A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 1 Chapter 14

Extra 1: Yururu Garestia

The clash of swords reverberates through the air. On a typical morning, Fei and Yururu engage in a sword fight. Although it seems to be a stalemate, Fei’s sword dances gracefully.


“…You’ve gotten stronger.”

“Hmph, I don’t really consider that a compliment after getting beaten up like this.”

“Well, I didn’t mean it that way…but you have definitely grown stronger.”

Yururu smiles and expresses her thoughts to Fei, but he maintains a stoic expression, still frowning.

“Fei, let’s take a break for a bit.”


The two of them set down their swords and lean against a tree. Fei crosses his arms, maintaining his stoic demeanor, and closes his eyes. Taciturnity is one of his strong suits. Normally, Yururu refrains from engaging in unnecessary conversation.

“Um, well…”

“What is it?”

But that day, she pushes herself to speak. Fei opens his eyes and gazes at her. Yururu blushes slightly and lowers her gaze.

“Um, this…is for you.”

She gently hands him a sandwich in a wooden box that she took out from her bag.

“…What’s this?”

“I-it’s breakfast. I didn’t feel like eating this morning…so, please have it.”

“…I see. Well, I’ll take it then.”

Fei accepts the sandwich with mixed feelings. Any other man, especially one who is aware of Yururu’s intentions, would have picked up on what she was trying to convey.

“How…is it?”

“It’s not bad.”

“R-really!? You’re not just saying that!?”


“But…is there anything else you want me to say? Anything else you’d like me to make? Perhaps a request…”

“Nothing in particular. It’s not bad. That’s all. Anyway, aren’t you going to eat?”

“Huh? Oh, no… I’m fine today…”

She bows her head and falls silent. Yururu Garestia is 23 years old this year, but she has never experienced love. Since she was young, she has been consumed by her dedication to swordsmanship and has been striving to clear her name in a certain incident.

She understands the concept of love, but it has never awakened within her.

Consequently, she feels quite flustered.

(I can’t believe I was seeking his attention so obviously. I must be such a fool…)

“I don’t think so, but…did you make this sandwich just for me?”

“N-no! That’s not it! Um, I just had a stomachache this morning…”

“I see.”

(Calm down. She’s my student, and I’m her teacher. I must maintain an appropriate distance…let’s switch to small talk…)

“Thanks to you, Fei, I can continue serving as a Holy Knight. I can also continue teaching you swordsmanship. Thank you once again.”

“Don’t worry about it. You were essential to me. That’s all.”


Surprised by Fei’s suggestive words, Yururu once again averts her gaze. She realizes that they can’t go on like this and decides to change the subject in order to regain her composure.

“Oh, um, anyway, thanks to you, Fei-kun, I’m enjoying each day. If you hadn’t stopped me, I might have gone to the dungeon in Free City. When I think about what might have happened, it makes me a little sad.”

“I see.”

“Yes. But that option was out of the question.”



“Even if you were expelled from the Knights, I would still consider you my swordsmanship mentor. In the worst-case scenario, I was thinking of having you stay in my room at the orphanage.”

“What!? But if that were the case, wouldn’t it be your responsibility to cover my living expenses?”

“I’ll take care of it with my salary. I believe that the value of your swordsmanship guidance far exceeds any living expenses.”

Yururu’s heart pounds in her chest. Her face turns bright red, and she covers it with her hands, unable to meet Fei’s gaze.


Words fail her. Impulses surge within her. Since Fei speaks sincerely from the heart, her embarrassment intensifies.

“What’s wrong?”


“…Let’s call it a day.”


“I sense that you’re burdened by something right now. It’s difficult to focus in that state. Besides, even you must find daily training quite demanding. Go home for today.”


(She can’t teach properly with these emotions… I’m sure she can’t even look at me properly…)

(Did Fei-kun notice that my feelings have changed…? Ugh, how embarrassing…)

Fei stands up and declares an end to the training session. Yururu’s face turns bright red, and she can’t bring herself to look at him.

“Fei-kun, s-see you tomorrow…”


(Aaaah, how embarrassing!) She said that and swiftly departs from beneath the three trees, as if attempting to escape.

As I complete my morning training, I ponder whether it hurts when I strike her with the wooden sword. For some reason, Teacher always averts her eyes when our gazes meet during training. She seems flustered and distant, but I can’t tell if that’s unusual for her.

At only 23 years old, she always appears rushed and anxious. Teacher also seems quite nervous and easily startled. I wonder if she’s sensitive to the impacts of the wooden sword. Maybe the pain is making her want to go home, but she doesn’t wish to express it in front of her disciple.

During our break, Teacher hands me a sandwich. It’s cold but delicious. Well, to be honest, Maria’s sandwiches are better… but I won’t say that out loud.

After all, I am a considerate protagonist. I wonder why Teacher isn’t eating. It would be nice if she had some too. Does it hurt that much when I strike her with the wooden sword?
“I don’t think so, but…did you make this sandwich for me?”

“……!? N-no, that’s not it! I-I had a stomachache today…”

“I see.”

Ah, so it does hurt when I hit her with the wooden sword. That’s why she gave me the sandwich. I briefly considered the possibility of a heroine’s reaction, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Wait, what if she were expelled? Who would teach me the sword then? I could pay for it myself. In Japan, you pay money for tutoring and lessons, so I don’t really mind. Teacher lowers her gaze when I mention it.

I wonder if it really hurts that much… Ah, Teacher seems to be a hard worker, and there have been recent rumors of her possible expulsion from the Knights. Maybe she feels more at ease and comfortable when we train together, which leads to her enduring the strikes of the wooden sword.

“What’s wrong?”


“…Let’s call it a day.”


“I sense that you’re burdened by something right now. It’s difficult to focus in that state. Besides, even you must find daily training quite demanding. Go home for today.”


As soon as I say that , Teacher swiftly declares the end of our training session. It confirms my suspicion that hitting her with the wooden sword does indeed cause her pain. She dashes off towards home. I feel guilty for pushing her to continue training with me.

…Ha, as expected of me, the considerate protagonist. I’m not sure if Teacher noticed my concern, but it’s heartening to have such a caring master-disciple relationship!

Oh, right. Perhaps I should buy her some stomach medicine next time.

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