Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 3 

“Come to think of it, Lady Levezenka still isn’t attending school right?”
“Yeah. Can’t be helped I suppose. Given her change of position, she’s got her own business to take care of.”
Since the day of the duel, I’ve been aware of the fact that Karen, just like Arnia, hasn’t been attending school.
She had mentioned that she was temporarily returning to her family’s home on that day.
Naturally, the Academy Principal had put pressure on her damn father, and if they resorted to confinement, the next step would be to go after my own family, with whom I had entered into an engagement.
Furthermore, our engagement had been officially recognized by the King himself.
The more I think about it, the more I feel like I’m already trapped in a cage with no way out.
For the sake of my future harem life, I’ll have to overcome these obstacles…
“Maybe she’s around somewhere after all.”
While idly chatting that, I knock on the door.
“Sorry for being late. It’s Ouga Vellet.”
“Co, come in…!”
Speak of the devil. The voice that responded was that girl’s.
Mashiro and I exchange glances, inadvertently letting out smiles before opening the door.
“Long time no see, Kare–“
The first thing to jump into view when entering wasn’t the headmistress, but the beautiful red-haired girl sitting on the sofa.
The face looking this way certainly belonged to Karen Levezenka.
The eye bags seemingly caused by her daily unease were gone, and instead more redness as if embarrassed.
That’s fine until there.
The problem is below the neck.
Something clearly not there until now was jutting out.
It had swollen as if melons were stuffed in despite being so flat before.
Her outfit was also the girls’ uniform instead of the boys’.
“I, it’s been a while.”
Karen I’m seeing after a week is holding down her skirt with her hands, fidgeting.
While accentuating the jiggling fruit with both arms.
She’s probably shy since she’s not used to skirts.
Her healthy, taut thighs usually hidden by pants are exposed.
“Ouga! Hey, Ouga! Come back to us!!”
“What are you panicking for, Karen? I’m the same as always.”
So don’t bring that face with make up close.
The more you press against me, the more my consciousness is mowed down by those jiggly breasts…!
“Is that so? Looked like you froze up for a second there…”
“It’s your imagination. Kukuku, Karen is such a worrywart.”
Lies. I was enraptured for an instant by the shocking transformation and cuteness.
The only one who notices is Mashiro behind me who keep poking my back .
Ow, that hurts. Mashiro, it hurts so stop.
“Hmm~? What’s up, Ou~ga kun?”
Strange, her smile seems scary.
Hmph, as expected of a girl I took a liking to.
She’s keeping her cool despite the shocking situation. And she’s covering for me when I’m about to lose it.
I’ve fallen for her even deeper now.
“Welcome back, Karen. That’s quite an enthusiastic transformation.”
Hiding that I’m being poked and pinched, I flash a hollow smile and touch Karen’s bangs.
Feels nostalgic. She used to hide her eyes with her bangs. I gave her a hair ornament as a present to pin them back then, I think.
Looks like she’s still treasuring it.
Thanks to that, I immediately recognized her as Karen when we reunited, and now too.
“I don’t have to crossdress anymore. I’ve become free. And it’s all thanks to you, Ouga.”
Then she continues.
“And Ouga li…likes girls with big breasts, so I thought this side might make you happier… Since I’m your fiancée.”
“…I see.”
My childhood friend discovered my preferences.
But Karen accepted that, and is exposing the parts she had hidden, suppressing her embarrassment for my sake.
Right now, I was reconsidering my thoughts.
That trampling on the feelings of this girl who is so dedicated might be the worst conduct, I thought.
Of course Arnia being terrible as a human is the main cause.
However, Karen harboring affection for me is also due to my own words and actions.
My absolute justice abiding woman behind me surely wouldn’t permit me to shirk responsibility and abandon Karen.
So I think it’s inevitable to change the opinion I had until coming here. Yes, inevitable.
I’ll accept it – the engagement with Karen.
I gently take her hand.
“Let’s get married.”
“Hyah, hyaiiii!”
And so, Karen and I were married, and we lived happily ever after. The end.
Happy ending!!
“All right, Ouga-kun. Come back to reality now.”
My flesh, which had been pinched hard, was twisted a little more.
My consciousness, which had been soaring into the future, returned to reality at the same time as I felt a sharp pinch.



I suppressed the urge to wince and petted Mashiro’s head.
“Thank you, Mashiro. Thanks to you, I can make sound judgments.”
“That’s good~. After all, Ouga-kun’s most important wife is me, right?”
Before I could interject, Karen’s voice, which I had never heard such a forceful tone from before, came out.
“Leiche, that was quite the funny joke. I almost burst out laughing.”
“I just stated the facts. He gave me this, together with passionate words.”
Saying that, Mashiro flaunts the ring hanging from her neck.
Karen grinds her teeth, then breathes out once to calm herself down.
“Come to think of it, I have a memory of Ouga saying something to me when we were small too. I think it was, [Karen is mine]…right?”
“Isn’t that just misremembering? Things from long ago can become convinced memories.”
Ah, um…? Why do both of them have such a hostile atmosphere?
“…It seems your reunion went fine.”
“Wha-!? Headmistress…”
I’m startled by the old woman suddenly appearing beside me.
She was probably here from the start, but the shock from Karen was so great I didn’t notice.
Since Alice also came up behind me along with the headmistress, she must have noticed the headmistress upon entering unlike me.
“You all seem to get along very well. How lovely.”
The benignly smiling Headmistress Milfonti clapped her hands.
Even the renowned [Flone the Lightning Strike ] seems to have lost to old age.
That clearly wasn’t a friendly atmosphere.
“That didn’t look friendly at all to me.”
“Oh my, is that so? I was much more rambunctious when I was young.”
“For example?”
“Let’s see… Grabbing their collar and punching them unconscious, the one who passed out first lost. Ah, nostalgic. My opponent always blacked out at the first punch.”
As spirited as Alice huh. How does someone like that mellow into the gentle old lady she is now after aging?
Doesn’t sound like fun memories at all.
“Reminiscing makes me feel nostalgic. Should I teach you two as well?”
“I’ll mediate here so please stay still, Headmistress. Don’t take a single step from there.”
If you get involved, it’ll probably escalate into full-scale war.
I like watching cute girls be lovey-dovey, but I don’t want to see them smack each other around.
“Both of you, that’s enough. Don’t get so heated up.”
“Which is more important to Ouga!?”
“You should know that without me saying it. Both Mashiro and Karen are equally precious to me.”
Saying that, I pat both their heads.
And then, their vigor rapidly deflated.
Kuh kuh…no matter how adult they seem, these two are still teens.
Unlike their abundantly swollen breasts, their mental maturity doesn’t catch up so quickly.
Calming them like a parent should quickly soothe their anger—
“I’m really happy. —But that’s not the words I want to hear right now.”
“I like Ouga’s kindness too. —But sometimes I want a clear answer.”
“—So Headmistress. What business did you call us here for?”
I smoothly make a spectacular U-turn.
Completely composed. As if nothing happened.
“Oh? It doesn’t seem resolved yet, but is it alright?”
“Yes, absolutely no problem.”
Hands are digging into both my shoulders, but please ignore that.
Just for now, I don’t want to look at the faces I’m always watching.
“Then I’ll get right to it. Though I suspect Reina has asked you two many times already.”
“Which means…”
“Yes. Will you still not join student council?”
…So the disciple, the student council president’s master – the headmistress herself has come out huh.
I feel more determination than before in the proposal that has my head aching in pain.
And a bone-creaking sound started coming from my shoulders.
…Though the source of the pain might be right here.
However, the student council…
The Royal Rishburg Magic Academy Student Council.
Our academy has only the president elected by vote, and the elected president scouts executives.
The Rishburg Magic Academy is called the best in the kingdom in name and reality. Just being admitted is an honor, and only students recognized as excellent by the headmistress can join the student council. In other words, the fact of having been on the student council alone adds considerable prestige.
Therefore, candidate applications apparently never cease every year, settling into this form.
Last year, first-year student Reina Milfonti, disciple of the renowned [Flone the Lightning Strike ], brilliantly prevailed and formed an organization centered on third-years.
With the students supporting her graduating, vacancies in the current student council are quite noticeable.
The shocking makeup is just the two of Reina and Karen!
“Reina already has experience in her duties as student council president, and can teach you plenty. And Karen was there since first year too. So I think it’ll be a reassuring environment even for you first years…”
I have no objection to the work itself.
If explained, I’m confident I can handle most tasks.
“There are openings in every position. For Vellet…how about vice president?”
“Vice president, you say.”
My reason for not wanting to join student council is I don’t like being watched by Milfonti.
Until provided benefits exceeding the demerits of being monitored, negotiations will likely run parallel forever.
So I decided to play my trump card early.
“In the first place, what’s the reason for nominating me? There’s no benefit in having me, someone who can’t use magic, join the student council.”
Of course, student council executives are expected to have [status].
Moreover, the current president is Reina Milfonti, that [Child Loved by God].
Would general students accept me sitting in the vice president position, the president’s right hand?
There would undoubtedly be strong pushback.
You don’t need to be a fortuneteller to prophesize that.

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