The Deeds of Arrogant Noble Volume 1 chapter 1 part 2

“Master, I must speak with you briefly.”


Now then, how should I bring this up?

Oh well, I’m prepared to prostrate myself groveling if needed.

–Please let me teach Young Master Luke the sword.

It has been about a year since I started learning swordsmanship from Alfred-san.

I wanted to start magic studies too but taking on many things at once would just half-ass them all. I should focus solely on swordsmanship for now.

…That was just lip service. –Swordsmanship is damn fun!!

I can’t explain why exactly but anyway it’s super fun.

Working up a nice sweat, my sleep improved markedly after taking up swordsmanship.

And I feel myself improving the more I do it. That sense of improvement is really addictive.

But in sparring matches, I haven’t beat Alfred-san once.

Each time, I’m seized by unbearable intense humiliation.

The fact that I lost to a mere butler is somehow endlessly vexing.

In my frustration and irritation, I’ve even spewed abusive language at Alfred-san and myself. And not just once or twice, many times.

…Yet on the other hand, the fact that I’m enjoying all this means I really don’t understand the human heart.

But I do think it’s very good that I got to experience these emotions early on.

The fact that I’ve [lost] before will have an enormously positive impact on me, no, “Luke” I’m sure.

Or rather, of course I’d lose. My opponent was the former vice captain of the kingdom’s knights.

Getting frustrated is what’s weird in the first place.

And also…what was it? Isn’t Alfred-san being a bit too serious?

Especially lately, I’ve only held a sword for a year you know? And as expected, I lost again this time.

Couldn’t he go a little easier on me–

“In just a single year…in just one year Young Master Luke has grasped the fundamentals and applications of swordsmanship. No, rather…”

Huh, when was this?

Certainly the frequency of our sparring matches strangely increased lately but…

Alfred-san looked up at the sky. With an expression like he was contemplating something, resigning himself to something.

It could be taken either way. Then as if making up his mind, he turned to look at me directly.

“I was…the vice captain of the kingdom’s knights…”

“Why mention that now? I already know.”

The result of trying to use the most polite tone possible.

“I ran across countless battlefields, taking a great many lives.”


I don’t understand why Alfred-san is suddenly talking about this.

But I want to understand him even a little…because he’s my mentor. An existence I can never thank enough.

I desperately chewed over his words, trying to comprehend them.

“A sword is nothing more than a tool for taking human life. What matters most is the heart of the one who wields it. What you use your honed swordsmanship for depends on the person grasping that sword. Be it justice or evil. –Please, please do not forget that.”

Saying so, Alfred-san deeply bowed his head.

I truly don’t know what’s going on with him…I still don’t really get it. What should I say?

For now, convey gratitude for teaching me all this time at least…no, that’s impossible.

This past year made it abundantly clear that the prideful arrogance embodied in “Luke” won’t permit it…Then what can I say?


As if slipping into a gap in the conversation, Alfred-san’s words continued.

Completely shifting the confining atmosphere.

“Even if you incline toward evil, I want to see what you will do Luke! I desperately want to see it!! Ah, no good. I don’t feel like I can restrain this desire at all!!”


…What the hell!?!? What’s going on Alfred-san!!

Your eyes are totally crazy!! Where did the gentlemanly Alfred-san go!? Did I cause this by trying hard!? What’s with this branch!?

“Therefore, starting next time I intend to teach you the various arts for killing I learned amidst the taking of lives on the battlefield. It is completely different from the kingdom’s distinguished swordsmanship. However, I promise it will certainly be of assistance on the path to victory. Ideally I’d like to take you straight to the battlefield for you to experience that atmosphere firsthand this instant but…I suppose even the master wouldn’t permit that.”

What do you mean killing arts!?

What are you trying to teach an eleven year old boy!?


scene transition


I couldn’t accept this sudden shift in reality.


“This is just my personal opinion but, no matter how dirty the means, it’s better than the absolute defeat that is [death].”


Alfred-san’s sudden transformation.

Though at a complete loss, those words alone hit home in my gut.


That word is tremendously heavy.

Something the intense passion within me as “Luke” would never permit–that is [defeat].

This past year, I tasted defeat countless times. Again and again, and again.

I lost every time we sparred. But even so, my pride didn’t diminish one bit.

Don’t look down on me.

Just watch.

That’s where I’ll be.

I’ll definitely drag you down.

Voices like that echo in my head. –So that’s why.


For some reason, laughter welled up within me.

“I see, I get it. Better than defeat. Your thinking is perfectly logical. There’s not a thing wrong with it. –As long as you win in the end, that’s fine.”

“Th…this much…this much passion…!”

Words naturally spilled out, endless.

“You’re no different Alfred. Don’t think you can keep looking down on me forever. I will definitely beat you one day too.”

Ah, this is probably “Luke’s”, no, my true nature.

It surely can’t be changed until I die. There’s no way to restrain the massive pride, the only way to satisfy it is by winning. –By continuing to win no matter what.

Really, what a bothersome life. Utterly bothersome.


But you know…maybe it’s not so bad.

I’ll do it.

“Only took…two years huh.”

I feel like I mutter to myself a lot more lately. I wonder why.

If someone heard me I might lose my job as a butler. I absolutely can’t let that happen.

Life really throws you for a loop huh. To think there’d come a day I want to keep this shitty job.

That brat…no, Young Master Luke. It’s been about a year and a half since I started teaching him the sword.

Today for the first time–I lost.

How could I not smile at this? I feel like yelling with delight.

But I’m a butler right now. I can’t let anyone see me like that.

So I desperately bite back the emotions welling up, holding my mouth shut.

“He really…he really went and did it…! No, that’s not right. He went far, far beyond my expectations…!”

Ah damn.

My emotions are leaking out.

It’s not like I was going easy…no, if anything I was trying to kill him.

Whenever we spar, I genuinely feel like it’s a life or death struggle. Even though he’d only held a sword for a short time, he seriously came at me to win.

It’s been that way since our very first match.

If I let my guard down even a little, I’d be swept off my feet. My instincts as a swordsman told me that.

So whenever we spar, I’m serious. I face him not as a student I’m instructing but as an enemy I have to kill. I had to be that serious.

The label of former vice captain of the kingdom’s knights isn’t one to take lightly.

Frankly, even though I’ve aged I still have confidence I’m one of the kingdom’s finest swordsmen.

And above that, Young Master Luke beat me…He really won!!

“Ah…this is unbearable.”

I feel a heat trembling deep inside me.

Young Master Luke leaving his mark on history is already inevitable.

No…not just that. It’ll be mythic!!

I get to watch the man who will carve his name into legend from right beside him!!

How…how fortunate am I!!

“Sir Alfred–“

At that moment, I heard a voice call my name. A maid’s voice.

I won’t be disturbed by this much. Instantly, I switched gears mentally.

“What is it?”

“You have a guest waiting for you sir.”

“A guest…for me?”

I quickly turned over thoughts in my mind. A guest for me? I can’t think of anything.

Considering various good and bad possibilities, but…in the end I come up blank.

“I was told by the master to [go meet them].”

“I see. Certainly, understood.”

“Then I shall guide you. They are already waiting in the room.”

Hearing my words, the maid bowed once then started walking.

Geez, who could it be? I’m busy here.

I gotta think up Young Master Luke’s training regimen from here on out.

I truly think that but the master gave an order. Refusing to meet them isn’t an option.

I started walking with somewhat heavy footsteps.

–Elka Ey Sutherland.

That is my name.

I pridefully claim that there wasn’t a soul in the kingdom who didn’t know this name at one point.

Because I was–the captain of the kingdom’s knights.

That is my pride. –Well, it’s an old story now.

No matter how skilled, a woman can never beat a man in pure physical strength. Perhaps if I could use magic it would be different, but unfortunately I do not.

Even so, I rose to the position of captain of the kingdom’s knights as a woman, something few have done in the long history of this kingdom. I can brag a little right?

Now in the capital I opened a dojo, teaching only those I’ve taken a liking to.

I came to see Al for that reason too. I actually wanted to make this offer much sooner but I wasn’t sure if managing a dojo would work out, and my personal feelings are quite involved.

No matter how talented with the sword, I have no intention of teaching those I don’t care for. The opposite is also true of course.

It would be unreasonable to make such an uncertain proposal in a roundabout way.

So it took this much time.

“I wonder if he’s doing well…”

I still vividly remember the day Al resigned from being vice captain.

He really was stubborn. Once he decided something he absolutely wouldn’t bend. Al is a man whose will is too strong.

When did we last meet? So long ago now I’ve forgotten.

After reminiscing for a while, the reception room door opened with a clack.

“Did I keep you waiting? Former Captain of the Kingdom’s Knights, Elka Ey Sutherland.”

“No, I should apologize for imposing with this sudden visit. I didn’t even thank you for kindly accepting me. Lord Gilbart.”

The Gilbart family doesn’t have any bad rumors about them per se, but they don’t have any good ones either.

Whether good or bad, this family is supposed to be a model noble family.

Basically, nobles don’t think highly of the kingdom’s knights.

Most feel we’re just incompetents who can’t use magic. –Yet despite that.

What’s this?

Did their values regarding the sword change somehow?

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