Before the tutorial begins chapter 14.75

Interlude – Raging Thunderstorm

(Excerpt from “Spirit Wars Dungeon Magia” by Grand Route CP)

Year 1193 of the Imperial Calendar, Spring: Capital of Flowers Sakuraka

Dungeon No. 88 “Matrix Mater” 

“Empress of Light” Fate Witch

It was raining. A black rain. 

Steropes Arges Bronte Lightning Thunderclap

Though composed of elements all meaning “thunder”, I somehow thought of it as “rain”.

Because it was just so “much…”

Hundreds? Thousands? No, tens of thousands? The innumerable “ley lines” and “eruption points” covering the skies.

From the giant misshapen steel pillar-sized magical circuits, the black electric power flowed out incessantly with no breaks, and from the circular mouths, one after another, continuously, the processed black thunder was

Kacha! Vomited out

Boom, boom, boom, boom, raging in the veil of darkness over the skies.

An infernal landscape that assaulted the five senses. 

Someone screamed for help. The stench of burnt organic matter wouldn’t leave my nose.

From high-rise buildings, smoke and flames billowed as trees stripped of protection burned violently, yet all I could do was overlook it.

“What nonsense…” I cursed deeply and strongly both the enemy and myself.

Of course the black thunders pointlessly wounding the townspeople were absolutely unforgivable. I will certainly make the bastards who hurt my beloved people who have committed no sin pay. This was set in stone. Even if I had to stab randomly, I would crush them.

But at the same time, I absolutely will not forgive the incompetents who are letting this terrible terrorist get away with it.

What nonsense. The name “Empress of Light” weeps.

That guy’s words echo in my mind. “Please protect our town, Fate.”

He said that because it’s me, it could be left to me. And I also said, “Leave this place to me and go on ahead.”

Though we were both bravado, we shook hands swearing to protect this town, didn’t we?

Kachaha! Cursing my powerlessness, I sprinted through the forest.

The muddy road. The landscape of the flower garden being dyed jet black by malicious intent. Burning. Explosions. Our forest that had been so full of colorful life was being covered by a single evil intent and


And when I finally arrived at the icy sword Cran House which was my old nest Rosso & Blu, it was already gone.

The dormitory where I once lived and ate with my friends, my favorite salon I frequented, the athletic grounds, the amusement facilities, everything everything—!

Was burning. Defiled. Scattered into ashes, dust, garbage.

I grit my teeth. Don’t cry. Don’t shout. Don’t wail. I don’t have time to play the heroine of tragedy here.

More thunder fell from the sky. Obviously aimed at me. The number – fifty, fifteen, twenty

“Don’t screw with me!”

Together with declaring my murderous intent, I unleashed Brunhild. 

The hue of the light stream piercing the black thunder falling from the heavens head-on, on the earth dyed black, was as usual


*Kachahahahaha! The jet black and golden flashes blooming in the sky.

The voice was close. As I stepped forward, the annoying screeching of the female terrorist grew louder.

“(What the hell is she shooting?)”

From this position, saying she’s sniping the entire city from the outskirts of the “Matrix Mater” is just too preposterous.

And on top of that, this shitty scum


“Holy fuck!”

The miasma thunders assailing me from every direction – front, back, left, right, up, down, all 360 degrees. As she destroys the city, this psycho is trying to take me on!

[Shut the fuck up!]

Evade. Intercept. Sometimes deploy Revelation to defend while preserving my strength as much as possible, shaking off the black rain.

And then I, and then I finally, finally found the bastard!

“Oh, rude old man. Annoying old man. I feel like we’ve met somewhere before! When I look at you, my head throbs and I get irritated and annoyed for some reason.”

The bastard was a woman. 

With silver hair and crimson eyes. Gothic dress that looked like funeral garb on the devil standing over the collapsed familiar faces.

Laughing devilishly in the center of the burning “garden”, she didn’t even see me as an insect, merely watching him and her collapsed before her.

“Siard-san, Eliza-san!” 

Only he reacted to my call.

Eliza-san didn’t move. Remaining sunk in the sea of burning flowers, without saying anything, not moving anywhere.

“How vexing.” 

Squelch. The psycho’s foot stomped on her face. I don’t even want to know what the spewed red something really was.

Before I could even react at lightning speed, Eliza-san’s head


When I realized it, my whole body was wrapped in Brunhild’s magical power.


And using my endless murderous intent as propulsion, I sprinted through the blazing garden. Kill. Definitely kill.

I will butcher this woman no matter what.

“Kachaha! What’s that, what’s that, it’s soo interesting! Sparkly and shiny like a little star!”

I hate her. 

My tackle, omnidirectional shooting, invisible flashes, shining blade – she deflects it all with absurd ease despite my strength.

And even now, the bombardment of the city continued.

The miasmas falling through the countless ley lines stretched to the skies. The toxins carrying the speed and heat of lightning continued to defile our city. Destroy it. Take it away.

A monster. There’s a monster here wearing the skin of a girl.  

“What’s your aim?! Does doing this not pain your heart?!”

“It’s simple. Easy-peasy. This is garbage cleanup. You all are trash, and I’m the cleaner. My kindred spirit said this city is an eyesore. So I asked Papa about it. And Papa said, go ahead. Do as you please. Make a big fuss, scare them plenty, and gather the screams of the trash to put on a music show!”

She babbled on cheerfully, incomprehensibly, as if enjoying herself.

It’s not metaphor or insult. She is madness itself wearing human skin. An existence that must not be allowed to remain. 

And amidst all this, she still easily

Deflected my tackle, omnidirectional shooting, invisible flashes, shining blade. 

“So cry and scream nicely, okay? Expose your disgrace and enjoy this Jupiter. That is the one joy permitted to you worthless, useless trash. Kachaha, kachahahaha, kachahahahahahaha!”

The terrorist cackled amidst the crumbling world. 

Raging thunderclaps. Jet black soaring. At this rate, no joke – Sakuraka would end.

“(Think, think. A way for me alone to stop her.)”

I sprint. Through the garden dyed in carnage, desperately motivating my heart which seems ready to break.

“Found you, scum—”

And then lightning pierced my chest.

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