Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 1 Chapter 2

Mob #2 “But I refuse!”

After combat ended.
On the Viscount Zeemass side, they apparently demanded apologies and enormous compensations from the Buckahoa family without pursuing responsibility for us mercenaries.
Thanks to that as well, the mercenaries hired by Count Buckahoa were able to receive supplies at a Buckahoa family base.
However, having used the [shot down feint], I need to either dock at a proper maintenance dock, or spend time doing a full overhaul myself.
Because the [shot down feint] puts a lot of strain on my modified used ship, I’m worried about using it again in its current state.
Payment has already been distributed and there’d be no problem leaving anytime, but I plan to depart late.
I don’t want it turning into a scramble and accidents happening from everyone leaving at once.
People might see me as incompetent, but it’s better than being hostile or causing accidents.
While watching ships depart like that, I suddenly got a transmission.
“Yes, who is this?”
[Nice to meet you. I am the small combat spacecraft WVS-09, Rosweisse. You are John Uzoss of the ship [Patchwork], and the mercenary Captain John Uzoss, correct?]
Displayed on screen was an extraordinarily beautiful woman with blonde hair and blue eyes.
A race that would never talk to me except for phone sales-receptionists-hotties.
Getting a transmission from someone of that race I’m not acquainted with only gives me bad feelings.
“Yes…that’s certainly correct, but may I ask your business?”
I could have said you have the wrong person, but that’d be pointless since she knew my call sign.
[Yes. I will be direct. Won’t you swap to me?]
“Come again?”
What’s this person saying?
swap ?
I’ve never even had a lover since birth, what’s there to swap ?
Seeing my expression, Miss Rosweisse continued the conversation.
[I am the small combat spacecraft WVS-09, Rosweisse. I am what you would call an ancient civilization relic excavated sentient superweapon.]

scene transition


What’s this beauty on screen talking about?
A sentient superweapon?
If that’s true then it’s an astounding object!
It’d fetch an insane price if it went on sale!
But I can’t readily believe such a claim after hearing it.
And more than anything,
“Hold on! Even if that’s true, don’t you already have a partner!?”
Now that I think about it, [Rosweisse] is the name of that loudmouth guy’s ship, in other words her name.
Why would a ship betray its owner when one already exists?
[My current crewmember, Lambert Riagrades, is to put it bluntly an incompetent weakling!]
The sentient superweapon, Miss Rosweisse, showed an angered expression.
[I was left collecting dust in an old warehouse in a small rural town on the planet Razah. That warehouse’s owner’s grandson was Lambert Riagrades, and even though he spouted things like “I’m the mightiest mercenary!” and “There ain’t anyone faster at piloting than me!” when we first met, the truth is he just became a mercenary 1 week ago, and today was his first battle!? Not only that! He had only ever piloted a ship on training simulators!]
“But isn’t it impressive he attracted and evaded such a massive number of enemies without being shot down while flying around like that?”
So that loudmouth guy was a newbie, huh~.
Well, he’s a protagonist’s side character, and achieved those results by some hidden ability activating, so I think it’s plenty even if his record is otherwise blank.
However, Miss Rosweisse looked displeased as she said,
[He was unconscious and wetting himself from shock-incontinent when the barrier was hit by a beam at the start of the battle. I moved by myself. Since my consciousness was focused on controlling the cockpit and cleaning robots to clean up the floor, I was unable to attack.]
She spat it out.
She probably really hated being peed on…
“Well…that happens to new recruits sometimes.”
[How about you, Mister Uzoss?]
“Me? Well, I didn’t lose consciousness or control of my bladder at least. Though my record…”
[In other words! As a mercenary, as a warrior, your aptitude is higher!]
“I don’t know about that. He might bloom later.”
Miss Rosweisse kept pressing on excitedly, but it can’t be helped for a first battle.
[Anyway! All of my specs are hundreds of times higher than your ship! If you swap to me, glory and prestige will be yours as you wish!]
“If you really are an amazing ship from an ancient civilization relic, Normally, I’d want you for sure.”
[Yes, yes! ♪]
Indeed, if she’s a sentient superweapon excavated from ancient civilization ruins, her specs would be tremendous, able to battle even fleets, not just current combat ships.
Piloting such a ship, I could have a prominent career as a mercenary.
So I
“But I refuse!”
Naturally refused!
Don’t joke around!
If a guy like me rode such an amazing ship, I’d immediately be targeted out of resentment!
“Trash like you doesn’t deserve such a treasure. We’ll make good use of it.”
“You must be threatening her! Release her immediately!”
Or they might attack me when I get off the ship and beat me down!
So I refuse.
It’s disproportionate-lacks proper casting-know your place.
Anyway it’d be wasted on me.
Ships like that should be ridden by handsome men or beauties with protagonist attributes!
“So, I have no intention of riding with you, so please do your best with your current partner.”
“Why not?! My ship is currently the galaxy’s best and strongest! It’s invincible, you know? You can earn plenty with it!”
Rosweisse desperately appeals to her strengths, but for me, they’re nothing but weaknesses.
If the ship is indeed that powerful, there’s a high possibility that we’ll be sent to harsh battlefields, and we may become targets for enemies.
I’ll say it again, but those are the kinds of burdens that are shouldered by handsome or beautiful protagonists!”
Something like me, an ugly mob mercenary, has no right to bear such a burden.
“Anyway, I have no intention of riding you so please keep at it with your current partner.”
I said, cutting the transmission.
I’d be horrified imagining what could happen if a guy like me rode a ship like that.
The uncertain life of a mercenary.
Overestimating yourself, letting it get to your head, standing out leads to shortening your life.
That’s why for someone like me, equipment and circumstances that match my status are important.
For a mob like me to survive long on the battlefield, don’t stand out, act cowardly, don’t seek honor.
Only handsome men and beauties with protagonist attributes can survive while behaving bravely, standing out, and enjoying prestige and glory as they please.
Mobs must not seek such things.
Knowing your place raises your probability of surviving on the battlefield.
While reaffirming such thoughts, outside suddenly grew noisy.
When I look outside wondering what’s going on,
“Don’t fuck with me! I’m your master! So why the hell am I being thrown out!?”
[I don’t want to be owned by someone who fainted and soiled themselves with the first shot!]
“You….You bitch!! Don’t fuck with me!”
It seems Miss Rosweisse and the loudmouth guy are fighting.
I can hear their voices all the way here even though they should be quite far away.
Also their words are questionable.
Since the guys around don’t know Miss Rosweisse is the ship’s AI, it sounds exactly like a lover’s quarrel to them.
And since it sounds like they’re airing their sex life, it leaves a bad taste.
Well, best not get involved.
And because of that lover’s quarrel, ship departures have crowded, so I decided to leave the base while I can.

I get permission from the control tower, slowly move my ship towards the exit, peer at the docking site boiling with the lover’s quarrel as I pass by, hit the throttle blowing exhaust, and left behind Count Buckahoa’s base.
Alright! I’ll hurry and finish the maintenance then head straight to the anime shop!

translator note : not much difference compared to web novel version. Light Novel changes will start around chapter 4 when the main girl from the cover appear

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