Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 2

The magical tool was extremely effective after all. But thinking about it, that was the natural result.
No aspiring magician would be unhappy with a proper magical tool.
Glancing at Alice, she made a small okay sign with her fingers.
Looks like our conversation just now exceeded passing points.
Kukuku, my own growth is frightening…
While immersed in that good feeling, waiting for the first bell to chime, words I didn’t want to hear were forced into my ears via the broadcast system.
[Ouga Vellet, Mashiro Leiche. Headmistress Flone Milfonti wishes to speak with you. Come to the headmistress’s office immediately.]
“How dreary…”
Being called before homeroom even started.
It will undoubtedly cut into class time. Forcing students to abandon their roles means it must be an urgent matter of some kind.
In that case, there’s only one thing I can think of.
“I wonder if it’s about the duel?”
“Since Mashiro’s being called too, that’s the likely reason.”
Mashiro was designated as the prize in the duel, so she’s a distinguished related person.
But the aim is surely creating a situation where I’ll definitely go.
If it was just calling me out, I could ignore it, but it’s different if Mashiro’s going too.
I didn’t like leaving the formerly bullied commoner girl alone in the classroom.
In other words, they sealed off the justification that I disliked having the girl bullied again if I wasn’t with her.
It’s the same as me trying to cut off Mashiro’s parents’ escape route.
Calling us out directly over the broadcast rather than a letter like before gives the feeling of [You absolutely must come].
“A direct summons. Shall we go?”
“Yeah. I hope it’s nothing serious though…”
“Mashiro has no need to worry. …It’s probably about my engagement.”
“Oh…that huh.”
To tell the truth, I still hadn’t accepted the engagement with Karen.
Of course. Would I readily acknowledge the crisis to my harem formation?
Why do you think I enrolled in the academy?
“Hm? Is there something on my face?”
In order to obtain cute girls with big breasts in my hands…!
If this were a picture story, Karen and I would be happily kissing and it’d be the end.
However, my life, and Karen’s life, are still continuing.
Above all, I’m a man who can say NO.
While rejecting Karen’s engagement now would likely bring more ill rumors flying, it’s irrelevant if 1 becomes 10 or even 100 now.
I who is already evil itself piling on more evil deeds doesn’t impact my daily life.
“Mashiro. I won’t let you go no matter what happens.”
“Wha-!? Why, so suddenly…!?”
“Nothing, just confirming my resolve. I believe Mashiro thinks the same.”
…I doubt she does, but just in case.
If Mashiro tried to leave me, I’d die from shock.
A capable man advances matters prudently, yet sometimes boldly.
I threw out words to discern her intentions.
“Yeah…I won’t leave Ouga no matter what happens. That day, I said I’d stick with you forever, so you better properly take responsibility…!”
Saying that, Mashiro snuggles up close, clinging to my arm.
Her reply makes me ashamed of my attitude.
That’s right. What if my core wavers?
My previous life’s worrywart nature peeked out on its own.
“Yeah…you’re right.”
“Ehehe, good thing. I thought you forgot.”
“No way. Listen Mashiro. I absolutely never forget words I’ve uttered.”
Mashiro, what a great guy she is.
She’s properly engraved her debt to me in her heart, and strives like this every day.
Yeah yeah, looks like there’s no worry she’ll leave with this.
“Whatever decision you make, I’ll accept it. I might get jealous though…”
“Please spare me that.”
“That’s one thing I can’t promise~!”
Mashiro grins and pokes me in the side.
“Oh, rock hard! So you really are training huh, Ouga.”
“Of course. I have Alice check every day.”
“Ehhh!? Then Alice sees you naked every day!?”
“Yes. It’s necessary to build an appropriate physique. …It’s nothing like what Miss Leiche is imagining.”
“I, I’m not imagining anything!” …But I see. Maybe I should start training too.”
“Then let’s do it together starting tomorrow. I’ll prepare a light menu.”
“Then, early morning. I will come get Miss Leiche.”
“Hooray! I’ll do my best!”
Just as Mashiro and I were about to leave the classroom after making plans to train together, two figures cut in front of us.
A skinny guy with an asymmetrical hairdo, and a short-haired musclehead who looks like he loves showing off his body.
It’s quite an odd combination, but they have in common the negative emotions they’re directing at me in their gazes.
“…Do you need something from me?”
“You’re speaking awfully cockily for a new student. Did going and defeating Arnia make you get a big head?”
“Arnia, huh…”
The guy I beat has been forbidden from attending school by the king, so he hasn’t been coming to school.
Even the king who had left him alone finally lost patience this time, as my father taught me about the circumstances.
He’s getting morality thoroughly drilled into him at the royal castle until the king is convinced, apparently.
After that incident, Arnia’s stock crashed completely.
I’ve overheard the girls used to be around Arnia complaining how there’s no point trying to get in with him anymore.
“I’ll return those exact words back. The ones who got big heads are you guys. With the prince gone, you’re trying to seize power over the grade. Right?”
“Heh…how perceptive. And that’s exactly why you’re in the way, Ouga Vellet.”
Among us new students, besides Arnia, the highest peerage is Duke house – in other words, me and Karen.
But Karen was Arnia’s fiancée, and I’m the [drop-out] with no magical aptitude.
So they didn’t pay us any particular attention until now.
However, here I went and defeated Arnia, making my ability known to the public.
With this, the talk changes. For those ambitious types aiming to rise up, I’m the first one they’ll target as someone who changed quickly.



“Arnia had plenty of ability as a magician too. Since you defeated someone like him, then if we defeat you…?”
“It’ll be recognized I have skill, and I could make representative in my first year, not just a dream huh.”
“Thinking they could defeat me, they swagger up to challenge me two-on-one.”
I don’t really get what the representative talk means, but the gist is they’re picking a fight with me.
Then I’ll take it as the villain.
We have some gallery, though not as much as with Arnia. I’ll use them as a stepping stone on my road to domination!
“Of course I’ll accept your challenge. Can’t have you guys looking uncool in front of girls right?”
“I don’t care. I take it you’ve already submitted the application for a duel?”
“Yes, naturally. We also have permission from the student council president.”
Saying that, the skinny guy takes out two documents.
Properly stamped by the student council.
The wager is money.
I wonder if they lost betting on Arnia?
They’re in the mood to win that amount back from me.
Kuh kuh…how utterly second-rate.
“Let’s handicap it. Come at me together, both of you.”
“What did you say…?”
“Hope you heard the announcement earlier. I have a prior appointment. I’ve no time to waste on small fries like you.”
“You bas…! Don’t screw with me…!!”
“I’ll make sure you regret those words…”
“Spare me the threats. Let’s hurry to the designated duel location.”
Saying that, I start walking toward the Practical Skills Building specified as the duel location.
Mashiro promptly scurries up beside me too.
“Is this okay, Ouga kun?”
“What, does Mashiro think I’ll lose?”
“No, not that. I meant, is it okay not to tell the headmistress we’ll be late?”
“Then there’s no problem.”
I show her a smile blowing away her worries.
“It’ll be settled in one minute.”

“Do, don’t come…don’t come closer!”
“Lose your composure and a magician is finished.”
The eyes speak louder than the mouth. As long as I keep track of where their gaze is aimed, avoiding the first strike is simple.
In an instant I slip into their bosom, sealing their noisy mouth with my palm then pounding them straight into the ground just like that.
“Weak. Your lower body is too frail, chicken legs.”
“Y, you bas…gah!!”
The muscle guy swings his fists in confusion at his partner’s instant defeat, but his well-trained upper body is unsupported by his lower body.
Choosing to go hand-to-hand instead of using magic, which wouldn’t make it in time at this range, was admirable judgment, but still far from enough.
Receiving his fist, I sweep my leg from the heel, lightly pushing his head with my hand.
Then revolving focused around his center of gravity – the abdomen – the man tumbled down helplessly.
“Winner! Ouga Vellet!”
The referee’s voice rings out. But it probably isn’t reaching these guys writhing on the ground.
Just as I declared, it was settled in one minute.
Their lack of domineering aura was obvious at a glance compared to Arnia.
Despite the two-on-one advantage, they used such sloppy tactics of just firing their magic. Of course they couldn’t win like that.
They’ve gained the dishonor of losing to the [drop-out].
“I’ll have my attendant come collect the promised money later. Make sure it’s prepared.”
“Y, yes…”
“Then please handle the aftermath.”
Leaving the rest to the student who refereed, I left the scene.
“Lord Ouga, well done. Here’s a towel.”
“…I wonder what they were trying to accomplish.”
Looking at the two collapsed figures, Mashiro tilts her head.
If those guys still had consciousness, this line would surely pierce their hearts the most.
“Those who lose sight of their footing, their hearts stolen by ambition, often end up with results like that.”
“As Lord Ouga says. But how kind. Using your own time to make them realize their mistakes and reform… Alice is impressed!”
“Yeah…As expected of my sword, able to discern my actions and even my intent.”
“Oh, your words flatter me…I will continue striving!”
Just what has my character become in Alice’s mind?
She may have already crossed the line of no return.
With that skit inserted, our group, who took a detour, arrived at the magnificent door of the headmistress’s office.

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