Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 4

“In the first place, other upperclassmen should take vice president. It makes even more sense if they have more experience than me.”
“Hmm, troubling. Actually I’ve reached out to promising candidates, but they all seemed reluctant…”
“It’s justified for upperclassmen to refuse a position I don’t want to undertake either, right?”
“I believe you have ample ability. Does the [Flone the Lightning Strike ] have the wrong impression?”
“An evaluation beyond my worth, but I’m honored.”
Frankly, I understand the headmistress highly values my skill from how stubbornly she’s sticking to this.
Did she take notice of me from the previous fight with Prince Arnia?
If she gauged my ability from that one brief attendance, it makes me need to raise my alert level even further.
“If you join student council, prestige will undoubtedly follow you in the future. This is a title you can’t obtain even with money.”
“I’m the eldest son of one of the four great Duke houses. After graduating from here, what I want to do is already decided. I also dislike being bound by entanglements too much.”
“…So you absolutely refuse no matter what, I see.”
A sigh from the headmistress echoes in the room.
A heavy atmosphere spread, seemingly ending the negotiations.
…However, her gaze at me hasn’t given up at all.
As if she has a card to overturn this disadvantageous situation…
“Then how about this deal?”
The headmistress raised her face and grabbed my shoulder, saying this.
“If you become vice president, I’ll let you have your way with Reina.”
The ones who bit at that proposal were Mashiro and Karen, who had been silently watching the whole time.
They rushed up to the headmistress and began fiercely protesting.
“What are you saying, Headmistress! He can’t add more fiancées!”
“Isn’t the student council president your precious disciple!? You can’t just arbitrarily decide things without her!”
“Oh my. I believe Vellet would be no issue. It’s rare to find someone who can be so devoted to one person.”
“But the student council president’s feelings matter too…!”
“She’d surely come to like him.”
I pull back Mashiro and Karen, and face the headmistress.
Staring eye to eye, trying to discern even a little emotion.
“How can you say that with certainty?”
“Fufu, simple. She resembles me greatly… I wouldn’t miss a chance to marry into one of the four great Duke houses.”
“…Is that so.”
The reason I bit this far is because the headmistress’s attitude bothered me.
I kept observing, but there’s not the slightest wavering in this hag’s spirit…her expression barely changed.
However strong the confidence from a war hero who raced through fatal battlefields and slew enemy generals, isn’t this clearly abnormal?
I had a hunch in my response. I wanted to confirm it, so I took the risk of confronting her head-on like this.
Let’s make a bet, shall we? I’ll provoke her and see if I can grasp her true nature.
“…Your precious disciple was offered to me in exchange for joining the Student Council?”
“Yes, of course. You have the value for that.”
“I’ve said it many times, but I don’t think so.”
“People have different values. But isn’t what’s most important now Vellet’s feelings…? How about it? Reina is a promising candidate with numerous marriage proposals from influential noble families, but I’d be willing to give her to you.”
“─I’m sorry.”
I wrapped my arms around Mashiro and Karen’s waists and pulled them close.
They each let out cute voices that mixed embarrassment and joy and pressed their bodies closer.
The Student Council President would never be able to make such a gesture that tickled a man’s heart.
She always wore that same enigmatic, almost mask-like smile.
Even I, who had only known her for about a month, felt uncomfortable, so it’s impossible for her beloved disciple, Flone, who had been with her for a long time, not to notice.
Moreover, I didn’t like her attitude of trying to control me.
The Third Law of Evil: Do not let anyone decide the future of your life. I would say “NO” to anyone who believed everything would go their way.
So, I said with irony,
“I’m not interested in dolls.”
In an instant, I felt a chilling sensation down my spine.
The once-friendly atmosphere changed completely, becoming incredibly heavy.
I increased the strength of my arms around the two people in an attempt to reassure them.
Despite the pressure I felt, I didn’t avert my gaze from the source of it.
“Oh… That’s a shame.”
A voice that was thick and sticky,
not the pleasant Academy Principal I had known before, but something else… If I had to describe it, it was as if the “evil” side of her was peeking out.
Th-this is… scary!!
If I were alone, I might have fled immediately. That’s how bottomless her intimidating presence was.
Did she get angry because her beloved disciple was insulted? …No, that’s not it.




But with this, I learned what I wanted to know.
And there’s another effect of the provocation strategy.
It lowers the favorability rating from the Academy Principal.
The conversation won’t end like this. So, I’ll keep pushing her until she refuses my advances.
This reaction undoubtedly caused her favorability towards me to drop significantly.
She won’t choose me anymore.
Kukuku… as expected of a genius.
“Well then, I’ll take my leave.”
“Yes, there’s no help for it after all. Until next time.”
I left the Academy Principal’s office while still holding the two of them. After confirming that Alice had closed the door, I started walking towards the classroom.
Mashiro and the others, who had been taken aback, gradually regained their composure as they escaped from that oppressive atmosphere.
“W-what happened, Ouga-kun? It’s unusual for you to badmouth someone.”
“…Does Mashiro think I’m the kind of guy who would say something like that for no reason?”
“Eh!? Could it be that there’s some deeper meaning behind that exchange…?”
“That’s right.”
I nodded meaningfully.
I didn’t really want to be part of the Student Council, but there was no need to reveal the real reason.
I’ll take advantage of Mashiro’s misunderstanding.
“But even so, there was no need to say that much, right…?”
“No, that’s not true, Levezenka-sama. …I felt it clearly. Ouga-sama’s intention.”
I thought that Alice, who is more sensitive to evil than others, might have that possibility.
Ah, there’s no doubt about it.
It confirmed my guess that the anger earlier wasn’t about insulting her beloved disciple.
She seemed to harbor something even darker that I can’t articulate now.
While she only gave a glimpse of that interesting part for an instant, I see.
“There was no anger in her eyes.”
And before her eyes changed emotion, they overflowed with confidence.
Why is she so convinced it’ll succeed even with the sudden marriage proposal?
That headmistress thinks it’s fine to treat Reina however she wants.
She has a fundamental belief that [Disciples must absolutely obey their master].
She only sees her beloved disciple Reina as a tool.
I could be so certain because she had the same eyes as my previous life’s boss.
“…I should change how I interact with her a little.”
Sprouting sympathy.
…Come to think of it, I heard a rumor the student council president is skilled at brewing tea.
After school, I’ll go see her too for once.
While casually thinking that, I slowly walk the hallway as the pre-bell rings.
However, I don’t know yet at this time.
I’ll be made to recognize Flone Milfonti is a legendary human.

“This useless thing!!”
As soon as I was called out, the teacher slapped my cheek.
A dry sound rings out as I look at the teacher expressionlessly.
“Do you understand why you were called out here?”
“…Is it about Ouga Vellet still not joining student council?”
“That’s part of it. But a bigger problem arose today.”
My neck is grabbed and I’m lifted up.
Strangled tightly but I don’t feel suffocated.
My body is remade by this person to be like that.
“That Vellet brat…noticed your body is special.”
” ………… “
There was no surprise.
On that day I interacted with him, doubt lingered in how he looked at me.
He still hasn’t shown any sign of relaxing when talking to me even once.
“You didn’t happen to…ask him for help, did you?”
“I did not. In the first place, he likely doesn’t harbor good feelings for me.”
“…Tch, answering without changing your expression one bit… You’re creepy, really creepy. Don’t you think I might dispose of you as you are?”

I don’t think that yet.
Losing me would mean losing a spare for herself.
There is no individual exceeding my magic talent… No, able to withstand the alterations to implant talent.
That’s why I’ve been able to live without being disposed of until now.
The teacher understands that too.
And even angry, her eyes hadn’t lost their calm.
“Hmph, it’s troublesome having an incompetent disciple.”
“I deeply apologize.”
“Don’t say things you don’t even think. …Oh well, fine. I was waiting for a good response, but Ouga Vellet, I’ll forcibly make him join student council as headmistress.”
While she says forcibly, the teacher acts because she sees a chance, I believe.
Vellet is a person with a strong sense of justice.
He feels indebted to the teacher who cooperated in saving Karen Levezenka from Prince Arnia.
He should swallow some highhanded actions as writing things off. No, the teacher was convinced he would swallow it.
The Levezenka house has proven those of the four great Duke houses desire the title of magic academy student council executive.
So she predicted he would desire it too, and her actions based on that were not mistaken.
It’s just that the opponent was more skillful than we imagined.
As expected of Vellet.

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