Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 1 Chapter 3

Mob #3 “That’s your problem. Besides, if she’s beautiful, I’ll decline even more!”

“As busy as ever here…”
After finishing the overhaul on my ship required by my previous job, the place I went to was the Galactic Empire Pout Space Region, Planet Ytts branch of the Mercenary Guild.
While not on the level of the headquarters on the Galactic Empire capital planet Hein, it’s still a pretty big guild.
I came here for a simple reason, to look for work.
I input the request code numbers displayed on the bulletin board into my wrist terminal and take it to reception.
There I hear the details and decide whether or not to accept the job.
Where I head, of course, is the uncle reception with no line rather than the hot receptionist.
If I tried lining up at the beauty’s reception,
“Hey! Trash like you get out of Miss _‘s line! Know your place!”
I’d get punched and stuff like that.
Even if I miraculously got to the counter and was just talking about the job,
“Hey you! Can’t you see she doesn’t like it!? Get lost!”
I’d absolutely get punched.
Anyway, I headed to the usual uncle’s reception to register for subjugating some seemingly minor pirates for whom there were a lot of recent local sightings info.
“Please take care of this.”
“Yo. It’s you again huh. Going after minor pirate subjugation as usual? You’re as boring as ever.”
The uncle working this reception is Antonio Roans.
He’s an uncle with the set of former mercenary-dark skin-bald head-macho.
He’s not the guild master or anything, just a regular staff for this reception.
“Boring is fine. Better than gambling my life away right? And you can die if you let your guard down against these pirate subjugations too.”
“Yeah, well. That’s the main reason new recruits die.
He’s saying it’s minor minor, but the opponents are attacking without mercy. I can’t be negligent.
Yet some rookie mercenaries look down on them as just minor pirates, get hit by unexpected counterattacks, and end up as space dust.
Well if you don’t underestimate them arrogantly, the subjugations are easy since their equipment is also poor.
“But could you wait on that request for a bit?”
He’d normally start explaining right away, but just for today that didn’t happen.
“How come?”
“Well, a noble lady is recruiting guards to escort her to her long term stay destination, and they requested securing 50 people. It’s for the day after tomorrow. They just need 1 more person.”
“In other words participate to fill the numbers?”
“That’s right. The pay’s not bad, and with 50 ships the chances of being attacked are low too.”
“I decline. That absolutely invites trouble!”
50 guards is way too many for an escort!
It’s like they’re asking to be attacked.
And besides, if there are so many people, there must be protagonists among them.
“Why don’t you accept without saying that? We’re in trouble if we don’t have enough people. The young lady’s designated day is tomorrow. Besides, that young lady seems to be quite beautiful.”
Noble young ladies are often troublemakers.
Even if the person herself is nice, there are usually some unsavory characters around her.
So, I’m going to decline no matter what they say.
“That’s your problem. Besides, if she’s beautiful, I’ll decline even more!”
I said this and requested the registration for the Shabby Pirate Extermination.
“Alright, I’ll go into detail now.”
Old man Roans sighed and started the procedure reluctantly.
While this exchange was taking place, someone called out to me from behind.
“Hey, you! Hey, you!
What’s going on? It’s quite rude to interrupt a conversation about a request like this.


I thought this and turned around, but I was punched in the face.
The one who punched me was a young man in his late teens with a confident expression and a tall, slender, and androgynous face.
He had a stylish and elegant design in his clothing, exuding cleanliness.
But now, he had an expression of intense anger.
What’s up with this guy?
Fortunately, I didn’t fall or hit my knee when he punched me, but what’s the deal with suddenly punching me like that?
I’ve never met this guy before, and I don’t remember doing anything to him.
After punching me, the handsome guy didn’t hesitate and continued,
“Why don’t you accept the request? The client is worried that the young lady won’t be safe without 50 escorts, so she’s asked the Mercenary Guild for help. Why won’t you accept the request? Even with all that, you’re still a mercenary! Refusing this is a disqualification as a mercenary! Quit right now, you spineless creepy otaku loser!”
And he insulted me like that.
Ah, I see.
This guy believes that mercenaries are [heroes who help the weak and defeat the strong].
Perhaps, no matter what I or Old Man Roans say, he won’t listen, and he’s the type who believes his beliefs are absolute.
I was wondering what to do, and then Old Man Roans spoke to this hero guy.
“Should you stop this guild commotion? Besides, your rank is soldier, and he’s a knight. That guy is a senior, and it’s up to mercenaries to accept or decline any job.”
Old Man Roans warned him in a firm tone, but
“There’s no doubt that I’m stronger than this guy, so I want my rank to be raised right now!”
The “hero” guy laughed at me and ignored Old Man Roans’ words, completely intoxicated with himself.
“In that case, will you accept as the last person for this request?”
“Of course!”
Saying that, the hero guy slammed his guild card and terminal on the counter.
“Head to the specified location by the time specified in the regulations. I won’t tolerate being late.”
While giving such instructions, Old Man Roans reluctantly began the procedure.
By the way, in the Mercenary Guild, there are six ranks based on a mercenary’s contribution, from lowest to highest: Soldier, Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen, and King, which are assigned ranks similar to chess pieces.
The colors of these cards are as follows: Soldier: Green, Rook: Yellow, Knight: Blue, Bishop: White, Queen: Red, King: Black.
Up to the rank of Knight, you can advance based solely on your contribution, but to become a Bishop, you need to pass an exam.
By the way, as mentioned earlier, I am a Knight, as Old Man Roans mentioned.
I have no intention of taking the exam since it’s troublesome and would draw too much attention.
As I was thinking about that, the hero guy glared at me and said,
“Well, the client would probably be happier with someone like me, unlike yoou a spineless creepy otaku. And from now on, if you ever show up in front of me, I won’t be lenient!”
He insulted me like that and then walked away.
“What’s with that guy… Ouch…”
“He’s a newcomer, but he’s already successfully completed several big requests from the beginning. Well, he’s an elite with high expectations.”
Old Man Roans explained who the guy was to me as I nursed my sore spot from the punch.
“But why didn’t you fight back or argue with him?”
“Because that guy definitely wouldn’t listen to anything we say. Even if I complained about violence within the guild, the fangirls would come rushing to his defense, and the judgment might even be replaced by one of his fangirls.”
In that hero guy’s mind, I’m probably treated as a minor villain from an evil organization.
He might even pull out a gun without hesitation and consider it a social assassination.
“I agree with that.”
“That request earlier probably had some pressure behind it, but it would be nice if we could avoid too much trouble. Now, let’s continue with the procedure.”
I said this and handed my wrist-type terminal to Old Man Roans.
“Alright, alright, I got it.”
With a sigh, Old Man Roans resumed the procedure.

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