Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part 4

My words left the class dumbfounded.
Even Ms. Sakaki, who was full of intent to punish him, was surprised. Asahina had such an idiotic look of shock. …Though only on the inside since my face doesn’t show expressions.
“Alright! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Oi Amamori! I’ll remember you did that crap to my desk later, got it punk!”
And with that Kirido returned to his seat.
The graffitied desk was swapped with follower A’s desk, so unfortunately follower A would have to use that bullied desk for class from now on. Don’t mind, no sympathy though.
“Oi… Amamori. I thought you were insane when I heard your self-introduction, but… What are you really thinking? Or are you just stupid?”
“That’s awful phrasing… but I won’t deny it.”
Somehow she’d come over nearby and was supporting my body from the opposite side of Kurashiki… Though if possible, I want her to dote on me more. Don’t keep calling me stupid. It pierces deeply since it’s true.
“You should have wrung 200,000 out of him, leaving just 100,000, squeezed him with this and that until he crumbled, then watched happily as he weakened.”
“You have an awful personality, don’t you?”
I retorted to her deranged line. I deeply breathed out.
“But… seems Kirido is being bullied, doesn’t it?”
Muttering that, surely they heard it within earshot.
Luckily Kirido didn’t hear since he was yelling at his followers, but still no one answered my words.
But with just that line, doubt had surely arisen in everyone’s hearts.
[Kirido is disliked by someone in class]
It would continue smoldering as a dark flame in each of their hearts, and the next time Kirido caused trouble again, it would elevate to negative feelings towards him.
Well, with him shouting and making a racket in class now, there might already be students thinking ‘I don’t like him’.
“Well whatever.”
Kirido Hashiru. The number one problem child in class. The unstable element of Class 1-C. Getting in my face every chance he gets, obsessed with Asahina Kasumi, repeating self-centered words and actions without considering others. That dumbass.
Thinking that far—I sneered.
I heard Ms. Sakaki swallow her breath beside me.
I wonder if I’m properly smiling right now?
Well, I’m fully aware of that already so…
Don’t really care either way, but Kirido.

–You’ve gone a bit overboard.

It would have been fine if you just had feelings for Asahina.
If you had just punched me that first time in class then left it at that, it still would have been fine.
But acts of violence against unrelated third parties for reasons you’re completely unaware of—to be frank, I can’t overlook that. It’s started grating on my ears and eyes.
He’s still shouting even now.
Haven’t you played around quite a bit? Wallowed in school life however you liked?
It’s fine already Kirido. I don’t think you’re that bad, but.
I think it’s about time I crush you… and it’ll be fine right?
But don’t worry. I’m much ‘kinder’ than Ms. Sakaki.
I won’t say cruel things like 200,000 yen.
I’ll just sneer and tell you to come closer.
I’ll permit you resisting.
So go ahead and do as you please. And I’ll freely finish you off.
Put simply, that’s all there is to it.
“Amamori. Come to the teachers’ office at lunch. I need to talk.”
Looking down at me with an unusually serious face, Ms. Sakaki.
“What a coincidence. I also… had things I wanted to ask you, Teacher.”
She tensed her expression at my reply. With a glance at Kirido, she soon sighed as if giving up on something.
“Fine. I hope for a peaceful talk.”
Don’t worry, Teacher.
I’ve never once hurt another person in my life.


And so at lunch break that day, I was called to the teachers’ office.
However, it was a school-wide broadcast. And the content was terrible.
‘Ah, testing, testing. Year 1 Class C’s Amamori Yuuto. Year 1 Class C’s Amamori Yuuto. I will not permit rejection on the grounds of aching cheeks from continual punching. I have investigated and confirmed you have no friends to eat with at lunch. Come to the teachers’ office as soon as possible. I repeat—’
And it repeated about five times.
I ran into the broadcast room next to the teachers’ office around the sixth repetition, forcibly stopped the broadcast, then was shown to a reception room in the corner of the teachers’ office.
“Out of pity for your loneliness I invited you to lunch. You should weep in gratitude.”
“Yes, I nearly cried several times on my way here.”
The ongoing slandering of me as I headed to the broadcast room.
And piling on more and more groundless lies each time, the later parts were a storm of verbal abuse that made me want to cover my ears, and even with a straight face I definitely cried inside a little. No actual tears but I definitely cried mentally.
“So, what business? I was planning to come even without the broadcast.”
Asking while opening the bread I bought from the school store.
Looking over, she had… I envy her, must have ordered delivery. Noisily slurping ramen, soup was splattering all over her pure white lab coat. It bothered me how it got dirty sometimes but Ms. Sakaki, you’re a woman, pay a little more attention to your appearance!
“I just… wanted to find out your true motives. Oh, this isn’t the school’s stance, just my personal interest. So no matter how much you badmouth the school, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear it. I swear that much on my mother and sister.”
How trustworthy are your mother and sister? My true intentions…?
I simply want to live inconspicuously, without getting involved with anyone, peacefully yet freely.
Nothing really comes to mind beyond that.
“If forced to say… Aren’t the rules too harsh? They’re strict to begin with, yet breaking just one means at least a 100,000 yen fine… Did the Headmaster lose his mind?”
Telling her bluntly, she smiled wryly.
“Don’t ever say that outside. And I can neither affirm nor deny it. The Headmaster —Yagumo Sento is at the pinnacle even among teachers, the so-called [Academy’s God]. The supreme, greatest [Absolute] in this place. Even we can’t defy him.”
“Oh, the Headmaster is…”
I gave a short reply and bit into the bread…. Yeah, cheap stuff, my mouth’s all dry.
As I looked to her hoping she’d at least give me a drink—
“Hm? You want to eat, the ramen?”
“Don’t need your half-eaten stuff.”
What misunderstanding made her say that?
Somehow… I really don’t understand this person well. Does she want to dominate the students as a teacher, or does she have some resentment towards the academy, or maybe she’s just not thinking anything at all, or perhaps—
“Well… I’ll answer anything about my true intentions, but before that, can I ask just one thing?”
Prefacing that, I bluntly said to her.
“Ms. Sakaki, actually there’s one thing I want to borrow money for.”
“Something you want to borrow? Is it my belonging, or the academy’s property?”
“The latter. It’s in this school building.”
I glanced around. There were presences but they kept their distance, and no sign any were eavesdropping… Well, even if they heard it wouldn’t particularly matter.
And so I proposed it.
As she listened to my words, Ms. Sakaki’s expression tensed up.
In these three years, had any student ever made a proposal like this at this time?
No, I’d assert there definitely hadn’t been any. With information on the academy still insufficient early on, the standard play would be to use your funds prudently. Anyone would think that way.
But certainly having close to 500,000 yen on hand early on was also a huge initial advantage.
If you avoided the initial fine.
You could live for about a month even after some huge spending.
“So, can you lend it to me?”
“I think it’s possible… However, it’ll be 300,000 yen.”
“That’s not expensive. I’d still have 180,000 left.”
She sighed in amazement at my retort.
“Fine. I think you’re insane, but I’ll take care of the procedure. You should be able to use it without issue starting tomorrow morning. I’ll deduct it from your balance.”
“Thank you very much. You’re a great help.”
Not necessarily essential but… there’s a big difference having it versus not.
Having gotten her pledge, I carefreely brushed off her questions afterwards as well, at times asking some questions myself, spending a rather meaningful time.

And before I realized, it was already the end of lunch break.
The time was already right before 1st period in the afternoon. If I hurried I could still barely make it for start of class… cutting it extremely close.
As I hurriedly stood, Ms. Sakaki before me stopped me.
“Hold it, Amamori. You entertained my talk. I’ll turn a blind eye to your rule violation this time.”
At those words I felt greatly relieved.
After splurging big, I would have been on the verge of expulsion with a fine.
It’s great how it says ‘in principle’ in the rules. Wonderful.
I get the feeling I can get by if I suck up to Ms. Sakaki.
That’s what I thought, but—there might be students who don’t think that way.
For instance… Yeah. Strong sense of justice-type heroes?
“Now then, time we headed to class. It would reflect poorly on me as the teacher to be 5 or 10 minutes late. I’d probably get verbally defeated by the likes of Asahina.”
“As if you’d get defeated, Teacher.”
I can’t even imagine her getting logically refuted.
Exchanging such banter, the two of us headed to the classroom.
Class had already begun in the surrounding rooms, and as we passed Class 1-A and 1-B, I could feel curious gazes stabbing at us from inside the classes.
Ugh, feels like we stand out…
As I thought that while peeking into Class A and B… one student caught my eye. Blindingly bright hair, eyes like the purest gemstones. It felt as if only the area around her existed in a separate space, with such unsullied air floating around the girl.
…Maybe I’m mistaken? She looked kinda familiar but for now I’ll pretend I didn’t see her.
“Well, hope I’m not scolded for being late.”

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