SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 4

A sweet…bewitching scent, making my brain fuzzy.  
“It’s fine. After all the hardship till now…having a lil’ something nice is fine right?” 
Corone’s finger poked and traced my nape.  
“Lewd stuff… wanna do it?” 
“N-No way! That kind of thing is for people who love each other, dammit…”  
“It’s okay…I’m an angel so no count.” 
“That’s not the issue…” 
“Fufu, just give in…well if Youtan refuses I’ll just force my way with lewd stuff anyway~” 
Corone gently grasped both my cheeks in her hands.  

Her strength…her strength is too much, I can’t break free. 
“S-Stop! This kind of thing is no good by force!” 
“Sorry…even if you don’t like it, I’ve gotten into the mood for lewd stuff with Youtan.” 
Corone’s lips drew close to mine—  
“Cu-Cut it outtttttt!” 
“Okay, all done.” 
Right before our lips touched, I’m released. 
“Hmmm? What’s wrong Youtan? Even though you were saying stop, were you actually kinda expecting it?” 
“N-No way!” 
It’s true I didn’t like it since we aren’t lovers…but if asked whether I had even 1% wicked thoughts…I’m a high school boy at that age too. If a girl this pretty says lewd stuff lewd stuff to me, mentally I may refuse but physically my body reacts.  
“But I wasn’t lying you know? I already had my fill of lewd stuff.” 
“Yup. [Praying in my heart for the serialization of HU◯TER×HUNTE○ to resume.]” 
“Everyone in the whole country does that every day!” 
You…well, not a guy but…that’s way too mischievous no matter what.  
Just as I was about to voice my protest— 
“But you know, [Support Oootomo Youta so his mind doesn’t reach its limit] is for real.” 
Corone’s tone changed ever so slightly. 
“Sorry about that. I was teasing too much just now, but I really did want you to cheer up and have fun. So really, tell me anytime if it gets tough ‘kay? I’m always on your side Youtan.” 
She still had a jesting feel, but I sensed no falsehood in her eyes. 
“I see…just having one person who understands the circumstances makes me feel quite a bit lighter—but I don’t think I’ll end up in the dire situation Corone is worried about.” 
“Oh, is that right?” 
“Yeah. I’ve decided—whatever misfortune comes, whatever [curse] is added, I won’t let it get me down or irritated in each moment. The one thing I absolutely won’t do is live a gloomy life because of unreasonable things.”  
“Oooh, positive outlook huh.” 
If I became gloomy and listless alone, it’d stand out in a bad way. To maintain my life goal of [not standing out], I can’t afford to be depressed over every little thing.  
“So don’t worry. No matter how much misfortune strikes or the [curse] piles on, I will never—” 
[Choose ] 
① Groveling for Corone to [step on me] while prostrate  
② Opening my mouth facing up to beg Corone to [drool on me] 
“Forcing to physically step on me is too much!” 
And 2 is too extreme! 
…But the silver lining is that it’s Corone, who understands the circumstances of the choices. And I’m just begging, it’s not actually going to happen—I just have to endure the humiliation of prostrating, so it’s effectively no risk. 
I got on all fours and rubbed my forehead on the floor.  
“Please step on me.” 
“Why are you actually stepping on me!?” 
“Well, I couldn’t tell if you were saying it because of the choices or of your own will.”  
“You should know! It’s me we’re talking about!” 
“That’s right!” 
“Ahaha, just jokin’ jokin’. I even took my shoes off and just lightly touched with my soles see? Squishy squishy.” 
“You really are an easygoing person huh…” 
But these choices are the worst. 
The misfortune hasn’t caused any major harm yet, but with the choices, I don’t know what’ll happen going forward…or rather, even now the two options are mostly immediate no-gos. 
“Corone…Find the cause as soon as possible—” 
[Choose ] 
① A crow’s beak stabs into your anus 
② Classmate Ishibashi stabs into your anus 
“That delinquent-like guy stabbing me would kill me!” 
Don’t joke around! There’s no way I can choose either of these— 
Right after, I was assaulted by indescribable headache pain. 
N-No good…I have no choice but to choose… 
The instant I reluctantly selected 1 while crying— 
No way? A caw I didn’t hear at all until now…  
Knowing it was likely futile, I still turned my back on the crow and dashed away at full speed. 
I don’t wanna…even if it results in getting stabbed in the end, at least buy some time— 
At a time like this…a banana peel! 
With the combo of the choices and misfortune at the worst timing, I stumbled and fell forward.  
And since I reflexively thrust my hands out, I ended up in a crawling position. 
C-Crap! Like this, facing the attacking crow with my butt sticking out— 
Something hard and thick entered deep inside. 
Feeling like something precious had been stolen from me, something faintly shining entered my eyes. 
My butt…my butt hurts like it’s gonna split open. 
Since it was stabbed while I was on all fours, it probably went in deeper than if I had been standing.  
Damn…because the choices and misfortune combined, it became the worst possible outcome… 
” hmm? ” 
Hearing a feeble voice, I glanced over and saw the crow swaying powerlessly.  
And then— 


After vomiting vigorously, it fluttered away unsteadily.  
“I feel kinda bad for the crow too…huh?” 
Mixed in the crow’s vomit, I noticed something sparkling. 
“What’s that…?” 
“Doesn’t it look kinda like a gem?” 
“Ah, no doubt about it. It’s super tiny but this is a real diamond.”  
“Ha? The diamond…the crow had swallowed it?” 
“That’s right. It probably threw up because your butt smelled so bad.” 
Let it go… 
“By the way Youtan, that crow came out in the choices right? What were they?” 
“Oh, the first one was—” 
As asked, I told Corone the content of the choices. 
“I see I see. Then misfortune activated and you slipped on the banana peel…that lined up your butt just right for the crow’s beak to stab in deeply…and as a result, unable to bear the stench, the crow threw up the diamond, I see.” 
Putting it into words makes the unfolding events seem absurdly stupid… 
“Well, it might just be too convenient a coincidence. Anyway, we should turn this in to the police—” 
“Hmm…might not be a coincidence.” 
“Hey Youtan, mind if I take some pics?” 
“Pictures? …I guess that’s fine but…” 
Why so suddenly? The conversation feels disconnected… 

“Okay, so get on all fours and show your an*s~” 


“Eh, cause you said I could take pics right?” 

“No, normally you’d think of my face right…why do you wanna take pics of such a filthy place?” 

“Ah don’t worry don’t worry. I’ll use the highest resolution burst shots for maximum clarity~” 

“A high res an*s is filthier! Who’d let you take pics of that!” 

“Boo boo. Your butt hole is tiny~” 

Saying slick stuff to annoy me… 
But still, this girl…I thought she was weird but suddenly demanding butt pics is way overboard no matter what. 
“Oh right, I haven’t explained yet. When the earlier diamond thing happened, I felt like there was some kinda aura distortion around Youtan’s butt area.

So I wanna take pics of it and have the heavenly analysis team take a look.

“Oh right, I haven’t explained yet. When the earlier diamond thing happened, I felt like there was some kinda aura distortion around Youtan’s butt area. So I wanna take pics of it and have the heavenly analysis team take a look. When I jokingly said an*s earlier, I didn’t mean zoomed in there, clothed butt pics are fine.” 

“No, then say that from the start…” 

“Meow haha, ‘kay got it. Sending the pic now…there!”  

About a minute or two after Corone operated the smartphone-like device— 

“Oh, looks like the results came in!” 

“That was fast…” 

“The analysis team guys are suuuper excellent y’see. Lemme see…ah, I see I see.” 

“They figured something out?” 

“Ah, it was a little complicated but just now I said [ah, I see] not [let’s dig your an*s] got it?” 

“Nothing was complicated at all! I didn’t imagine anything like that!” 

“Meow haha, ‘kay I’ll stop messing around and tell you the real analysis results—Youtan, in math what happens when you multiply negative by negative?” 
“Hm…it becomes positive right?” 
“That’s right. So in other words, what happened earlier is, the misfortune of slipping on a banana peel and the crow’s beak stabbing your butt combined to turn into the diamond being vomited, see?” 
“Huh…what kind of nonsensical talk is this…” 
“The analysis team guys don’t really get the logic either seems like. Well, the [curse] is kind of a black box even for the heavenly realm…anyway, the gist is, if misfortune and the choices occur at close timing going forward, even if bad things happen from each, their combination can bring about a miraculous synergy resulting in happiness, ‘kay?” 
Come to think of it, it was like that with the earlier fundoshi incident in class too…I thought it was suspiciously convenient but that was why huh… 
“Oh…then from now on I’ve got nothing to fear from misfortune or the choices right!” 
“Ah, well about that—” 
Suddenly, there was a loud sound from my lower half. 
“Th-The zipper is coming undone? Wh-Why? I haven’t put any weird force on it or anything…” 
“Ah, probably got caught on something when you fell forward earlier?”  
Tch, misfortune…it’s open in the front despite the hole in back… 
And this is secondary damage from slipping on the banana…the worst outcome of misfortune leading to more misfortune. 
“Haah…gotta hurry and sew it up—” 
[Choose ] 
① A crane I saved before turns into a cute girl and comes to return the favor 
② A flock of crows comes to avenge their sniffed comrade
“Hey! I never saved any crane! It’s effectively no choice!” 
Yelling while reluctantly selecting 2— 
Caw caw caw caw caw. 
The cries of countless birds suddenly resounded. 
Looking up, the sky was filled with a massive flock of crows. 
“Wh-What’s with these guys…they look kinda murderous no?” 
“Yeah they’ve got a real bad vibe huh.”  
“Heh, but nothing to fear. After all, I’ve got approval from the heavenly analysis team!” 
“Oh Youtan, about that—” 
“Rather, I look forward to what plus will come about from my zipper being undone and the crows’ vengeance.” 
“Uhh listen listen bro. According to an additional report from the analysis team, [The negative multiplication phenomenon rests upon an extremely unstable aura balance. Therefore, the conversion to a plus from the misfortune and curse combination isn’t fixed, but random.]” 
In other words…there’s a case where it simply continues as consecutive minuses and ends like tha— 

” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” Gogaaaaahhhh! ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” 

What flew at me like black bullets were the esteemed crows— 
“Wahhh stop! Not there, not there! No, stop that! Hey, st-stop! I’m serious, sto— n-no, both front and back at once is too muchhhhhhhhh!”

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