A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 1 Chapter 13 part 2

Anonymous God 1: “Hey, have you noticed the lack of interesting reincarnated individuals lately?”

Anonymous God 2: “Yeah, I get what you mean. Most of them are pretty ordinary. The overpowered ones are entertaining at first, but they become monotonous after a while. Oh well, nothing we can do about it.”

Anonymous God 3: “Initially, it was fun to reincarnate them without discrimination, but it loses its charm after a while, especially when you’ve done it so many times.”

Anonymous God 4: “Have you guys seen Fei? He’s quite an intriguing character.”

Anonymous God 5: “Who’s that?”

Anonymous God 6: “He’s the one who reincarnated as a supporting character, but he firmly believes he’s the main character.”

Anonymous God 7: “Oh yeah, he’s hilarious.”

Anonymous God 8: “Wait, seriously? There’s someone like that?”

Anonymous God 9: “What’s he like? Tell us more.”

Anonymous God 10: “He’s not skilled in magic, but he’s exceptionally talented in swordsmanship. And he’s a bit… peculiar, mentally.”

Anonymous God 11: “Hmm.”

Anonymous God 12: “Are you talking about Fei?”

Anonymous God 13: “Fei is a riot!”

Anonymous God 14: “No, seriously, he’s really cool.”

Anonymous God 15: “Who reincarnated him?”

Anonymous God 16: “I think it was Athena.”

Anonymous God 17: “Hmm, now I’m curious.”

Anonymous God 18: “He reincarnated as a supporting character in ‘The Legend of the Round Table,’ a melancholic novel game. But he’s so engulfed in his own delusions that he believes he’s the main character.”

Anonymous God 19: “Oh, I know that game! I adore Yururu, the petite girl with the ample bosom!”

Anonymous God 20: “Yeah, Fei has brainwashed her!”

Anonymous God 21: “Wait, really?”

Anonymous God 22: “Yeah, he’s completely captivated me. I wouldn’t even mind if he hugged me.”

Anonymous God 23: “Well, I suppose that’s how it goes.”

Anonymous God 24: “When you’ve been rejected by everyone your whole life, but then someone needs you more than anyone else… it’s only natural.”

Anonymous God 25: “Yeah, I guess so.”

Anonymous God 26: “She blushed like an apple. It was so adorable.”

Anonymous God 27: “Seriously? And here I thought Yururu was my favorite.”

Anonymous God 28: “Give it up, Fei’s taken her.”

Anonymous God 29: “Fei-kun, I envy you.”

Anonymous God 30: “He already has a wife? She’s definitely the primary spouse.”

Anonymous God 31: “Bowlan is pretty cute too, though. She has an attitude, but she’s adorable.”

Anonymous God 32: “I think I’d pick Arthur.”

Anonymous God 33: “Arthur is such a social outcast. It’s unsettling.”

Anonymous God 34: “Hey, baldy, shut up.”

Anonymous God 35: >>34 I’m not bald, lol. You’re just imagining things

Anonymous God 36: >>35 Don’t get angry just because someone told you the truth, lol.

Anonymous God 37: This guy is definitely bald. There’s no doubt about it.

Anonymous God 38: Ten-yen bald (lol).

Anonymous God 39: He probably lost around 7,500 yen worth of hair in his excitement.
Anonymous God 40: No, but seriously, Fei is the worst. I wish he would just die already.

Anonymous God 41: >>40 That’s terrifying, terrifying, terrifying.

Anonymous God 42: Why do you want him to die?

Anonymous God 43: Because if he dies, his soul will belong to me. I’ll melt it down and keep it by my side forever.

Anonymous God 44: Seriously, you’re a psychopath. You’re Freya, aren’t you?

Anonymous God 45: This is definitely Freya-level madness.

Anonymous God 46: This Yururu girl is cute, but she’s not as good as me, right?

Anonymous God 47: Ugh, this need for approval is so Hestia-like (lol).

Anonymous God 48: No, but Yururu-chan is really cute. I genuinely want to support her.

Anonymous God 49: Seriously, Fei doesn’t notice anything, lol.

Anonymous God 50: I wonder if getting hit on the head hurts. What an idiot.

Anonymous God 51: He’s definitely think she’s in the position of a mentor in his own mind. He’s so delusional.

Anonymous God 52: He must have a seriously messed up mind. It’s rare for a human to be like that, right?

Anonymous God 53: >>52 Since he thinks he’s the main character, he’s strongly influenced by suggestion. He’s immune to the suggestions of others, and since he’s the main character, it’s normal for him to endure injuries. He has a high tolerance for pain.

Based on the above, here are some examples of scary stories:

True adversity at the start: “Well, it’s a losing event, so there’s nothing you can do about it.”

If you can’t win even after practicing: “I’m a hardworking protagonist, so it’s natural that it takes time to get stronger. Let’s work harder.”

If your mentor becomes your enemy: “A great event has occurred where the teacher has fallen into darkness. We have to do something.”

If your mentor is expelled: “Let’s use our wits and risk our lives to stop it.”

Anonymous God 54: This is too much. What is wrong with this guy?

Anonymous God 55: I seriously think he has one of the strongest minds of all humans. It’s so scary.

Anonymous God 56: I wonder if Yururu-chan will be rewarded.

Anonymous God 57: She’s been through a lot since she’s never really had a romantic relationship until she was 23.

Anonymous God 58: She’s too cute.

Anonymous God 59: When will the doujinshi of these two be sold?

Anonymous God 60: >>59 Shut up (lol).

Anonymous God 61: >>59 It won’t be sold (lol).

Anonymous God 62: >>59 There are other comments, aren’t there?

Anonymous God 63: But I heard that there’s a doujinshi of the two of them, a pure love story.

Anonymous God 64: >>59 That’s definitely Zeus.

Anonymous God 65: I’m a doujinshi maniac, so I’m sure of it (lol).

Anonymous God 66: I really can’t like this guy, Fei. He’s too creepy.

Anonymous God 67: Huh?

Anonymous God 68: >>66 Oh no, I’ve been killed by a Fei fan.

Anonymous God 69: Is there really such a person?

Anonymous God 70: Yeah, there are.

Anonymous God 71: He’s becoming quite popular. There are many who want to buy his soul for a considerable amount of money when he dies. Like Freya.

Anonymous God 72: Oh, really?

Anonymous God 73: Seriously, Fei isn’t that great.

Anonymous God 74: >>73 I’ll kill you. Don’t talk about Fei-sama like that. Who do you think you are, talking down to him like that?

Anonymous God 75: >>74 Uh, I’m a god.

Anonymous God 76: (lol)

Anonymous God 77: What about Maria?

Anonymous God 78: She’s the cause of Fei’s weakening. She hid the swordsmanship manual so that Fei wouldn’t go down the wrong path. Basically, Maria is to blame.

Anonymous God 79: “Yeah, Maria is to blame.”

Anonymous God 80: “But Maria is actually quite pitiful. I know this because I played the game.”

Anonymous God 81: “What do you mean?”

Anonymous God 82: “It’s not the story where both parents were killed by Daemon, right?”

Anonymous God 83: “No, it’s different. I know because I cleared the game, but Maria’s route is really hopeless. It’s like she becomes the true heroine, but it’s quite pitiful. Also, there are various hidden details about her parents and such.”

Anonymous God 84: “What do you mean?”

Anonymous God 85: “Maria’s memories have been altered. I know this.”

Anonymous God 86: “Really? That’s pretty messed up. It’s definitely a depressing novel game.”

Anonymous God 87: “Well, Fei will definitely do something about it.”

Anonymous God 88: “Yeah, you’re right.”

Anonymous God 89: “Fei is still around, so everything will be resolved, haha.”

Anonymous God 90: “By the way, wasn’t the scenario pretty heavy during Yururu’s time too?”

Anonymous God 91: “It’s because the scenario writer likes bitter endings.”

Anonymous God 92: “I know. That person doesn’t really go for straightforward happy endings. Over half of the applicants in the entrance exam die. Also, there are many situations where you die if you make a wrong choice for True and Arthur.”

Anonymous God 93: “What? So does Yururu die? She doesn’t, right?”

Anonymous God 94: “She would have died if Fei had let her go and she went to the free city.”

Anonymous God 95: “As expected of Fei.”

Anonymous God 96: “It was really amazing when Yururu was about to be expelled. Fei made a quick judgment.”

Anonymous God 97: “Fei is really good at making judgments. He’s just fast.”

Anonymous God 98: “The Holy Knight Commander looked really happy, didn’t he?”


Anonymous God 99: “Of course he did. It’s only beneficial for the Holy Knight Commander. Even if Yururu is expelled this time, there won’t be any benefit for him. Yururu has always had a low rank due to being her brother’s and parents’ poor relatives, because of her poor aptitude for magic. Only Holy Knights who don’t like her will feel good about expelling her. But if the top Holy Knight, the Holy Knight Commander, protects her, he might lose people’s trust, and some people might not be satisfied, causing a loss of control. Taking that into account, the conclusion is that there is no obligation or benefit to protect her. That seems to be the flow of the original work. However, this time, since Fei, the biggest victim, protected her, it’s a story of a master who messed up and his disciple who protected her, and the Holy Knight Commander who was moved by his disciple’s determination and forgave her. In other words, there is also a possibility that it will lead to the image improvement of the Knight Order’s Holy Knight Commander. Furthermore, since they adopted a teacher who was not originally well-reputed, Marumaru-san, who is responsible for the consequences, can gain some favor. It makes it easier to ask for help if something happens. It gives the impression of having one more piece to play with. Yururu’s honor has fallen quite a bit, but it’s the disciple’s duty to protect her, and it’s more rewarding for the Holy Knight Commander to have a good return. Also, the Holy Knight Commander doesn’t seem like a bad person, so he might be happy with this rounded result. From the Holy Knight Commander’s perspective, isn’t this killing two birds with one stone?”

Anonymous God 100: There’s someone who’s seriously analyzing this, and it’s hilarious.

Anonymous God 101: >>99 That’s true, it’s killing two birds with one stone.

Anonymous God 102: Fei probably got carried away and offered the phoenix to the Holy Knight leader.

Anonymous God 103: Wasn’t this originally a depressing novel game?

Anonymous God 104: It turned out to be a happy ending. Fei is too wild.

Anonymous God 105: It’s really good, isn’t it? Yururu-chan was saved.

Anonymous God 106: I wonder what will happen in the future.

Anonymous God 107: Since it’s a depressing novel game, more and more events will come, and that’s worrying.

Anonymous God 108: Well, but Fei will somehow manage it, won’t he?

Anonymous God 109: That’s right.

Anonymous God 110: Let’s keep watching over it in the future.”

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