Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 2 Prologue


On that blessed day, Ishka’s skies were clear from morning. I awoke as the sun emerged in the east, changed my clothes quietly so as not to disturb Seal, who still slept beside me, and left the house with a yawn.

My destination was the north gate.

It led to the Tittis Forest, but today I wasn’t headed there. Instead, I made my way to a monster follower stable along the north wall. I carried breakfast in my hand, knowing that my certified follower, the Indigo Wyvern, would be waiting for me there.

In the Kingdom of Canaria, a Wyvern is considered a dragon. It’s unusual for an adventurer to have a follower monster, so I expected the certification process to be difficult. Surprisingly, it went smoothly, possibly due to the slave association’s assistance. Their support, being backed by a large organization, gave me a sense of security.

Putting that aside, certified follower monsters were allowed to enter the city of Ishka. The mansion I obtained from the slave association was ridiculously large, with enough space in the garden for a Wyvern stable.

However, there was a reason why the Wyvern stayed in a stable outside the city walls. Despite being recognized as a follower monster, a Wyvern was still a powerful creature. To gain entry, insurance was demanded as a condition.

The follower monster collar was a life-ending item that could be triggered by the city’s will.

This condition applied not only to my Indigo Wyvern but also to medium and large follower monsters.

I understood the need for security measures. If a follower monster lost control, it would greatly impact both the guards and the people. Insurance was a natural precaution in such cases.

However, from my perspective, having one of my strongest allies under strict control was unacceptable. I couldn’t simply agree and overlook this fact.

There was a case in the adventurer guild that made me suspicious. It was possible that the higher-ups in Ishka wanted to disadvantage me for their own reasons, and they might take the Wyvern hostage. It was far from amusing.

Therefore, I declined the follower monster collar and decided to keep the Wyvern outside the city. With the cooperation of the slave association, I rented a large stable exclusively for the Indigo Wyvern. Lately, many curious onlookers had been rushing to catch a glimpse of the magnificent creature.

Wyverns were highly popular follower monsters in the Kingdom of Canaria, especially among dragon knights. While it wasn’t guaranteed that people wouldn’t be attacked, it was rare for Wyverns to pose a threat.

Consequently, the Indigo Wyvern had become well-known among the inhabitants of Ishka.

There was even a strange saying going around that those who touched its blue scales would be blessed with luck. In response, officials sternly warned against climbing the fence and trespassing. Witnessing that scene for the first time, I couldn’t help but furrow my brow.

—In the stable where the sun rises, a woman approached and touched the scales of the Indigo Wyvern.

It was surprising that someone managed to invade without assistance.

But then, I noticed something peculiar. The Indigo Wyvern allowed the stranger to make contact without any resistance. There were no signs of alertness or excitement.

When the Indigo Wyvern spotted her entering the stable, it let out a happy roar and thumped its tail on the ground.

Noticing this, the woman turned toward me. At that moment, I wondered why the alarm bells hadn’t rung. She was undeniably beautiful.

She appeared older than me, perhaps around 20 years old. Her vibrant golden hair and crystal purple eyes gave her an aristocratic aura. Her skin was as white as snow, her nose had an ideal curve, and her lips were perfectly shaped.

She resembled a princess from the stories.

However, she lacked the delicate demeanor often associated with noblewomen. And it was understandable; she had a sword at her waist. Her sturdy stance indicated that the weapon was not mere decoration.

As I looked into her eyes, the first word that came to mind was “strong.” In Ishka, the strongest person I knew was the guild master, Elgart, a first-class level 35 adventurer.

This woman possessed strength equal to or greater than Elgart’s. Beneath her gentle exterior, akin to calm water, I sensed a dormant and unfamiliar skill.

And, upon seeing her again, I noticed her ample bosom.

Her silver boots were clearly designed for combat, devoid of any high heels. Yet, she still surpassed me in height.

I hadn’t measured myself recently, but I estimated my height to be around 1.75 meters. Judging by that, the woman’s height likely exceeded 1.80 meters. Her limbs were muscular, akin to a swordsman’s, and she lacked the delicate femininity I typically associated with women. However, there was also an absence of a crude impression. Overall, her demeanor was finely balanced.

The woman before me must have honed her natural talent through diligent effort since birth. Additionally, she seemed to come from a prominent family. At first glance, her clothes were made of silk, and her armor, including her boots and chest protector, gleamed silver.

She couldn’t be an adventurer or a guard. Undoubtedly, she was a knight of high rank.

So, why was someone like her in my stable so early in the morning, before the sun had even reached its peak? A question mark formed in my mind.

Then, she slowly began to speak.


[….. So?]

[I’m so sorry!]

Startled, she bowed her head with great momentum, causing her golden hair to jump in the air. In fact, her apology caused my body to twitch slightly.

With wide eyes, I observed her back. Honestly, I wouldn’t have been surprised if she had turned and said something like, “Why are you staring, insolent?” But her unexpected reaction left me perplexed.

Unaware of my confusion, she continued to apologize.

“I wanted to catch a glimpse of the rumored Wyvern, and since there was no one around… well, I thought no one would notice if I took a quick look inside early in the morning.”

“So, you sneaked in? And once inside, you went straight to touch the Wyvern?”

“I’m so sorry! At first, I only intended to take a quick peek and leave, but I didn’t expect to actually find an Indigo Wyvern… well, I had heard about it. I heard it was impossible for a fierce Indigo Wyvern to obey humans. I thought it was probably misinformation…”


However, upon witnessing the Wyvern, she discovered that it was indeed real. Unable to control her curiosity, she felt compelled to touch it rather than just observe.

Understanding the situation, I gestured for the woman to lift her head.

“Ah, no, there’s no need to apologize. The fact that the Wyvern allowed you to touch it calmly indicates that it likes you.”

It’s not appropriate for someone in a higher position to keep their head down all the time.

With a sense of relief, the woman raised her head.

“I appreciate your kind words. I hope it doesn’t seem disrespectful, but may I ask you something?”

“Yes, what is it?”

“Can it be said that you are the owner of this Indigo Wyvern?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

As I nodded, the woman squinted her eyes, deep in thought for a moment. However, it was a fleeting expression, and she quickly returned to normal, directing her gaze towards the basket she had brought.

In response to her question, I retrieved something from inside and showed it to her.

“This is an apricot fruit. It’s the Wyvern’s breakfast.”

“Apricot fruit? For the Wyvern? I remember raw apricots being hard and very bitter… I mean, do carnivorous Wyverns even eat fruits?”

“They are primarily carnivorous, but something awakened in it due to the sour taste after a particularly intense experience.”

While I answered, I tossed the fruit to the Wyvern, and it joyfully exclaimed, “Pugy!” and began crunching on it with its sharp teeth.

Although apricot fruits are typically hard, they couldn’t withstand the Wyvern’s powerful jaws. I could hear the sound of it crunching as its wings flapped in delight.

By the way, the “intense experience” I mentioned earlier referred to the time when it ate the fruit of the Jiraiya Oaks after being poisoned by manticores.

Back then, the Wyvern couldn’t handle the acidity of the Jiraiya Oaks and screamed in pain. However, after the poison left its body, its perception seemed to change to “Bitter things = Good things for the body,” and it started to enjoy them.

Since it was inconvenient to go to the Tittis Forest every time to find Jiraiya Oaks fruit, I started looking for other crunchy and sour fruits to feed it.

Observing the Wyvern rejoicing while eating the fruit, the woman appeared surprised.

“…Is a Wyvern’s favorite food fruits? Moreover, I don’t recall any records mentioning fruits. Besides, I’ve never heard of a wild species preferring acidic food…”

The woman murmured, arms crossed, lost in thought. Her ample bosom swayed between her crossed arms, attracting attention. However, I had to avert my gaze forcefully before staring too long. She would likely notice.

I expected her to inquire about the “intense experience,” but instead, she brought up a different topic.

“By the way, you’ve been referring to it as ‘Wyvern’ for a while. Haven’t you given it a name yet?”

“Others have suggested names before, but it seems there’s none that it likes. Whenever someone suggests something, it becomes sad.”

“Perhaps because your name wasn’t among the suggestions.”

“My… name?”

When I asked, the woman smiled, watching the Wyvern eat the apricot.

“A Wyvern desires to bear the name of the person it recognizes as its owner. The more intelligent the individual, the stronger this tendency becomes. If it can clearly understand human words like this little one, the desire to bear its owner’s name is even stronger.”

“Hmm, that’s the first time I’ve heard that… So, I should add my name, Sora, right? Sorari, Sorara, Soran?”

As I mentioned various names, the Wyvern’s reaction wasn’t bad. I got carried away and came up with several possibilities.

“Soramichi, Misora, Sorato, Soraris… hmm. No, those don’t feel quite right. Is there a cooler-sounding name?”

“Pugy, pugy!”

“Wait, don’t rush. I’m thinking. Sorasa… Sorashi… Soras… How about Sorataro?”


“Oww!? Hey, don’t hit me with your tail! Sorry, I’ll think of something better!”

While playing with the Wyvern, the woman clapped her hands, seemingly having an idea.

“What about Klau sora?”


“Yes. The first word Klau means ‘fire sword.'”

“Ohh, that sounds great! The word ‘fire’ suits a Wyvern perfectly. What do you think—well, I suppose I don’t need to ask.”


The Wyvern flapped its wings happily, causing dust to rise.

“Alright, from now on, your name will be Kurausora!”

As I made the declaration, the Wyvern roared suddenly. I felt like its expression had deepened. Perhaps it was just my imagination. As I stroked the Wyvern, or rather, Kurausora, I turned my gaze to the woman.

“Thank you for suggesting a wonderful name—um…”

“My name is Astrid. I also appreciate you teaching me something interesting. Um… Sora-dono, is that correct?”

“Yes, my name is Sora.”

“Then, Sora-dono. I would love to talk more if possible, but unfortunately, I have a meeting with someone, so I must take my leave. I hope we meet again soon.”

“Yes, likewise.”

With a blink of her eye, convinced by her words, Astrid smiled cheerfully and placed her long index finger in front of her lips.

“By the way, let’s keep today’s encounter a secret. Well, see you later.”

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