Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 30

Mob No.30: [I’ll get the attention of one ship! Meanwhile, disable the other ship’s ability to move! No sinking it! We must capture them!]
Both ships clearly bore the markings of Sunshine Tree Electronics, but they were also clearly heavily armed.
They even launched unmanned drones against us.
They were definitely not ordinary transport ships.
This company should be a decent, respectable company without any bad rumors… You never know what they’re up to behind the scenes, I guess.
But if that were the case, they wouldn’t be brazenly displaying the company logo and ship registration codes!
It was probably a conspiracy by a rival company or something.
While I was thinking about it, Arthur’s instructions came in.
[I will get the attention of one ship! Meanwhile, disable the other ship’s ability to move! No sinking them! We have to capture them!]
Understanding what he was up to, everyone responded.
[Then I’ll back you up. I’ll shut them up properly!]
Levin immediately headed for the ship Arthur was after.
[Well, then we old guys better pull our weight, too.]
[I’m not even 30 yet!]
[Still older than those two.]
Responding to old man Bernard’s words, Moritz went with me to the other ship.
Of course, the unmanned drones came to intercept us.
[I’ll take care of them. Leave the big ones to me!]
Moritz set up her barriers and went after the group of drones.
[Then it’s up to us youngsters to take care of the big ones. I’m counting on you.]
[Understood. I’ll support you.]
And so I went with old man Bernard to the other ship.

Sunshine Tree Electronics Side?:UNKNOWN

[Port turret 4 badly damaged!]
[Engines 1 and 3 hit!]
[Damn! The barrier generator is broken!]
Reports of increasing damage to this money-making ship kept reaching my ears on the bridge.
“What are the drones doing?! Weren’t they deployed?!”
“Two-thirds shot down already!”
“We have manned ships too, right?! Send them out!”
Damn it! The plan to capture Sunshine Tree Electronics’ ships and modify them to look like civilian ships for a surprise attack and capture was a huge success!
And we’d target ships from companies other than Sunshine Tree Electronics.
Disrupt their shipments, sell the goods abroad, and sell the crew within the Empire.
Then, with proof of these actions in hand, demand that Sunshine Tree Electronics hand over 30% of their monthly sales, with the conditions that our activities gave them an advantage at the announcement event, and their competitors’ goods shortages increased their sales.
If they refuse, we’ll spread the word far and wide that they hired us to do all this.
My perfect plan to grow a money tree!
Ruined by that incompetent who fired without orders!
It shouldn’t fall apart so easily!
[Cargo hold here! The loading hatch is destroyed and won’t open!]
And the other useless underlings,
“Just blast the door open with a beam!”
[Got it! Alright! Everyone clear the way!]
Don’t even have that much wit!
Who is it? Whose conspiracy is this?
The Kaidus Pirates, the largest group, were wiped out by the military!
The vicious Grimm Reapers were crushed by the military, mercenaries, and racers!
So the next top pirates should be me, Stalva Bandegro, and my [Bandegro Pirates]!
Who conspired to interfere with my perfect plan to gain ample funds?!
Just then, a slight vibration occurred.
[Door destroyed! Manned ships launching!]
Came the report.
“Good! Shoot those dragonflies down!”
We’ve got nearly 20 ships to their pathetic 5. No way we can’t shoot them down!
[Alright! Swat down those pests…]
“Cargo hold hit! Oxygen leak confirmed! Sealing bulkheads!”
Why…why are my magnificent ships being pushed back by just 2 small craft?! Don’t screw with me!
“Hey! What about ship 2?! Why aren’t they backing us up?!”
I ordered ship 2.
But the pathetic reply:
[Ship 2 here! We’re pinned down too and can’t move!]
Useless incompetents, all of them!
This is because that guy fired without orders earlier! Everything went crazy because he acted alone!
Wasn’t gonna kill him quick.
Needed to torture him to find out who paid him first!
Then came a report to further anger me.
“New ship signatures detected! Military ships! 5…6…7…8…12 total!”
Why did the military get involved?!
Sunshine Tree Electronics would want to keep it quiet if their involvement got exposed, so they should’ve stayed mum!
Why?! Why aren’t things going how I pictured?!
[All craft currently engaging, immediately cease combat. I repeat, immediately cease combat.]
Came the damn military’s order, finally stopping the attack on my ship.
“Now! Full speed ahead!”
No need to obediently stop!
I’ll use ship 2 as a sacrifice and make my escape alone.
But my ship didn’t budge a single mm from there.

Sunshine Tree Electronics? Side: End


The military appeared just as we disabled both Sunshine Tree Electronics ships, surrounding the two ships.
[Arthur! Are you safe?!]
Deactivating work mode, Seila who brought the military rushed to Arthur as if about to smother him in kisses.
With that skill Arthur surely survived, but you never know what might happen in battle so her worry was natural.
I and the other 3 were worried too, but of course lovers get priority treatment.
Incidentally, the transport ship Lanoitan was waiting a short distance away with the military ships.

With the moving? reunion over, when we tried to resume the request, communication came from the military ship.
[Impressive work. Disabling two modified combat ships with just 5 craft.]
On screen appeared the famous beauty, Captain Priscilla Hiyaliate, with black hair, purple eyes, and fair skin.
What was the poster girl for the Guards’ propaganda doing here?
While the 6 of us were confused,
[You were in command, yes? Mr. Arthur Lingard?]
Captain Hiyaliate addressed Arthur very naturally.
Despite old man Bernard and Knight-rank Moritz here, she unhesitatingly addressed Arthur.
Amazing. She’s perfectly singled out a promising talent.
Well, maybe Seila told her about us.
[Yes, everyone left command to me, so presumptuously I took charge.]
Arthur politely replied, humbling himself.
[I see. If talented people like you joined the military, it would be very reassuring.]
Captain Hiyaliate looked at Arthur with a somewhat hopeful expression.
Clever appeal, but she’s likely carrying out orders from above to recruit talented human resources into the military.
Many people seem to have joined after being hooked by her.
And now she’s got eyes on Arthur.
Her being here now was probably coincidence, but she’s trying to build rapport.
If Arthur enlisted, she profits.

Of course, there was someone who absolutely would not allow that.
[Captain Hiyaliate? Shouldn’t you be commanding the criminal apprehension?]
[Oh, right. My orders are in place so there’s no problem.]
That’s right, Seila.
Clearly rudely cutting off Arthur’s conversation,
[I see. Then we still have work so excuse us. Arthur, let’s resume our job. Everyone, let’s go.]
she pulled Arthur to her side.
Then immediately accelerated and headed to the Lanoitan’s standby location.

Incidentally, Captain Hiyaliate was apparently stunned by Seila’s might for a while, but
[Were those two lovers? But I want that Arthur (talent-wise).]
she muttered with a bewitching smile.
Just a rumor though.

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