Fufu, Vellet is popular.”
Milfonti seems to have noticed too.
Popular, huh.
…Come to think of it, that may be true in a sense.
This is just speculation, but…the ones looking this way are probably girls close to Arnia.
He hasn’t attended school since that incident.
The clear cause is me.
I wouldn’t be surprised if they resented me.
I could just ignore it, but…this is important time with Milfonti now. We probably wouldn’t get to our true feelings under watch filled with resentment like this.
If they’re willing, I’ll deal with them directly.
Boldly. Villainously.
“Milfonti, wait just a moment.”

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