Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 29

Mob No.29: “[It’s our rival company! Speed up! We have to arrive at Planet Garaif before them!]”
After answering Levin’s request/consultation, I was able to get a proper 4 hours of rest during the break by switching with Arthur and the others.
When it turned 6 AM, I woke Moritz, who had been fast asleep until 6 AM, with loud warning sounds.
After that, at 6:50 AM I briefed the manager, who had finally recovered from the stun gun’s effects, and we arrived at the gate to Planet Garaif.
Incidentally, 1.5 billion km away, quite close to this gate, was a main sequence star – a sun. Facing the sun, it gave off the impression of a giant [sunflower].
Since we arrived earlier than scheduled, the manager was overjoyed.
“[Alright. Let’s head through the gate immediately!]”
He breathed heavily and tried to advance the ship.
“[Excuse us. We are currently checking. Please wait about 10 more minutes.]”
came the wait call from the gate management colony’s female communications officer.
For the manager, that was an unacceptable thing to say, and
“[Checks like that don’t matter! Let us through quickly! We’re in a hurry here! The fate of our company depends on this!]”
like yesterday, he threw a magnificent fit. The moment he did, Ms. Nostu stood behind the manager.
But before she could take action,
“[Then if an accident occurs, you will take full responsibility? I have recorded this conversation and noted your ship name and the person in charge, so you cannot talk your way out of this.]”
With just that one line from the female gate communications officer,
“[W,well…that’s…wait a minute…]”
“[Then please wait about 10 minutes. ♪]”
he was promptly silenced.
As expected of that female communications officer to silence the manager in one strike.
And since we had some free time, Arthur as representative inquired about the situation ahead to the female officer.
“[Excuse me. What is the traffic and accidents and astronomical phenomena like ahead of the gate?]”
The female officer made an expression like a hunter spotting prey for an instant, but the next moment showed a troubled smile as she responded.
“[Seems pirate attacks have been increasing. Probably because of the home appliance maker’s new product announcement event, but still it’s concerning how many there are even with the military and police desperately suppressing them.]”
Truly a strange story.
In the first place, the reason cargo transports increased and this request came about was because [the military and police were desperately suppressing pirates].
And yet, despite that, pirate attacks were increasing. There must be some cause on Planet Garaif where the home appliance new product announcement event is being held.
While thinking about such things, 10 minutes passed and
“[Alright! It’s been 10 minutes! Let us through the gate quickly!]”
the manager started up again.
No no, there’s a proper order you know?
And with the gate itself being so large, 10 ships can pass through simultaneously, so there’s no need to rush.
I think it’s about time he learned his lesson.
See, Ms. Nostu behind him is smiling…
In any case, we were able to pass through the gate safely, and departed once more towards Planet Garaif.
Precisely because our journey had gone so smoothly up to now, I felt an indescribable unease.
But still, 5 hours after passing through the gate with no issues,
right when it was time for lunch so I was about to eat cheese-flavored rations and coffee prepackaged drink, the radar reacted to something.
“Detected ships at 7 o’clock. Maybe 2 of them?”


[I confirmed as well. Certainly 2 ships at 7 o’clock. The ship registry codes are…Sunshine Tree Electronics.]
Seila also seemed to have spotted them, immediately checking the registry codes.
They were probably headed to the same place for the same reason as us.
“[It’s our rival company! Speed up! We have to arrive at Planet Garaif before them!]”
And right away the manager reacted and started making selfish demands.
To make matters worse, Ms. Nostu didn’t seem to be on the bridge.
And not only that, he shoved aside the helmsman and grabbed the wheel, opening up the throttle!
“[Woah?! What the?!]”
Because of that, Levin at the helm of the suddenly accelerating [Lanoitan] was shocked and desperately turned the wheel to avoid collision.
Of course, the rest of us including me took similar evasive actions.
“[The hell you doin’ you shit manager!]”
The [Lanoitan] helmsman employee also knocked down the manager, immediately took back control of the wheel, and avoided collision with us.
Fortunately we had maintained a safe distance, so no one collided.
The next moment, a beam shot between the [Lanoitan] and our ship.
If we hadn’t taken evasive actions, it would have hit us directly.
The beam came from behind.
In other words, the ones who fired were the Sunshine Tree Electronics ships.
No matter how much they want to win the new product announcement, to go this far…
Just what do corporate higher-ups think?
While pondering that, in order to turn our bow towards the Sunshine Tree Electronics ships, Arthur’s voice echoed.
[Lanoitan withdraw from this space at full speed! Seila follow while contacting the military and police! The rest reverse and intercept!]
Excellent immediate judgment and precise orders to everyone.
I could never do that.
[Roger that! Good fortune in battle, Arthur!]
[Lanoitan copies! Full speed!]
Following his orders, the Lanoitan and Seila withdrew from the space at full throttle.
Now then, time to start the other job.
How the manager’s selfishness ended up helping us feels rather complicated.

Sunshine Tree Electronics Side?:UNKNOWN
The ship’s bridge.
“You moron!” Whack!
A man looking like an elite businessman neatly wearing a suit, hit a man with contrasting rough appearance.
“Didn’t I tell you not to shoot until I give the signal?”
The businessman grabbed and shook the man’s collar and hit him again.
The bridge crew was present but no one tried to stop him.
“But he suddenly sped up so I thought they noticed and were escaping…I just reacted…”
The beaten man gave a weak rebuttal, but the businessman paid him no heed and
“Because of you we have to abandon the plan! Don’t you get it?”
hit the man again.
“I’m sorry! But! It didn’t seem right to just let them get away so I shot! I didn’t think it would interfere!”
And to the man’s repeated excuses, it seems the businessman finally reached his limit of patience.
“You didn’t think, huh? Oh I get it, you shot intentionally right? To ruin my absolutely brilliant perfect plan, right?!”
“No, of course not!”
“I know, you’re a spy from somewhere right? That’s the only way you’d ruin my absolutely brilliant perfect plan!”
The businessman nodded, convinced of his own reasoning, and smiled as he took a heat gun from his pocket.
“Clean up.”
Without even glancing at the unmoving man, the businessman glared at the prey escaping ahead.
“Tch! Because of that spy this is the end… Alright! All of you! Don’t let the last prey escape!”
“”””” Ooh! “””””
Sunshine Tree Electronics Side?: End

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