Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 7 part 2

I tried to express it in words, but it surpasses the magnitude that can be conveyed.

As a warrior, I was resurrected at that moment.

“[Answer, Great Beheader].”

It was a rough phrase, but it seemed that the spoken words transformed into an incantation. My partner willingly entered the state of control, transmitting the excitement to me through the nerves of my arm.

Fortunately, there was “emptiness” here. I didn’t need to restrict my partner’s abilities, nor consider the height of the jump. I could jump as high as possible, enlarge it as much as possible, and strike down with all my might.

I’m feeling good. My body feels light. I move well.

The enemy is the Floor Master.

I don’t know what will happen if I can’t finish it with a single blow.

But before thinking about that, as an individual warrior, I was burning with an intense fighting spirit.

“Everyone, retreat! Smash the big one!”

I switch from a jog to a run-up. I synchronize my steps, waiting to reach maximum speed. As soon as I’m confident that my gripping right arm and left leg pushing off the ground match, I’m floating in the air.

It felt as if I were being guided by the enhancement.

Vim’s enhancement provides everything I need at the right moment. Responding to his will, and aligning my movements with my own senses, there is something sharpened by that alone.

Before even thinking, my left arm rests against the raised hilt.

My whole body tenses, storing energy to its maximum. My partner responds.

Without dividing by two, it surely enlarges at the optimal moment, smoothly.

“[Giant Slayer].”

The sword tip bends faster than a whip, and at the moment of reaching its peak, my partner grows to an unprecedented size.

I no longer know how far it extends.

I don’t know how far it will reach.

But one thing is certain: this strike is more than enough to slay the Floor Master, and now I, with my current self, can swing any weapon with all my might.

I strike with a blow infused with all my soul.


Camilla’s unprecedented slash split the grand hall in two.

Literally. The blade was so large that anything in front of Camilla was cut in half right up to the wall. Including the Floor Master, of course. The translucent mass was cleanly divided into two. There was no sign of it regenerating.

There was a brief silence. Then, one person let out a roar, and cheers erupted. Everyone raised their right arms, confident in their victory.

“Here, Jimon! The target’s life signs haven’t disappeared!”

“Don’t let your guard down, everyone! Continue the attack!”

The assault resumed as if it were the final blow. No one let their guard down.

I focused on granting enhancements from the rear, while Camilla, alongside her command duties, prepared for the second strike.

The Floor Master, now split in half, was being sliced and burned, gradually losing its size. Even with my scouting skills, I could tell that its life signs were weakening.

The response was optimal. There were no better strategies.

But the rain hadn’t stopped. There was no sign of it letting up.

“Here, Jimon! The target fell silent!”

This time, everyone truly believed in their victory.

Cheers and even applause filled the air.

However, I couldn’t rejoice wholeheartedly.

What is it? What’s bothering me?

Is it the rain?

No, is it the fact that we were able to defeat the Floor Master so easily?

It wasn’t easy. We dealt with it before feeling threatened. We were fully prepared. If we had made a wrong initial move, the Floor Master would have been a formidable enemy, causing significant damage. It was only through overwhelming numbers that we achieved an early resolution.

But that’s not it.

Something is wrong.

As I tried to turn around to survey the surroundings, I stumbled. The water was hindering me. I realized that the entire grand hall was now submerged up to our knees.

“What is this…?”

I recalled the events leading up to this.

The Floor Master suddenly appeared, attacking us in sync with the downpour. What could it possibly mean? By conventional thinking, it attacked us in conjunction with the timing of the rain.

However, what if… what if.

If the Floor Master of this level had the ability to make it rain?

I shook my head. It’s a leap. There’s no point in pondering it.

Let’s approach it from a different angle. Only within the range of strategies that are deemed useful.

“Camilla, it’s Vim.”

“What’s wrong?”


“The water level is rising due to the rain. It’s likely to make the behavior of semiaquatic monsters more active, and they’re probably faster in the water. Our movement speed is also decreasing.”

“…So you’re saying the danger hasn’t completely subsided?”

I swallowed my saliva.


“You said it well. I’m sorry, I was caught up in the excitement as well. We’ve already broken the mechanisms of the level, so we’ve achieved enough. Let’s retreat.”

It was anticlimactic. Camilla was calm and immediately gave a general order to everyone, urging them to remain focused.

While readjusting our formation, we realized the rising water level and it seemed like everyone remembered the situation we were in.

Amidst the undeniable heat, a sense of calmness began to return to the entire party.

“And Vim, do we still have a retreat plan?”

The time had come to showcase the struggles of the previous night, and I felt a bit proud.

“Yes, there’s a path in the northwest that we can probably use to bypass the water. It’s quite a distance, but it’s about knee-deep–“

Just as I spoke, there was an explosive sound of water, followed by a momentary delay and a large vibration. Then, the water at our feet turned into waves and struck us.

Without time to defend, we fell backward. Something massive had fallen. That much was clear. We were at the edge of the grand hall.

I looked up. Through the gaps in the torrential rain, I saw a large, even larger than before, translucent mass.

It was undeniably enormous. It seemed to resemble a soft-bodied creature, with the closest resemblance being a slug. Its body was translucent, filled with moisture. It had two horn-like organs on its head, and intricate gland-like structures were spread throughout its body like blood vessels. Its back was swollen, and a mass of sludge-like substance floated and stagnated. From that mass, glands extended onto the surface of its back, periodically releasing a black mist tinged with blue.

There was no need to say that this was the true Floor Master.

Then, a delayed sound of water echoed from all directions, and round, translucent masses, identical to the previous Floor Master, fell. Multiple of them. They fell along the walls, surrounding us.

Transmissions flew one after another.

Confusion reigned.

Although I could describe the scene before my eyes, I couldn’t grasp what to do.

I knew that an absolute crisis had befallen us, but I didn’t know what to do about it.

“Calm down!”

At a time like this, it was Camilla who shouted at everyone.

“Form a defensive formation and stick together!”

Her orders moved our bodies. We had to act without thinking.

Camilla’s presence was comforting. Even with limited visibility, she stood out. Dragging her clothing, which had become heavy from absorbing water, she ran to her designated position, and I followed behind her.

We managed to form a defensive formation.

What do we do now? It’s decided: retreat.

The true Floor Master, accompanied by its entourage of multiple entities. Even as the largest party, 【Night Dragonflies】 couldn’t overwhelm them in sheer numbers.


But our escape route was physically blocked. Should we fight? How long can we fight? Is there a guarantee of retreat? Will we be pursued?


I felt a firm tap on my back. When I raised my head, I saw Mark, the shield bearer.

“Don’t slump like that. It’s not good for someone as influential as you to have such a dark expression. Look around.”

He told me to look around. While everyone’s faces were serious, no one was in despair. Despite the confusion, they were switching to a mindset of standing up and facing the challenge.

Among the group of over a hundred people, I was the only one panicking.


I reflected. Yes, there’s no guarantee of overwhelming them, but that doesn’t mean we’re at a disadvantage. We have sufficient firepower. It’s only a looming crisis; there haven’t been any casualties yet. We’re all going to make it back alive from here. Assess the situation and ensure that you fulfill your duties.

Repeating this to myself, I looked ahead.

In the torrential rain, the body of the Floor Master writhed and trembled. I knew something was coming. The order was to defend, which meant to be cautious of counterattacks and observe how the enemy moves.

I enhanced everyone in the shield unit. Our defenses were solid. Bring it on at any time.

From the body of the Floor Master, numerous tentacles rose towards the sky, swaying and multiplying rapidly.

Not just the Floor Master, but its entourage also raised countless tentacles towards the sky.

“Everyone, prepare for impact! After withstanding it, charge at the largest one!”

Camilla’s command rang out. We waited eagerly for the attack.

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