Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 9

In front of Raze, a tense Folia had started dancing with Ian.

Unlike the prince’s son, Ian had aspired to the sword since childhood as the grandson of a knight commander, leaving the impression of an honest, good-natured youth. His friendly smile seemed to gradually unwind Folia’s tension as well.

A short distance away, Ruben and Carne were turning in perfect sync.

(For just the first day, it’s been quite an eventful time.)

Especially befriending Folia and Carne was big.

Aside from the mission, they were Raze’s first same-age female friends. She wanted to treasure them.

“Three years, huh…”

Raze muttered absently, somehow dreamily gazing around the hall.

She thought surely at least one guy would have asked her to dance, but this time she had become one with the wallflowers.


Finally she realized it. Due to habits from her detective days, she had unconsciously blended her presence into the surroundings when not actively doing anything. She tended to forget that. While she didn’t love or hate dancing, she was content to quietly watch the dazzling dresses bloom like flowers.

“Are you enjoying yourself?”

The one who called out to her holding two glasses was Headmaster Harrens Roi Beraun.

Today she kept getting approached by prominent figures. Raze grasped her dress and curtsied.

“There’s no need for that here. Just call me Headmaster casually.”

Accepting the offered glass after saying “Thank you very much”, Raze then took it.

Realizing from his illusion magic specialty that Harrens was using magic to avoid notice, Raze relaxed slightly.

“Congratulations on your enrollment. I was hoping to speak with you.”

“I’m honored the Headmaster would say that to me.”

Their glasses clinked as they toasted together.

“I knew your face from the photograph, but you really are only fifteen.”

Harrens gazed intently at her.

His expression said “Is this girl really the [Wolf Fang]?”.

“People meeting me for the first time are often surprised.”

She hadn’t had her birthday yet, so Raze was still fifteen. In the military where everyone was older, her youth proved very convenient and advantageous for catching opponents off guard.

“I see. Not just your looks, but your test answers also surprised me. They were on par with adults. As expected.”

“You praise me too highly. I’m always acutely aware there is still much for me to learn. Despite the circumstances, now that I’ve been given the opportunity to enroll here, I intend to gain more knowledge during my time at the academy.”

Harrens narrowed his eyes at Raze’s reply. It carried a hint of sadness.

(Wellline is right. ……)

Harrens sympathized with the small girl before him, as a father himself.

Raze Granoli, or rather Raze Shess Orphan’s words were not those of a fifteen year old student.

The girl standing before him was a true soldier. She had the eyes of one who serves the nation. Before superiors, she suppresses her own will and simply obediently carries out assigned duties. Such hard eyes they were.

Moreover, Raze Shess Orphan was an elite with the abilities of a general. While not boastful about that fact, she was properly proud of her own skills.

Therefore, even if told “With your excellent grades, I recommend you enroll at Saint Riole Royal Academy of Magic”, a veteran soldier like her would likely not accept it.

Raze was too outstanding a soldier. Withdrawing her from the Baluda demon subjugation would leave a major gap, that much was obvious as day.

[Orphan choosing to attend the academy while exposing her comrades to danger. I cannot envision her making that choice]

When discussing whether or not to have Raze enroll here, Prime Minister Wellrain had said that.

Now, with the person before him, Harrens realized he had been right.

In the end, Wellrain gave Raze the vague role of “observer” and sent her to the academy as part of her duties, knowing she could not refuse…

(Despite being the same age as the students here…)

As the headmaster tasked with protecting the students, Harrens had opposed accepting Raze’s enrollment under the pretext of “duties”. He said she would be unable to truly experience academy life as a student that way.

However, he had been mistaken. Before being a female student, she was a soldier. As long as she was herself, she could not spend her school life the same as the other students – Harrens understood that from their conversation today.

“You mustn’t forget to properly enjoy yourself too.”

“Yes. I’m glad to say I’ve already made some friends here. Though it’s only three years, I intend to become good friends with them as fellow students.”

Raze smiled as she glanced towards the dancing students.

“…You’re mature.”

So sensible it worried him.

“Not at all,” Raze demurred, but Harrens said nothing more at her humility.

There was little he could do given their relationship of superior and subordinate. That was why.


“Let’s talk at leisure again sometime.”

“By all means. Thank you for speaking with me today.”

“No, just doing my duty as an instructor. Feel free to go have a dance yourself sometime.”

Just who were those parting words aimed at?

Harrens left the area.

Watching Harrens’ retreating back, Raze noticed that the teachers were subtly mingling with the students, providing support. It seemed Harrens had worried about her being alone and came to talk out of consideration. Raze smiled wryly at the glass left in her hand.

In this world, women asking men to dance was nothing unusual, but the glittering space dazzled her too much for her to take a step forward.

It was absurd, when she would eagerly slash through monsters during missions.

While staring at the glass from the headmaster, hoping to immerse herself in this world a little more despite not dancing,

“Not drinking?”

Adis Lag Zars, with styled blue hair and the same face as His Excellency, suddenly appeared before her. Raze instinctively straightened her back.

“My stomach’s too full right now.”

She informed him of the fact, as she had overeaten earlier.

“Then, mind if I take it? My throat’s parched from all the dancing.”


Without hesitation, Adis grabbed her glass which already had a sip taken.

The “all the dancing” meant he had likely been entertaining girls. He was using concealment magic now, as no one was accompanying him.

“Thanks. The requests to dance kept coming with no break, so I finally got an opening to slip away. By the way, who’d you dance with? Miss scholarship student.”

The deliberate way of addressing her irked Raze inwardly.

She could only feel he was provoking her.

“No one. I’m not very good at dancing.”

If she laughed it off–

“I see. No partner, then?”

Adis casually made the rude remark.

(Oh Lord. With a father like that, this son is… Does this family have some grudge against me?)

Raze’s fists clenched. To be frank, it pissed her off–.

But she swallowed her anger. As a commoner, picking a fight with him would leave her regretting it later.

“Yes. Shamefully so.”

So Raze did not talk back.

“Hmm…” Replying vaguely, Adis leaned against the wall beside Raze.

He was probably tired after entertaining all the girls. An annoying object was in his desired break space, so that was likely why he said such things to her. That was how Raze chose to interpret it herself.

“Shall I go bring you something sweet?”

Used to placating higher-ups, Raze asked Adis who looked surprised she was considerate after his unkindness. He likely hadn’t expected her to be so thoughtful after his earlier remarks.

“Don’t need any. I already got plenty just now.”

“I see.”

The last song had already started playing. The welcome party was ending.

Keeping them in sight the whole time, Carne and Folia seemed to be happily chatting with Ruben’s group, so they looked fine. Raze was relieved about that.

“Hey, listen…”

Adis’ face came close with a swoosh and Raze tensed up.

“Have we met before somewhere?”

“Why do you ask?”

“No, forget it if it’s just my imagination. Hopefully you’ll have a dance partner next time.”

Leaving those unnecessary parting words, Adis disappeared back into the crowds.

Watching him go, Raze let out a breath once he was out of sight.

(Not you, but I’ve seen your father’s face many times)

Her being overwhelmed by his face must have shown, even to Adis.

She wanted to correct that, but the Grim Reaper’s favor was an object of both awe and respect to Raze. It would probably take time to get used to. No, she might remain this way for life…

(Having to get used to that face… Easier said than done)

Raze heaved another small sigh as she pictured the beautiful face in her mind.

After the welcome party ended, Raze appeared by Carne and Folia’s side when she saw an opening.

“Oh, Raze-chan! Let’s go back together!”

Called by name when she was noticed, Folia waved her over.

“Well then, good night everyone. Sweet dreams.”

Folia politely bid farewell to the several students she had been talking to, then came to Raze’s side.

Ruben was with kana. It would be rude to interrupt the two, so they swiftly said their goodbyes.

“Sorry for leaving you midway. Did you have fun?”

“Yeah. I was surprised by all the people talking to me, but I totally felt like I’d become part of Saint Riole too. The party was so exciting and nerve-wracking!”

“That’s good.”

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