Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 2 prologue

[Prologue] After the Duel with Arnia – Magic Academy Competition

Year 25 of the Anbarld Calendar, 🌙 Month, Day 0

After finishing the duel, I became Karen’s fiancé.
Hold on a second.
Something’s weird here. I should be protesting to the headmaster who did set me up, and why is Karen’s shitty dad readily accepting this?
If he looked regretful I could persist.
I still haven’t met with Karen since that day.
I heard preparations are necessary. I was relieved it’s not a wedding ceremony at least…
Thinking about it now, I guess it can’t be helped…
For now, I’ll try to improve Mashiro’s bad mood after my engagement got decided.

Year 25 of the Anbarld Calendar, 🌙 Month, Day #

I was the shallow one it seems…
Judging and evaluating people by their outward appearance alone.
I regret my terrible conduct.
Karen stopped crossdressing and came to school wearing the girls’ uniform.
One big change.
Her chest had gotten incredibly thick.
Her uniform was strained to the limit by her swollen breasts.
And I accepted being engaged to Karen.
I mean, I had no choice right?
It’d be weird to reject a girl with such huge, cute breasts who likes me.
I probably wouldn’t find better conditions if I searched the whole academy.
Therefore, I will strive as Karen’s fiancé.

Year 25 of the Anbarld Calendar, 🌙 Month, Day ▽

I was appointed to the student council executive committee.
Hey now, thinking about it again, the meaning is unclear.
It’s the result of considerations by the headmaster so my standing improves even a little after becoming Karen’s fiancé.
What happened to checks and balances? Use your authority to make it irreversible before announcing it.
That shitty old hag, I’ll definitely send her flying someday.
That’s not the only problem.
Mashiro was also appointed to the student council executive committee.
She had opposed having alone time with Karen increasing, so she volunteered herself.
When I objected, Karen and Mashiro, my two mega-boobed heroines, pleaded with upward glances.
Tch! I won’t lose to breasts.
I won’t…!

Year 25 of the Anbarld Calendar, 🌙 Month, Day ☆

I became a student council executive committee member.
I don’t want to see, hear, or recall anything.
Just remembering my disgraceful figure wounds my heart, so I’ll seal those memories.
Milfonti’s smile as if saying she saw right through me extremely pissed me off. That’s how I ended up joining the student council, but they don’t seem to expect me for normal duties.
The headmaster’s real aim was me and Mashiro becoming representatives for the Magic Academy Competition.

Year 25 of the Anbarld Calendar, 🌙 Month, Day ♢

The Magic Academy Competition is where the nine magic academies scattered in each region compete in student abilities, in other words a student boasting event.
Thirty representatives are selected – ten teams of three people each.
It’s divided into various categories to compete in, but it seems they want me and Mashiro in Milfonti’s team.
According to the rumors, despite having Milfonti – disciple of the renowned [Flone the Lightning Strike ] – they took second place in last year’s Magic Academy Competition, and the seniors in the same team really took a bashing.
Since it’s all nobles, losing to academies with a mix of commoners must have been humiliating.
Milfonti herself drew a storm of criticism despite producing results it seems.
Looking at it like that, I’m probably a sacrificial lamb.
In a situation where not even defeat is permitted, the other guys escaped the pressure.
Meanwhile, I’m a man steeped in ill rumors, so I’m just right as a target of criticism.
I didn’t want to join the student council, but it’s convenient for participating as a representative.
As a competitor I can connect with promising students from other schools for future poaching.
Not everyone in the world is a good person, and some students want employment.
Our Royal Academy is the only place nobles’ children gather so much.
For students like them, I’m a prospective employer with a Duke house backing me.
Searching for harem candidates in the academy is difficult now.
So it’s time to broaden my horizons!
I wonder if there’s one there~ a girl with big breasts who’s cute!

Year 25 of the Anbarld Calendar, 🌙 Month, Day ?

Spending a lot of time together made me realize Reina is capable.
She’s attentive, gets along well with Mashiro and the others, and doesn’t fear me.
Above all, the tea she brews is delicious.
So delicious that even Alice, who rarely praises anything outside of mine, sulks.
And then I realized that fellow is a comrade.
As someone who walked the same path, I thought I’d save her from that cunningly cruel Flone.

Year 25 of the Anbarld Calendar, ☆ Month, Day ♡

The Magic Academy Competition is held in the Kingdom of Ramdarb.
I heard it’s Reina’s hometown.
It once hit rock bottom after the war with demons, but now thrives as a sightseeing spot.
We who have no direct future riding on our performance here are in a trip mood.
Reina probably wants to visit a lot of places in her long-unseen hometown.
She seems to be taking independent action more than usual for someone who rarely voices opinions.
I’ll keep an eye on her.
That aside, Ms. Mashiro? Please stop getting jealous and pulling on my clothes.

Year 25 of the Anbarld Calendar, ☆ Month, Day ▲

Our team is entered in the magic battle category to make use of Reina and Mashiro’s abilities, as expected.
The lottery divided us into four blocks, and the winning academy will be decided via a tournament system.
I didn’t expect there to be guys like Arnia in other academies too… I wonder if there’s one in every academy.
Ah, just remembering pisses me off.
I’ll prove which of us is truly strong in tomorrow’s main match…!

Year 25 of the Anbarld Calendar, ☆ Month, Day @

I really liked Reina’s scent.
Compatibility makes a difference, huh…

Year 25 of the Anbarld Calendar, ☆ Month, Day A

Our team safely advanced to the finals, but some fishy talk has been going around.
It seems several representative students from each academy have gone missing.
To prevent any more victims, it was decided teachers from each academy would patrol.
While it’s just circumstance, the members included me, Mashiro, and Reina, but it can’t be helped. I’ll write this off as necessary expenses.
I’m also about to start patrolling with Mashiro, so I want to brace myself.
I’ll continue after finishing patrol.
~~The diary cuts off here~~~

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