The Deeds of Arrogant Noble Volume 1 Prologue

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Prologue: Awakening of the Villainous Noble

–Oh right, I’m a villainous noble.
I realized it suddenly. Or rather, I remembered would be more accurate.
This is the fantasy world from a certain light novel. And I’m not the protagonist, but a villainous noble…I’ve only realized this fact. Now then, what should I do?
“Luke, is something wrong?”
“….Just thinking about something.”
“I see. Don’t let your food get cold though, okay?”
The numerous forks and knives lined up on the table. I try eating the needlessly extravagant dishes but…they’re rather tasteless.
The strange feeling of this reality sank in a little late. ….What is this?
Are you serious, can something like this really happen? Uwah, what do I do? First, what kind of story was this…ahh worst, I can’t remember at all.
I vaguely recall the setting and characters. But that’s about it.
“I’m sorry Mother, I’m not feeling well so may I rest in my room?”
I couldn’t eat anymore. Right now I want time to grasp my current situation.
“Eh! Are you okay Luke!? I’ll call a priest right away–“
“There’s no need for that. It’s just a bit of fatigue.”
“I-I see…then it’s alright. But tell me right away if you’re suffering, okay?”
Replying minimally, I started walking but–
I was called out to.
“Yes, Father?”
“Are you really okay?”
“Yes. I’m not lying.”
“I see, go on then. Alfred, inform me immediately if anything seems off.”
“Yes m’lord.”
Honestly…my parents are so overprotective.
As I headed to my room with the butler named Alfred, I thought such things.
I see, so that’s how the character Luke is created. Though very vague, I also have memories from my perspective as Luke. But I have practically no memories of being scolded.
Talent to accomplish almost anything effortlessly no matter what I try. A home environment where no one scolds me no matter how bad I am.
No wonder my self-esteem is inflated. I’ve even become the embodiment of arrogance and conceit.
To be frank, this environment made his personality.
“Then, please call for me if you need anything Young Master Luke.”
With Alfred waiting outside the door, I went in. Diving straight into bed. Burying my face in the pillow, I began thinking. Now then, what should I really do? What should I do from here on to have a happy life?
I ponder my future for a while. Perhaps thanks to my extraordinarily gifted mind, countless thoughts race by in an instant. But…no matter how much I thought, there was only one answer.

Aim for–happiness.

There’s no helping that I’ve become the villain Luke now.
I’ll probably be beaten by the protagonist. The protagonist’s name I think started with [A] but I can’t seem to recall, like a fog clouds my memory. Oh well, I’m sure it’ll come back eventually.
Anyway, I want to live a happy life. I want my life to have a happy ending. Luckily I’m a noble. Most things probably won’t be an issue.
But you know…doing nothing would be boring. This is a fantasy world after all. I can’t resist wanting to thoroughly enjoy swords and magic. –No, there’s no need for me to hold back here.
Just then, a thought popped into my head.
“…That’s right. I’ll try working hard.”
If I remember right, the character Luke had practically never tried hard at anything before. Or rather, he had no need to make efforts.
Luke naturally possessed abilities people desperately work hard to attain. So despite having an extremely awful personality of conceit, no one could complain. He really was a hateful…so called hateful character.
An existence made to garner hate, and release the readers’ stress when beaten down by the protagonist.
I absolutely don’t want to become someone like that but…it’s interesting. A character who was never supposed to make efforts trying hard. I’m a little curious what sort of changes that would bring to this world.
If I try moderately hard, for now I’m ten years old.
With my talent for magic, I’ll probably ordinarily go to the magic school in the royal capital at fifteen. That’s what Luke’s memories taught me.
…Well, I feel like I’ll meet him if I go there though. –The protagonist.
Oh well, my desire to learn about magic far outweighs my desire to avoid the protagonist. Also, in a world like this I think strength directly connects to freedom. The stronger I become, the more choices I’ll have. So beginning magic studies early is best.
But there’s five years until enrollment…what should I do until then? Self study? No, it’s better to find someone who can teach me, I think.
That’s right, I have to learn swordsmanship too. My studies shouldn’t be limited to just magic.
Come to think of it, does this character, no I, excel at either swords or magic?
I know I have talent in both, but is there some imbalance?
Hmm, there may have been but I can’t remember. Really, what inconvenient memories. For now I’ll learn both. Once I determine which I’m better at, I can focus there.
“My plans are set. Hehe…this is getting interesting.”
I unintentionally muttered to myself. –That’s right, I’m looking forward to this.
Though confused at first, a heat trembles deep in my chest. There’s no way I could refrain from enjoying a world like this.

–Knock knock


A knocking sound.
My heated thoughts immediately cooled.
“Young Master Luke, how are you feeling? My apologies. Your father ordered me to check on you and report back.”
“Yeah, I’m fine.”
I accidentally answered a little grumpily due to having my thoughts doused. –Wait a minute.
To confirm what suddenly came to mind, I firmly opened the door.
“Oy Alfred…” Huh?
What is it, Master Luke?
I can’t use honorific language. I tried to call him Alfred-san. It’s only natural to use honorifics with someone older than you. But I couldn’t do it. …Or rather, that’s not quite right.

–An intense feeling resides in me that [there is no need to use honorifics with a mere butler].

What is this…does some of “Luke’s” will remain?
I look at Alfred again. A face full of wrinkles appropriate for his age. But he has an air of dignity about him, objectively handsome, and his physique is by no means withered.
Of course, Alfred was the former vice captain of the kingdom’s knights.
I remembered that just now. I thought he’d be perfect to teach me swordsmanship but…could I do that? Would I, ask a mere butler to teach me?
I’d rather die than shame myself by begging like that.


What is this irresistibly powerful emotion?
Damn, why is it so hard to simply ask him to teach me the sword!?
“Alfred, teach me…”
Guh, the words won’t come out!! I’m so close!
“Teach meeee…”
“Teach meeeeeee!!”
“Young master Luke! What’s wrong! Could it be your health after all–!?”
“Noooo speak properly!”
I couldn’t help yelling loudly. I realize I’m drenched in sweat. My eyes are probably bloodshot too.
No good, I can’t ask him. No matter how hard I try, the words won’t leave my mouth. What the hell is this curse…worst ever. Am I stuck only being “Luke” no matter how much I struggle? –No, change your thinking.

“Teach meeee…the swooord…”

I did it! By making it an order I somehow managed!
I’m so sorry Alfred-san! Through Luke’s memories I know I’ve caused you endless trouble! I sincerely apologize!
In my heart I deeply bowed my head.
“….Come again?”
Just when I felt relieved, Alfred-san said some hopeless words. ….You’re kidding right?
“You didn’t hear me…?”
Hey…that can’t be Alfred-san!! Saying it again would be too painful! …Well I’ll do it, for the sake of being taught swordsmanship I’ll say it however many times needed.
“Teach meeee…”
“My apologies. Blame my old ears, they seem to be failing me.”
“Hah…hah…I see.”
I quietly waited for his reply. Alfred-san falls silent as if contemplating something.
Please, please don’t refuse me. I’m desperately resisting but I don’t know what actions I may take if refused.
This really is the worst…what a damn curse.
“Understood. If it suits you, I shall fulfill that role.”
Somehow I got his approval…thank goodness.
But I can’t express my gratitude. If I open my mouth I may spew hateful words so I have to stubbornly remain silent. I’m truly sorry Alfred-san…I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart.
Haa…will I ever reach a happy ending when I can’t even say a single thank you as myself…?

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