Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 1

[Stage 2-1] Farewell, Free Academy Life

It’s a time before the sun has fully risen.
My room’s curtains are completely closed, the door locked.
Now no one can interfere with our secret affair. Mine and Alice’s.
“Lord Ouga, this is…”
“Heh heh, you lack your usual vigor, don’t you?”
“But, something like this…for me is…!”
“My orders are absolute. Isn’t that right, Alice?”
“If you understand, hurry up and humor me. This, I—“

“—Cut me with your sword!!”

Saying that, I take off the top half of my clothes.
With a vexed expression, Alice raises her sword overhead.
“To think I’d be pointing this sword meant to protect Lord Ouga at Lord Ouga himself…!”
“Don’t worry. The theory is complete. Can’t you trust me?”
“I understand. Then, Alice will…come at you with everything she has!”
The fighting spirit swelling up in her in an instant. An intensity that threatens to swallow me if I relax even a little. Faced with that, I faintly smiled.
In turn, I imagined circulating magical power through my whole body. Mixing with the blood flowing through me, accelerating circulation more and more.
My whole body gained heat, and I felt like my flesh would expand to the limit.
Alice swung her sword down.
The well-weighted blade touched my soft skin, trying to carve it up—and stopped like it struck solid steel.
Almost simultaneously, Alice and I look up and lock eyes.
“Lord Ouga, this is…!”
“Yeah, experiment success.”
“Congratulations, Lord Ouga!”
Sheathing her sword, Alice ran up to me and energetically shook my hand.
What Alice and I were trying was how much we could strengthen my body.
From examining the [Body Enhancement Extract] previously obtained from Aliban, I realized it contained ingredients that drastically stimulated heart movement. So I noticed that if I could manipulate the power in my body, I may achieve a similar effect.
Mastering this would increase my options when fighting even without magic.
That was the purpose of the research I had been doing in secret with Alice’s cooperation.
“It’s still in the first stage, but the effectiveness against slashing attacks has been proven. Moreover, it’s a cost-effective alternative to 【Magic Burial】.”
【Magic Burial】 requires a quantity of power that surpasses the opponent’s magic when used. In other words, it has a dependency on the opponent.
I don’t have any magical aptitude, but my potential magic power quantity is exceptionally high. So far, I’ve been able to brute force my way through with my vast power, but there will come a time when that becomes difficult.
The research objective this time is to develop countermeasures for that eventual scenario.
Enhancing physical resilience by repeatedly expanding and contracting muscles at an abnormal rate.”
The robust effects obtained may also be thanks to my sturdy body born in exchange for magical aptitude, but being able to receive Alice’s attack means it’s ready for practical use.
In that case, what we should try next is…
“Applying it against magic as well…I believe?”
“Yeah. This could become a new weapon following [Magic Burial].”
Now then, I think I’ll stop celebrating.
I still had a mission left to accomplish.
“Alice. We’ll stop for today…Did that stuff arrive?”
“Yes. Everything went smoothly.”
Good. This time I’ll definitely pull it off.
These past few days, a certain fact had been bothering me.
While the engagement to Karen was one thing, an even bigger problem was looming over me.
The joy from my new discovery faded away at this gloomy event…

“Good morning, Mashiro. I’m happy to be with the bright Mashiro like the sun again today.”
Mashiro, who had been my comfort, since the day our engagement with Karen was decided, had changed.
That girl who smiled so cheerfully every day had gotten so cold lately.
Trying to improve her mood, I gave her accessories and spent entire days off together, but the effects were weak.
I was even talking to her in the prince mode she previously said she wanted, as part of it.
“Actually, I got something for Mashiro. Won’t you accept it?”
“Does…Ouga think I’m the type of girl who’s happy when given expensive things?”
“No way, right? It’s something with proper feeling put into it.”
“Hmm…Ouga who doesn’t understand a girl’s heart…”
Thorny words that make me instinctively clutch my chest stabbed into me.
Tch…! My lack of romantic experience from my past life is becoming an obstacle to my harem ambitions…!
Of course I know Mashiro isn’t the type who bites on money, and I vaguely realized this wasn’t the right answer.
But I’ve already said it!
It’s not like I can say it was a lie now!
The point is it’s fine if it’s a high-class item with feeling put into it.
I’ll decorate it with all the words I can and push through!
With my mind made up, I open the box received from Alice and show Mashiro the contents.



scene transition


“Ouga kun…!? This is…!”
“This represents my feelings for Mashiro day-to-day. Please accept it.”
Saying that, Mashiro timidly took the —ring sitting in the box into her hand.
This ring is a magical tool fitted with a magic stone – a special stone imbued with magical power as the name suggests.
Magic stones themselves are rare existences, and magical tools made by processing them almost never circulate, but I was able to obtain one at the right time.
Naturally it was expensive, but Mashiro is more precious than money to me.
A wonderful girl like her would surely not be found again no matter how I searched. Friends can’t be bought with money after all.
“Is it really okay? I’m…a commoner you know?”
“Commoner? That doesn’t matter right? It’s because you’re Mashiro that I’m going this far.”
Things like our circumstances don’t need to be worried about.
With this magical tool, Mashiro’s ability will grow even more.
I’m happy too. Mashiro’s happy too. Isn’t this an excellent choice that makes us both happy?
“It’s so pretty…”
“It’s the same azure color as Mashiro’s right eye, so when giving it to you, this was the only choice I thought.”
I’m very grateful to Mashiro.
How my everyday life has become so enjoyable after spending time together with her.
Certainly, my shut-in days devoted to research were fun too.
But if you trace it back, my efforts were to be able to do as I pleased.
Forming a harem is one of my dreams. Since that dream is coming true, nothing could be more enjoyable.
I put those feelings of gratitude into it, but I hope they properly reached her…!?
“Ma, Mashiro! Why are you crying!?”
“Sniff…it’s just…Ouga kun thinking seriously about our future together…makes me…so happy…”
“Of course. I’m a man who takes responsibility for his actions.”
“That’s so true… Ouga kun has always been like that. Even with the Lady Levezenka thing, my head understood but…when it actually happened, I got jealous…”
Hm? Why is Karen coming up here?
I can’t read where this conversation is going, but I can read the mood so I won’t cut in.
“I’ll treasure this forever. So…put it on me at our wedding okay? When it comes.”
“No, I want you to wear it now but…”
“Ehh, ehhhhh!?”
“You reacted a lot huh…”
Mashiro jumps back in surprise.
I mean, it won’t take effect unless she wears it…
“No way! That’s, I’m a student…becoming a housewife…!?”
Unable to hear well what she’s saying from the distance, but I see she’s in disarray, blushing and covering her face with her hands.
“…Alice. What’s the right way for me to speak here?”
“I believe leaving her be for a time would be best.”
“Then, I’ll do as Alice says. We still have time after all.”
“…I’ve become worried for Lord Ouga’s future regarding this one point.”
What are you saying, Alice?
I properly resolved the issue here didn’t I?
Though I still don’t really understand why Mashiro was in a bad mood.
“Ouga kun! What are you smiling about!”
Haha, of course I’m smiling. Mashiro’s returned to how I know her.
Yeah~, with this, things with Mashiro are settled.
Today will surely be a wonderful day.

Mashiro melts her cheeks gazing at the ring I gave her the other day.
In the end, unable to put it on her finger, she settled on wearing it as a necklace on a chain for daily use.
“Oh yeah Ouga kun, my mom and dad said they want to meet you, is that alright?”
“I don’t mind, but then let’s invite them to Vellet territory during the long summer vacation.”
I can understand parents worrying about the environment their child will work in the future very well.
Since I intend for Mashiro to come to Vellet territory right after graduating from the magic academy, they probably became concerned.
This is an extremely convenient talk.
“Kukuku…we’ll welcome them grandly.”
“Really!? They’ll both be happy~!”
Trick them on the first day and the parents are mine.
I have no intention of letting Mashiro go.
She’s a precious person who adds smiles to my everyday life.
A loveable existence I want to spend my whole life with.
“No need to wear anything formal. If you’re nervous I can lend you some. Tell them that if there’s any other worries, don’t hesitate to say so.”
The most unpleasant result is if they make excuses to escape for various reasons.
Sealing them off like this in advance, Mashiro’s parents won’t be able to refuse either.
Just like how I’m trying to cut off Mashiro’s parents’ escape route.
“Yeah, yeah! I think they’ll happily agree!”
“Hmph, of course. Since I’m the one inviting them, I absolutely won’t do anything to discomfort my guests.”
“Hehe, they’ll be surprised. I didn’t imagine this kind of future before entering the academy either.”
With a fluffy atmosphere, Mashiro smiles happily.
…It seems her mood is completely recovered.

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