I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 2 Chapter 3 part 8 

Surely she can’t actually mean a Demon Lord? No, that’s unthinkable.

Because the current Demon Lord has not been born yet. Once they are born, a prophecy will be revealed to the prophets, and the hero will set out to defeat them. That’s the norm and common knowledge.

“Oh, speaking of which… I thought humans believed there was only one Demon Lord. …I forgot.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

As I tried to ask about the incomprehensible words,

“Oh, oops! That’s dangerous, dangerous. I shouldn’t have said that… Well, it’s something you don’t need to worry about anyway. It doesn’t concern you,” Enri muttered, trying to deceive.

“Anyway… if we’re going to do it, let’s start soon. I’m tired of talking. Well, there’s nothing you can do without magic power anymore,” Enri said.

“…? What are you talking about?”

There’s nothing I can do without magic power? Why would she say that…

“Well, you’re a magician, right? I ‘saw’ your magic power at the Magic Tournament… Such a tremendous amount of magic power, only a magician could have that.”

“A magician?”

“You’re not equipped like a swordsman, you don’t have any armor or gauntlets or breastplate, and isn’t that your everyday attire? If I know you’re a magician, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

With a slightly mocking tone, Enri shrugged as if to say, “Well, whatever.”

Poorly equipped? A magician? No, I…

“Because a magician without magic power is like a puppet. It seems you won’t even provide entertaining conversation. I don’t feel like talking pointlessly either. So, goodbye.”

Enri flashed a bright smile and waved his hand in a parting gesture.


Countless “Devours” were unleashed towards me at an astonishing speed.

Numerous monstrous jaws attacked from all directions.

In response, I immediately reached into the “Dimensional Storage” that I activated and drew out a “long sword I hadn’t used in a long time.”

And then…

“Well, I never said I was a magician.”

With the jet-black blade drawn from its sheath, I cut down all the menacing “Devours.”

In an instant, I swung the sword multiple times, reducing everything to tiny pieces.


Enri let out a dumbfounded voice as she watched the “Devours” falling to the ground.

“W-Wait a minute! What, what is this? Why can my ‘Devours’ be cut?”

“Why? Because they got cut, simple as that,” I replied, raising my voice in surprise.

“The moment they touch the ‘Devours,’ the sword should disappear! So why…!”

“Well, it ended up being cut, so it’s troublesome to hear that. …And it’s tiring to use this after all,” I murmured, looking at the distinctively jet-black blade of the black sword I was holding.

I found this sword two years ago in a certain place… Somehow, whenever I draw the blade from its sheath, I feel extremely tired.

It’s a level of tiredness that makes me want to lie down and do nothing right away. Seriously, so tired. I just want to sleep.

Even when I tried using “Imperial Appraisal” to see if it was a magic sword, I couldn’t figure out why. Normally, I should at least know some information like longsword or shortsword, but for some reason, I can’t tell with this sword.

It’s been creepy, so I even tried to throw it away. But no matter how many times I throw it away, it somehow returns to me.

Even when I performed “Spatial Teleportation” to a distant place on the verge of death, and felt relieved thinking it was gone, it would be there beside me when I woke up from sleep. Even if I forcibly handed it over to someone I didn’t know, it would end up attached to my waist without me noticing.

So, I thought about breaking it. I put the sword on the ground and unleashed all the attack magic I could use, but it only created a large crater on the ground, and the sword itself didn’t even get a scratch. I don’t understand.

I tried researching it, but it doesn’t seem to be cursed, and it’s unlikely to be a living organism since it can be stored in “Dimensional Storage”… Eventually, I got tired of it and gave up.

Honestly, I don’t want to use this sword because it makes me extremely tired every time I swing it. …But this sword has advantages that surpass that.

For some unknown reason, this sword has an incredibly high durability.


Even without magic like “Resistance” or “Durability Enhancement” cast on it, it withstands all of my attack magic.

Moreover, while normal swords occasionally require maintenance, this one, even without “Automatic Repair” or anything, instantly becomes sparkling clean no matter how dirty it gets. It’s incredibly convenient. It’s not troublesome at all. Amazing.

With this sword, I thought it would be able to cut Enri’s “Devours,” and as expected, it was easily sliced through. If I overlook the downsides, it can be considered a great sword. Though using it makes me extremely tired. I want to abandon everything and sleep right now.

“I don’t understand. Why can my ‘Devours’…? No, even if I can touch the ‘Devours’ even a little, it shouldn’t be a problem. In that case…”

After muttering to himself, Enri snapped his fingers. Then, the “Devours” swirling around merged into one spot–

“It’s huge…”

A monstrous object expanded, filling my field of view.

“Hehe… Well, there’s no way to do anything about this, right? With such a tiny sword, you can’t possibly cut something this big,” Enri said, looking at me while wearing an expression that could be interpreted as ridicule.

Indeed… With the sword I have, the length is overwhelmingly insufficient. It would be difficult to cut something of this size using conventional thinking. …But well, probably.

As I pondered for a moment, it seemed like Enri thought I was hesitating or something, and a smile of composure appeared on his face.

“Well then, this time for sure… Goodbye.”

And with that, she shot the “Devours” towards me and sneered while looking at me with a mocking expression.

In the moment the enormous “Devours” touched me,


I tightly gripped the sword and swung it forcefully from bottom left to upper right in a flowing motion.


Then, the massive “Devours” was cleanly cut into two along the path of my swing.

“What… What?”

Enri seemed to be flustered as she watched that, his mouth moving in incomprehensible ways.

Since it was this large, I was a bit worried if I could divide it, but I’m glad it cut through without any issues. I thought I could do it.

“That’s… That’s weird, right? Clearly, with the size of that sword, it shouldn’t be able to cut, right?”

“Well, it did cut, didn’t it? Besides, if you swing it forcefully, the wind pressure alone can cut beyond the length of the sword.”

“Y-Yeah, that’s true, but even so, it should only be able to cut about five times the length of the sword…! My ‘Devours’ was around thirty meters long!”

“Well, even if you say that…” I can only say that it was able to cut.

When I fought against an incredibly large monster before, I was able to cut it in one swing, and this time, I thought I would try it out and it worked. That’s all there is to it.

“It’s strange, absolutely strange… Magic was already unbelievably impossible, and now swordsmanship is even more… Are you really human?”

Enri glared at me as if she were looking at a monster, his face contorting. How rude. No matter how you look at it, I’m just a handsome human.

“First of all, my ‘Devours’ should be impossible to defend against, and if anything, only the current ‘Hero’ or that ‘Authority’—”

Muttering to herself, Enri suddenly raised her head as if she had realized something.

“Oh, right, that’s it! That’s it, isn’t it? So, you’re… Ahaha, ahahahaha!”

After staring at my face for a moment, she suddenly burst into laughter, as if his head had gone crazy. What’s with this guy? He’s creepy.

“I get it now, that’s why. I never expected that you would be showing ‘Demon Mark’ as a human… That’s why my ‘Devours’ can be cut. With that ‘Authority,’ it’s only natural. It seems like you still haven’t fully mastered it, though… Well, I can slowly teach you.”

Speaking in a cheerful tone, as if she were talking to a friend or comrade, Enri reached out her hand to me and said,

“You’re… ‘Sloth,’ huh?”

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