Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 2

“Mishandling something unfamiliar and being harsh on Sia led to bad rumors spreading. Hearing you now, I can imagine exaggerated lies being spread.”

“W-well, that’s…”

“What? That’s a lackluster reply.”

“(Since Byleth had turned into an ogre…)”

I end such vexing feelings internally.

“Anyway, please continue to look after Sia.”

“There’s no need to request that of me, right? I have absolutely no intention of interacting with her out of obligation.”

“Acting cool.”

“Hehe, it’s just the truth.”

My long explanations finally finished. I somehow managed to convince her.

I’m also relieved my relationship with Elena didn’t deteriorate.

“Still…I’m surprised. To think you were on this side.”

“You mean affirming the school precepts?”

“Yes. If I told anyone else they’d be so shocked their jaws would fall off.”

“Oh, glad to hear that.”

I touch the choker around my neck and return her joke with a sneaky grin.

“Oh right, random thought, but why are you on the affirming side too, Elena? Despite your high social status.”

“You’re asking now?”

“Well, just got curious.”

That obvious retort makes me wryly smile. As she lightly explained:

“There’s no deep meaning. As nobles, siding with the commoners is the proper way. Strict nobles may get angry hearing this, but nobles can’t exist without the support of commoners, right?”

“I see…certainly.”

“Plus there’s my personal reason – I think it’d be nice to get along with many people. So discrimination isn’t needed for that.”

“Ha ha, I see. That’s just like you, Elena.”

“Heyyy, you don’t have to laugh that much.”

“Sorry, really.”

And at this timely moment──.

The academy bell resounded across the hallways, and a teacher had entered while waiting outside, it seemed.

“Um, hey Byleth…?”

Elena’s timid voice came as the teacher was taking attendance.

“Ah, thank you…I was just a little, just a tiny bit glad.”

“Hm? Glad about what?”

“About the principle…all the nobles are always opposing it…”

“It’s not like you need to thank me. I just said something obvious.”

“Y-yeah…thank you…”

“You’re welcome.”

Perhaps she had some thoughts about the principle. In this short time, I felt I got along a little better with Elena.

“Phew, it’s finally over…”

Time passed, and the fourth period class had ended.

Next up is lunch break, which includes a midday recess.

“You… had some incredible focus. Everyone around was stunned too. It was good to see you taking it so seriously.”

“Well, if I disrupted the class I might have gotten stabbed with a pen. Or so I was told…”

Just to be safe, I gloss over it lightly so as not to raise too much suspicion.

Now that the contents of my bag have changed, causing mischief in class isn’t something I’m capable of anymore. Or rather, it’s not something I’m able to do.

“Hmm. Maybe it was just my imagination. When you said [I might get stabbed with a pen], it sounded like you were referring to me.”

“That wasn’t my intention, but yeah…”

“Oh really? Sorry for the misunderstanding. But it seems like you have nothing to worry about in that matter. It’s not like anyone would attack a devil.”

“Who’s the devil?”

“Fufu, you were the one who spoke rudely first.”

“Well, you said it so I guess that’s true…”

After affirming the school motto of Ravelwart Academy – that [All students are equal] – the distance between Elena and I continued to shrink with time.

In class, I was regularly invited to sit next to her.

If I focused seriously on taking notes, she would playfully, albeit poorly, draw little pictures to amuse me.

“[Well, you said it so I guess that’s true]… So you really were referring to me then? You’d really stab me?”

Still holding the pen in her hand, she instantly changed her grip so the pointed tip now faced outward, like a fountain pen.

“[I’m very sorry]”

Raising both hands in surrender and jest, as if to show her acceptance when I said [That’s alright] with a smile that said the same.

“But I did want to ask you something.”

“What is it?”

“What are you doing for lunch today. You’re not forcing Sia to take care of it, are you?”

“Ah, I’ll just hang out on my own.”

“Hang out?”

“Hang out is hang out.”

I can’t tell her that [I was thinking of skipping lunch].

The reason for skipping is one thing.

(If I’m already being distanced by others, I just don’t have the mental strength to go somewhere where more people will gather…)


The disturbing vision of everyone scattering like spiders the instant I enter the large dining hall is just too imaginable.

It may be exaggerating too much, but the possibility of that happening is high enough that I can’t freely step foot in there feeling at ease.

[If you had that in mind from the start, you could have at least asked Sia to bring you lunch…] she might say. And she wouldn’t be wrong. But after the terrible way I’ve treated Sia, such consideration didn’t come to mind.

I just wanted to create some small bit of free time where I could see her happily spend time with friends.

“Or maybe you just don’t actually know how to use the dining hall? Since you always relied on Sia?”

“Come on, of course I know that much. You just order after looking at the menu.”

“Oh really? Then what are you trying to gloss over exactly?”

Furrowing her brow in thought for a few seconds, Elena then perked up.

“Byleth, would you like to have lunch with me and Sia?”


“I have plans to eat with Sia today. With me and Sia there, you wouldn’t have to worry, right?”

It’s true those two wouldn’t be ones to cause me concern. But I still shake my head.

“I appreciate the invite but I’ll have to pass. Seeing as I let Sia off to do her own thing, I think she’d be surprised if I showed up. And I don’t want to make her feel obligated either.”

“But don’t you think she’d be happy?”


“Or not?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

Elena seemed genuinely confused, her eyes wide with surprise. Not a joke, she really didn’t understand.

“Look, even saying this myself is silly but, I don’t understand what reason there would be for her to be happy I’m there.”


She must have been holding back a laugh, because her cheeks suddenly puffed out like a balloon.

“Come on, if it was just Elena that would be one thing but as for me, I don’t know what reason there could be for Sia to be happy I showed up. Wouldn’t I just annoy her?”

“Pfft, fufu, please don’t make such a serious face when you’re putting yourself down.”

“Don’t laugh so much, it hurts you know.”

“S-sorry, you’re right.”

This felt reminiscent of our conversation this morning too.

While pushing my buttons, she maintained her composure and kept laughing gracefully. I don’t know if I could emulate that.

“O-okay, I’m fine now.”


With a cough to recompose herself, though her face still reddened from laughing so much without sun exposure, she wore a serious expression once more.

“Just my opinion, but I think if it was you now, Sia would be happy. She seemed really excited talking about you this morning too.”

“Huh? Even if that was the case, I’m sure it would make her feel obligated. I want her to enjoy her freedom.”


That is truly how I feel.

“Byleth… you really have changed, haven’t you? Ah! Don’t tell me, you’ve started to like Sia’s cuteness?”

“Like is putting it too strongly, it’s more about respect.”


“Yeah. I mean, she’s incredible, right? She’s younger than me but wakes up so early every morning, gets everything ready, works so tirelessly and studies well too without complaining, even if it’s her job. I couldn’t emulate that.”


“Eh? Elena? Why are you looking at me like I’m a monster or something?”

“S-sorry… it’s a weird thing to say but for a second you didn’t seem like yourself.”

“Should we go to the clinic? I’ll come with you.”

“C-come on, don’t take it so seriously!”

“Alright alright.”

(Phew… getting hit with something so core like that isn’t good for the heart…)

I feel slightly weakened, as if a decade was shaved off my lifespan.

“…But I understand. If your feelings are that resolved, there’s nothing else to be said I suppose.”

“Yeah. So just enjoy yourselves without me.”

“Yes, we’ll have a fun lunch.”

“Heh, you sound pretty confident about that.”

If only I hadn’t said something so silly.

“It’s only natural. I fully intend to properly convey to Sia the conversation about you respecting her.”

“Eh-, w-wait, that’s no good!”

“Fufu, too bad. I have no obligation to heed your orders.”

She smiled so enjoyably, sticking out her pink tongue in a ‘Nyah!’ manner.

“Well then, I’ll be going first. I’m looking forward to Sia’s reaction.”

“Ah -“

Without waiting for a response, Elena lightly left the classroom on her swift feet.

“Haa…I hope Sia won’t take it literally, but knowing her she probably will…as long as she doesn’t act differently, it should be fine…”

I’m not worried about the truth getting out. I’m worried Sia might act differently.

(Well, there’s no helping worrying…I guess I’ll head to the library and kill some time…It should be pretty empty there at this hour.)

Quickly changing gears, I moved to seek an unpopulated place.

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