Two Childhood Friends Chapter 10

Episode 10: Kirako When She’s Angry…

Walking inside the dungeon.

It could be described as an incredibly intricate and vast cave.

It felt chilly.

Caves generally aren’t known for their hygiene, and I definitely didn’t want to enter one.

Yet, due to the emergence of these strange abilities and unexplainable phenomena, I was being forced to enter. It just goes to show how messed up the world is.

“Well, even if it’s called ‘recreation,’ I wonder if it’ll have much meaning if we enter this dungeon all scattered like this.”

“That’s true. But I’ve heard that going through the same experiences can foster camaraderie.”

“Yeah. I suppose they’re aiming for that.”

Enmi’s words received nods of agreement from both me and Kirako.

If the goal is to build friendships, then it would probably be better for the entire class to enter together.

Well, I have no intention of making friends, so it doesn’t matter to me.

“Oh, by the way…”

Enmi, who was walking ahead, turned around.

“Both of you are really close, huh? You’re even holding hands.”

Enmi said it in a teasing manner.

Kirako and I were indeed holding hands.

I see, from this perspective, it probably looks like we’re just another silly couple, especially since we’ve been reported as a couple on the run and have apparently become quite famous throughout Japan.

It’s not surprising that people might think that way.

“(When push comes to shove, it’s just easier for us to use each other as shields…)”

If our hands were within reach, it would be easy to push each other away.

However, I shouldn’t let it seem like I’m the one who requested Kirako to hold my hand.

Kirako might have her own agenda, and I wouldn’t want to give her the impression that I’m being captured.

—It’s a preemptive strike.

“Haha, Kirako, you’re scared, aren’t you?”


In reality, Kirako was the one who had asked for this, and I had reluctantly agreed.

When I conveyed that, she glared at me in shock.

Heh, victory is mine.

“Yes, I’m scared. So, could you please step in front of me and protect me?”


She firmly grabbed onto my arm.

To an onlooker, it might seem like she’s clinging to my arm, but I know better.

She’s captured me.

—She has no intention of letting me go…!?

“What’s with this wrestling match…”

“By the way, I’d like you to protect me too!”

It’s difficult to see clearly, but I could tell that Enmi was approaching.

She’s quite comfortable with invading personal space.

I generally avoid trusting people like her.

They’re most likely hiding something.

Even her name suggests it.

[You’re astonishingly prejudiced… In fact, don’t you distrust people who keep their distance as well?]

Everyone is either my enemy or a stepping stone.

—[How on earth did a monster like this come into existence?]

“By the way, what’s your special ability, Enmi? I mean, I can tell if I see it, but…”

[You’re blatantly changing the subject…]


“Oh, right, as you can see, it’s invisibility.”

Enmi responded readily to my question.

Well, since it’s not something hidden, I’m not surprised.

Enmi is an invisible person.

You can vaguely make out her outline, but that’s about it.

If she were truly intent on hiding, I probably wouldn’t be able to find her.

“I wasn’t born an invisible person, you know?”

“Of course. I have a proper form too. But being invisible is quite convenient. I can eavesdrop on other people’s conversations and play pranks without getting caught.”

Enmi chuckled softly.

It seems like her special ability allows her to switch between being visible and invisible.

That aside, this is the worst…

[You’re even worse for thinking of your fellow classmates as nothing more than human shields.]

“Oh, I’d love to see your true form someday.”

[You sure can talk about things you don’t actually mean quite easily.]

Just social niceties.

“It’s not that easy to catch a glimpse of me, you know?”

She said teasingly.

Well, I’m not interested.

“Not really.”

“Kirako, do you want to step in front of me?”

“Sure. It’s not like you want a better view of the dungeon, right? Please, go ahead of me.”

Kirako and I smiled at each other and playfully pushed each other forward.

No, stop it!

Don’t push me!

“Oh, you don’t have to worry. It’s like a field trip for the new students, so nothing weird will happen.”

That’s a flag!

That’s what you call a flag!

As we quietly pushed and shoved each other to avoid being noticed by Enmi…



A roar echoed.

Yes, it was a roar.

It wasn’t an ordinary voice like shouting or screaming.

It was a roar that asserted the existence of something in this world that wasn’t human.

…Upon hearing that roar, Kirako and I reacted swiftly.

Kirako immediately grabbed my arm as I was about to move.

Damn it!

“Kirako, I’ll go check it out. Wait here.”

“But you’re about to run, even though I can see the exit from here?”

Kirako smiled mischievously.

…What is she saying?

I’m saying that I’ll go and check it out.

So, just release me and stay here to be a decoy, dammit!

“It’s dangerous, so please let go, Kirako…”

“I can’t just let you be in danger alone!”

She had no intention of letting me go.

Her determination came through clearly.

Let go, you lunatic!

“No, instead of struggling with each other, we need to――!”

“Excuse me, but I think you two should pay attention now.”

Enmi’s voice sounded strangely distant.

And what replaced it were heavy footsteps.

Thud, thud.

Powerful legs stomping the ground forcefully.

The footsteps of a robust being.

If you looked up from there, you’d see muscles so well-defined that no matter how much a human trained, they wouldn’t achieve that. And it was huge, too. At the very least, there wouldn’t be a human with such height.

Crimson skin and a face resembling a fierce deity made it clear that this creature was not human.

A monster that once emerged from the dungeon and brought ruin to many countries and civilizations.

And it was right in front of us.

Its appearance was reminiscent of an ogre…

“This is Kirako when she’s angry…”

“Do you want to get killed?”

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