I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 2 Chapter 3 part 9 

I voiced my confusion, unable to understand the meaning of his words. What’s he suddenly talking about?
“Hehe, it’s okay. I understand now, so it’s okay… No, should I call you ‘Sloth’? The lack of response was probably because you’re still… unawakened. We never imagined that humans would show ‘Demon Mark’… Truly, this era has many irregularities…”
Enri murmured in a gentle voice, as if soothing a baby. But seriously… Isn’t it way too rude to keep calling me ‘Sloth’?
I am aware that I am a lazy, self-centered, and useless human being, but if someone else says it to me, it’s irritating. Just leave me alone.
Enri nodded, seeming to agree as he said, “If you’re ‘Sloth,’ then all these abnormalities make sense.” …Well, this is all the result of fighting monsters and training like crazy while on the verge of death. It’s the complete opposite of sloth.
“‘Sloth’… Now, I’ll let go of your attack earlier. So, I want you to become part of my ‘Gluttony.’ You still seem to struggle with the ‘Authority,’ so I’ll teach you many things. With your power, I can become the real—”
“Why are you talking down to me? You’re the one losing, aren’t you?”
I pointed out to Enri, who held out his hand as if for a handshake and tried to order me with a smug expression.
“You’re… trying to make me your ally because you’re about to lose, right? You want to sweep it under the rug and pretend it never happened.”
As I said that, Enri’s expression changed to one of being caught off guard, as if I hit the nail on the head. It’s so obvious.
“Well, in that case… I don’t need it.”
I decisively refused.
“I-If that’s the case! If you become my ally, you can live in sloth without doing anything forever! Moreover, if you tell me what you want, I’ll prepare anything for you. Position, money, women… It’s an attractive proposal for you as a ‘Sloth,’ isn’t it?”
she desperately proposed the benefits of becoming ally. I don’t know how much of it is true… but if it is, following Enri would lead to an incredibly wonderful life.
“That certainly is an attractive proposal.”
“Yeah, right! So, become my ally—”
Before Enri could finish her sentence, I interrupted, my face brightening.
“I’ll pass because your world seems boring.”
In one swift motion, I moved closer to Enri and swung my sword, completely obliterating him into unrepairable pieces.
“Did it…?”
After confirming that she had turned into powder and completely disappeared, I murmured cautiously while staying on guard.
Since the moment Enri vanished, my internal magical power and the ambient magical power gradually returned… so she should have been erased.
Just to be sure, I used the returned magical power and confirmed with “Magic Detection” if there was no response. …But there was no response at all. It seems like it’s truly over.
“Alright, all that’s left is to revive them and undo ‘that’ after taking care of the aftermath… then it will be settled.”
Sheathing my sword and turning my body around, I glanced briefly at Eve, the students, and the guards who were at a distance.
It seems like Eve has been following my instructions, as she continued to communicate with the students and guards, and she didn’t appear to have been injured by any stray bullets.
…When I realized that my internal magical power had been drained midway, I was worried about what would happen to the “Imperial Barrier” I had set up… but thankfully, nothing happened. Everything seems to be fine.
“I’m so tired… It throbs and hurts. Let’s quickly clean up and go back to sleep.”
I’m already exhausted. Using this sword makes my body feel heavier and more sluggish than usual, and my left arm is excruciatingly painful. I’ve been enduring it for a while, but I can’t take it anymore. It’s too much.
I want to use “Healing Magic” to quickly heal myself, but it will take at least an hour to “dispel” that thing. Before that, it would be better to revive the students.
…Ah. If I’m going to dispel it, does that mean… I’ll have to deal with that again in a few days? It’s such a hassle… but I have no choice… Ugh.
I move my heavy body and head towards Eve and the students–


I sense something approaching rapidly from behind, and I swing my sword into empty space.
Thud. Something lands on the ground.
The fallen object quickly becomes visible… a sinister, black entity with teeth and fangs, resembling a mouth–it has become a “Devour.” What’s going on? Enri should have been completely eradicated. So why–
“Damn it…!”
Furthermore, an invisible “Devour” flies towards me. I immediately swing my sword and cut it down… but.
“–!? No way–!”
Despite cutting it down, I sense the presence of a “Devour” far behind me.
I immediately infuse magic into my legs and start running.
However, my “Internal Magic” and “External Magic” haven’t fully returned yet, and even with all the magical power I can muster in my legs, the “Devour” is slightly faster. I can’t use “Spatial Transposition” either, as it can’t be used in the confined space of the “Different World” I’m trapped in. If things continue like this–
“Stop… right there!”
Judging that I won’t make it in time, I decisively throw the longsword I had in my hand towards the location where I sense the “Devour.” Utilizing “High-Speed Thought” and “Parallel Processing,” I calculate my throwing speed and the “Devour’s” speed in an instant to ensure a direct hit.
A few moments later, the thrown longsword makes a clanking sound as it hits the wall.
–The visible “Devour” has been skillfully impaled on the sword, sewn onto the wall.
“Phew… that was close–“
In the instant I feel relieved.
I’m struck by a strong impact, as if someone punched me in the back.
Immediately, I try to see what happened to myself. But–
Before I can do anything, a large amount of blood gushes out of my mouth.
What is this? What’s happening–
As I see it, I’m shocked. In my chest–where my heart should be, there’s a gaping hole.
Feeling a sudden loss of support, my body starts to fall forward.
My vision gradually darkens, as my consciousness fades away.
“–Ugh! –Ughh!!”
I hear a sound, as if someone is hurrying towards me.

“Superior Heal! Superior Heal!… Why, why–!”
A girl’s voice echoes through the wide, dimly lit cave.
That girl–with translucent aqua-colored hair and eyes, she desperately keeps using “Healing Magic” on the collapsed young man, repeatedly and persistently.
“Why, why… it’s not working…”
However, no matter how many times she uses “Healing Magic” on the hole in the young man’s chest, there’s no sign of healing. It’s as if it’s being repelled by something.
“Please, don’t die…!”
The girl with aqua-colored hair continues to use “Healing Magic” on the young man, not giving up.
When she sees that the young man’s faint breath has completely stopped, she lets out a hoarse voice.
“Aa… aah…”
The girl clings to the motionless body of the young man, unable to form words, as her voice escapes from her mouth.
–Once again, I caused someone’s death.
In the girl’s mind, memories of the past resurface. The faces of people she accidentally killed, because of her own actions.

“Ah… ah… ah…”

The girl, with her aqua-colored hair, becomes motionless, clinging to the lifeless body of the young man.

Her despair-filled, mechanically vacant expression seems to transport her back to the time when she was called not as an individual but as a “demon,” back to that time four years ago…

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