Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 1 Chapter 4

Mob #4 “That lazy coward!”

As Old Man Roans resumed the procedure, I felt someone standing behind me, and once again, I was approached from behind, just like earlier.
“You don’t even fight back despite getting punched by a newcomer. Are you really a mercenary in the Knight rank?”
The person who spoke in an irritated tone was about 170 cm tall. She had long, straight, beautiful silver hair and amethyst-like purple eyes. With flawless skin and a perfect figure, this person was a beauty that someone like me, who should stay away from, should never get involved with.
This beautiful person was none other than Fialka Tiursad, a mercenary in the Bishop rank. She’s also known as the [Leopardess].
She doesn’t actually have leopard ears and tail; it’s because her combat ship has a leopard emblem painted on it.
So, why was someone from the group that usually belongs to protagonist-like characters approaching me, of all people?
The reason is simple. She doesn’t like me.
When we first met at the supply base for the pirate extermination organized by the military, we just had a casual conversation.
But the second time we met, at the Mercenary Guild’s docking bay, she shouted at me,
“Don’t you have any ambition?! I hate lazy people like you the most!”
Since then, every time we meet at the guild’s reception or elsewhere, she hurls various insults at me, like “Don’t you have any motivation?” or “You’re not taking on big jobs, huh?”
Because of that, people around us, especially those from the protagonist-like group, didn’t like that she was talking to me, and I had been told that before.
You might think, [Isn’t she acting tsundere?], but that only happens in harem-type protagonists, and it’s impossible for someone like me.
Because of all that, I don’t like her.
“That type of person definitely won’t listen to anything I say. Even if I complained about violence within the guild, the fangirls would come rushing to her defense, and the judge might even be replaced by one of his fangirls. It’s best to let him do what she wants to satisfy herself.”
I explained the reason why I didn’t fight back, but I didn’t say, “Aren’t you on his side?”
“Is it okay to let his disrespect you like that?”
“Troublesome matters are bothersome.”
I replied, and she glared at me with a fierce expression.
“Hmph! Just take on some lame requests and earn some spare change, so you don’t die!”
She spat out those words and then left.

“You’re still as disliked by Fialka as ever.”
“She probably has a physical aversion to me. But she should just avoid talking to me.”
Old Man Roans also watched her leave with a tired expression.
She was approached by several men and women, and even the receptionist stared at her with admiration.
She gives more of a dignified older sister vibe than a well-endowed lady.
There’s no doubt that she and I live in different worlds.

☆ ☆ ☆


【Side: Fialka Tirussad】

I really can’t stand that man!
I was recalling earlier while showering.
Why is he satisfied staying at Knight-rank when he’s far above me at piloting combat craft, and by ability should even be Queen-rank!
I don’t mean to make light of Knight-rank.
It’s that no matter what, why doesn’t he try to take a position matching his ability!

Certainly there are a lot of annoying nobles who just run their mouths at Bishop-rank even though their combat piloting is weaker than mine.
Of course a mercenary’s evaluation isn’t just piloting skill. But it certainly leaves me unsatisfied.
Naturally, if I could beat him at piloting a combat craft in a match, I wouldn’t have to think about stuff like this.
But of course if I applied for a mock battle he’d refuse saying “Ah, I’m not worthy of facing you. Please take the win.”!
“That lazy coward!”
I unconsciously punched the shower room wall quite violently.
“Did something happen Miss!?”
Hearing that, my android maid Sherry hurriedly came asking what was wrong.

scene transition

“Oh, sorry about that. It’s nothing.”
I turned off the shower, took a bath towel from Sherry, dried myself off, put on a bathrobe, and headed to the lounge to sit on the sofa.
Then Sherry swiftly brought me a glass of iced coffee, so I started sipping it through a straw.
The cold, bitter coffee calmed me down.
By the way, this isn’t my home but rather the spaceship [Ukrimo], which has docking facilities for my combat craft [Egarim], making it its mothership. It’s equipped with a hangar for combat craft and lodging facilities, making long distance travel easy without consuming my combat craft’s fuel to get to the battlefield.
“That wall pound earlier was about John Uzoss again, wasn’t it….”
Sherry asked me with a fed up tone, sighing.
She’s a female-type full body android. Her exterior is covered with extremely smooth, supple metal. The heat from her energy core feels like body warmth, giving the appearance of a living human’s skin turned to metal.
Her head has smooth metal plates imitating hair, and her face looks perfectly human aside from her eyes being lens plates, with a moving mouth and changeable expressions.
But since she doesn’t actually breath, she just makes those motions, yet it looks exactly like she’s really sighing.
By the way, I have her wear maid clothes since I went through the trouble.
“That man was punched and showered with abuse by a newbie mercenary, yet he didn’t retaliate or even argue back!?”
Remembering the scene from earlier brought my anger welling up again.
“He even made excuses that people like that absolutely won’t listen if he speak up, and retaliation will just turn those around him into enemies, so it’s best to let the offender vent!”
I downed the rest of the iced coffee in one go.
“Why does someone like that have far greater combat piloting skill than me!? It’s so frustrating!”
I unconsciously flicked the empty glass with my finger.
“In a sense, perhaps he has character? [Able hawks hide their talons.] [The wise feign foolishness.] People who truly have skill don’t flaunt it.”
“I understand that but–“
I get what Sherry’s saying.
There’s plenty of guys at Bishop-rank like me who talk big despite having weaker combat piloting than me.
A mercenary’s evaluation of course isn’t just piloting skill. But it certainly leaves me unsatisfied.
Obviously if I could beat him at combat craft piloting in a match I wouldn’t have to think about stuff like this.
But of course if I applied for a mock battle he’d refuse saying “Ah, I’m not worthy of facing you. Please take the win.”!
“Just thinking about it makes me mad, so let’s get to work. Did you pick some out?”
“Yes. This way. “
While thinking about how I should vent this stress, I started looking over the list of jobs Sherry passed me.

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