The Heroic Tale Of A Villainous Prince Chapter 21

Chapter 21 – Time Alone Together

On the way back from Mt. Itoel. The carriage traveling smoothly suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong?”

“Hmm, seems there’s some issue. I’ll go ask the driver what’s going on.”

The number of people I can rely on for personal matters (to be more precise, those willing to cater to me) is quite limited. Naturally those of [Shadow] are handling the driving. Honestly it’s more reassuring than normal drivers since they can handle combat too.

So if the [Shadow] driver has stopped the carriage, there must be good reason.

Makina went outside to check and noticed. She couldn’t help but notice.



Indoors. In a closed room. There, Charl and and me.

…Come to think of it, it might be the first time I’ve been this close to Charl alone since we became engaged.

When I become conscious of that, it’s hard to…

“I understand. Well, it’s a good thing, isn’t it, Lord Al. You rescued your first love so heroically.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You heroically rescued your first love, didn’t you?”

Ah, damn it. That maid. Because she started saying things like that, I ended up remembering unnecessary things at a time like this.

No matter how we became engaged, Charl didn’t choose this willingly.



While I awkwardly felt uncomfortable on my own, Charl, who was sitting in front of me, remained silent.

I can’t see her face properly, so I don’t know what expression she’s wearing.

…No, this is bad. I’m just getting more and more awkward. I need to have a conversation. Something witty.

“…The weather is nice, isn’t it?”

“Y-yes, it’s nice weather.”



Well, conversation over.

No way!! I have some confidence in combat and magic from experience, but no experience with women!

Come to think of it, the only women around me are Makina and the [Shadow] members…and family like Lucia-neesan, Sophia, and Mother. Since I’m a wallflower at parties I’ve never chatted with proper young ladies.

…Come to think of it, Lucia-neesan advised me about something once.

“You need to polish your conversational skills to properly entertain girls. It’ll be too late once the time comes. Priceless advice from your esteemed big sister. Take it to heart!”

Or something like that… Damn. Why didn’t I listen more closely back then? I lazily assumed it was irrelevant and now I bitterly regret it.

“Al-kun? Is something the matter?”

“No… Just regretting not listening to my esteemed sister’s advice.”

“Your sister… First Princess Lucia-sama said something?”

“It’s really nothing. Yeah…”

If it was Second Prince Roberto-niisan… Rob-niisan would probably smoothly handle women despite his grumbling… Now I’m learning first-hand that I’ll regret it if I panic when the time comes.



“Did I…do something to bother you…?”

…Why would she think that?

“You didn’t do anything…”

“That’s a lie. Please be honest.”

“I am being honest…”

“But… You won’t look me in the eye this whole time.”

Hey idiot, don’t point that out! It’ll bad for the heart!

“…………That’s not true.”

“At least look me in the eye and say it.”

I have no choice in the matter.


Then Charlotte fidgets and moves…

“There’s nowhere to run here.”

She comes over and sits right next to me.


So close. I can clearly see her face and eyelashes.

Some sort of nice scent drifts over… I can vaguely feel her warmth. Yes, close.

“Al-kun, will you still ignore me like this?”

“No, I’m not ignoring you or anything…!”

“Then what is it?”

She’s making me say it. I have to tell her. I guess I have no choice…

At least Makina isn’t here. She definitely would’ve watched intently, relishing premium entertainment.

“Well… I was nervous.”

“Nervous? What do you mean…”

“I just… Charlotte and I have never been alone like this in a confined space before… So I got nervous. It’s my first time being engaged and I’m not used to dealing with women.”

What is this mortifying feeling of exposing my shame? It pains me to admit it but I must.

“I can’t make clever conversation like my siblings. So I was just awkwardly nervous, don’t mind it.”

After exposing myself to this extent, Charlotte is stunned speechless for a while.


She laughs. No, I’m being laughed at!

Hey that secretly stings!!

“Don’t laugh…”

“Sorry, I don’t mean to ridicule you, it’s just…”

Charlotte smiles radiantly at me.

“Al-kun is just a little…cute.”

“Isn’t that ridiculing me?”

“No, it isn’t. Hehe… I’ve been shocked by you in various ways since becoming your fiancée… Knowing you have this cute side puts me at ease.”

“I see. Then Charlotte had a long engagement to Leo-niisan so you must be used to handling men, right?”

“Don’t sulk. Besides, though we were called [fiancés] we never did anything befitting of fiancés… In retrospect, perhaps that was my failing…”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. When we were alone in the carriage, if we had nothing in particular to discuss, Leo-sama would just silently sulk. He’s a quiet one.”

Charlotte giggles happily.

“We never had a cheerful atmosphere like this.”

That’s news to me. Well, it’s not like I went out of my way to ask what kind of atmosphere she and Leo-niisan had.

“But… You’re right. Perhaps I should reflect and do some fiancée-like things. Or else I’ll get cast aside by you as well.”

“It’s not like I’d cast you aside, nor am I in such a lofty position to do so.”

“Even so. I also have interest in doing fiancée-like things with Al-kun…”

…By which you mean? Please elaborate, Charlotte-san.

“Al-kun, are you tired?”

“Huh? No…I already rested so I’m fine.”

“You seem tired, no?”

What’s with this pressure? She wants me to nod. Fine, I’ll nod.

“I guess…I am feeling kind of tired.”

“Then…um, why not lie down and rest a little?”

As she says this, Charlotte places her hand on her soft, white thigh.

Which means… In other words…

“Y-You mean using your lap as a pillow?”

“Yes, using my lap as a pillow.”

Are you serious? Is that okay? But more than that, why would Charlotte suggest something like…

“Why not…try doing fiancée-like things?”

Unfortunately I lack the mental fortitude to refuse that offer, silently nodding awkwardly.

“Well then, pardon me…”

“Yes…go ahead.”

Charlotte seems embarrassed herself. Pretending not to look, I lie down in the cramped interior and rest my head on her thigh.

The feeling of her skirt and warmth, the faint sense of softness… My heart pounds intensely, far from resting.

“How…is it…?”

“I think…it’s very nice.”

“I’m glad…to hear that.”

Our speech has gotten weird. Using polite language. No, there’s an illicit feeling to it all. I glance at Charlotte’s face and accidentally get an eyeful of her ample, obstructing chest.

Whoa, no… My apologies, I twist my neck away. How gentlemanly of me to overcome the beast called lust.

“Um, Charlotte-san?”


“What should I do from here…”

“Oh, um, I didn’t actually think that far… The truth is I’m also overwhelmed… I just tried doing as told but…”

As told? Hey wait, don’t tell me…

“Was this Makina’s idea?”

“Ah, yes. When we were chatting while sharing a room, Makina-san taught me I should do this for Al-kun…”

What a weird idea, stupid maid!! Though honestly, thanks? I’ll give you my frank opinion: thank you very much but why?!

“Your hair…”


Ruffle Charlotte’s hand strokes my hair.


“You think so? I personally don’t really like it.”

“But it’s beautiful.”

As she pets my head, Charlotte fiddles with my hair in delicate motions. It’s a little ticklish and tingling.



Silence falls over the room again. But unlike earlier…at least I don’t feel awkward.

Rather, it’s somehow pleasantly tranquil. As if time could stop in this moment forever—

“Master! Emergency…!”



Everything stopped. Not time, but the movement of everyone present.

Makina was dumbfounded at the sight of me and Charlotte. Likewise, we were frozen stiff by the sudden occurrence, seemingly unable to move for a few seconds.

“Um… Did I interrupt something?”

“You didn’t interrupt anything!!” we yelled.

“Oh, is that so? As the unflappable supermaid Makina, even if you two slipped away on a secret rendezvous I’d fully support you, but…”

A secret rendezvous?!

“Nevermind that! What’s the emergency?!”

In a blur I bolted up and out of the carriage.

…Admittedly I did feel some lingering attachment for that sensation of her skirt over her thighs! But!

“A ‘Fragment’ has appeared nearby. The knights are engaging it now.”

“A ‘Fragment’? Where’s Leo-niisan?”

“Hmm, doesn’t seem like he’s arrived yet. It’ll take some time from the capital… The knights there randomly encountered it while out on another task.”

So it’ll take more time for him to come… Can’t be helped.

“Makina, the magic rings taken from the thieves?”

“Right here, sir!”

“My only ring besides the ‘Regalia Ring’ was destroyed by Deophil. I’ll have to use one of those.”

“Here ya go!”

“Good. Change of plans. Hurry to the scene now!”

“Roger that!”

Makina nods and immediately spurs the horses onward.

The bedroom’s tingling atmosphere is completely gone. Charlotte’s expression shows some severity.

“Is this your first time seeing a ‘Fragment,’ Charlotte?”

“No… I’ve accompanied Leo-sama a few times before. But never fought one.”

“I see. Basically we royals are the ones meant to fight them… But eventually you’ll have to battle too. Keep that in mind.”

“I understand. That was decided for me at birth.”

As the carriage runs, the sounds of combat gradually reach our ears.

As expected, they seem to be struggling. With the main force away on expeditions and urgent missions, the damage will likely be greater than normal…

“Makina! I’ll go on ahead! Follow after!”

“Roger that! Be careful!”

“Hah. Who’s saying that to who?”

Leaping from the carriage, I immediately activate the “Acceleration” stolen from Deophil and dash straight to the scene. I kick the wide open ‘Fragment’ from the side.


It’s the Knight Captain, Grashian. Mostly new recruits with him… So as the one in charge, it would have to be the captain. I heard that Leo-niisan assigned his elite guards like that Lucille woman to commanding roles.

“Grashian, pull back your knights.”

“Prince Alfred…?! Why are you here…?”

“I was at Mt. Itoel for business. On the way back I saw you guys fighting a ‘Fragment’ so I came.”


He’s implicitly saying “You’re useless.”

I can tell from his hesitation. But now’s not the time for that. I’ll have to be a bit forceful. This isn’t the time for tedious persuasion.

“…You don’t understand? I, Alfred Berg Leuville, am telling you to withdraw.”

“Y-Yes sir!”

“If you understand then go.”

Turning my attention back to the ‘Fragment,’ it has a lizard-like humanoid form. Wavering flames scorch the air, scattering seething embers. No wonder the new recruit knights are struggling to even stall it.

“I’ll stop this one.”

I pour magic power into the ring and unleash a spell. Calling upon the spirit I contracted.

“Come, ‘Alvida’!”

Before Grashian’s eyes—the shining spirit is summoned to this world, slashing the lizard ‘Fragment’ with its broadsword.


Flames dance like blood splatter as the summoned spirit whirls through the air, then appears behind Alfred, enveloping the Third Prince.

Alfred’s “Sixth Attribute.” Jet black magical power gushes out, weaving spirit threads into magical armor…the “Spirit Dress.” He dons it.

In his right hand, a broadsword. In his left, a pistol.

That equipment and outfit reminiscent of a pirate are the “Spirit Dress” granted by the spirit Alvida.

For the other royals—their clothing would be sturdier than steel, and the broadsword and pistol would be weapons constructed from magical power. Though stronger and more robust than they appear, this form merely conceptually reproduces the spirit’s abilities.

A pirate prince. The spirit he contracted with was far too sinister for one of royal blood.


The lizard ‘Fragment’ openly shows vigilance toward Alfred in his ‘Spirit Dress.’ The ‘Fragment’ that had desperately hammered the knights with attacks, paying them no mind.

Flames blazed from its entire body as if bristling… But Alfred casually fires magic bullet after bullet from his left hand pistol, unfazed.


Struck by the fired bullets, the lizard ‘Fragment’ recoils in pain.

“…It’s working…!”

A shocked voice comes from a recruit knight lying on the ground. That’s right. Though ‘Fragments’ resistant to the four major elements, they can be damaged by the ‘Fifth’ and ‘Sixth Attributes.’

“…………! Prince! Please be careful!”

Grashian shouted. There was no basis for it. It was a gut feeling honed on the battlefield.

Immediately after, countless fireballs erupted from the entire body of ‘Fragments’ and rushed toward Alfred.

“Too slow.”

Alfred’s right-hand cutlass flashed. Swiftly and accurately, he sliced through the approaching fireballs one by one.

(Fast…! No, more than that…!? That rough yet powerful swordsmanship…)

Barely recognizable remnants of form remained, but that movement was undoubtedly honed in actual combat.

“Damn… this is taking time…!”

Furthermore, he skillfully used his left-hand pistol to shoot down even the distant fireballs one after another.

(The gunfire just now…)

The fireball Alfred shot down. Beyond the falling fragments, there were knights lying powerless.

(To protect allies from stray bullets?)

If he just had to defend against attacks on himself, there was no need to shoot down objects that were far away. In other words, that was an action taken to protect allies.

(Is that really… the rumored third prince? The one who was called incompetent, the wicked third prince?)

Alfred was using the cutlass and pistol accurately and proficiently, making him seem anything but incompetent.

While Grashian was dumbfounded, Alfred kicked the ground, closing the distance with ‘Fragments’ while demonstrating a chaotic dance of blades.

Slicing through approaching fireballs during the approach was a feat that many knights in the Order couldn’t accomplish.

The performance of the ‘King’s Garb Ring.’ No, it wasn’t just the power of the ring. It was the strength of the person himself, drawing out that power.


Alfred closed the distance and continued to slash with the cutlass. He skillfully evaded the enemy’s counterattacks and struck with his hands and feet while pounding the blade. He also sent a barrage of gunfire during openings in his movements, leaving no room for retaliation.

Clearly the movements of someone who had gained combat experience. Furthermore, it was more intense than what one might expect from a knight’s mission.

Grashian wasn’t a fool to the point where he couldn’t see through that.

“Haha… what an incredible thing…”

Even so, Grashian, who had been unable to see through the true power of the third prince, couldn’t help but let out a dry laugh.

“Apparently my eyes were… cloudy…”

What was incompetence? What was the wicked third prince? Perhaps he had always been secretly fighting against ‘Fragments.’

It was clear as day when you saw how he fought.

Yes. He had hidden his abilities.

Despite being ridiculed as incompetent and disliked by everyone… secretly, he had continued to fight.

“Gu… Aaah…!”

The ‘Fragments’ lizard, which had given the knightly order so much trouble, let out a groan.

On the other hand, Alfred had a calm expression on his face.

He aimed the gun barrel at the ‘Fragments’ lizard and condensed a massive amount of magical power to form a bullet.

“‘Rough Seas Cannon.'”



The ‘Fragments’ hit by the magical projectile shattered with a final cry.

Alfred, as if it were just another day of his usual routine, maintained a cool expression.

“…That’s incredible.”

Those were the muttered words of a young knight who had shown a skeptical attitude toward Alfred.

The surrounding knights also looked wide-eyed at Alfred’s skill and power.

Was that really the power of the third prince, who was considered incompetent and disliked by all?

(How many battles has this man…?)

Now that he thought about it, he had seen some unnatural reports before. Even though they received news that ‘Fragments’ had appeared, there was no trace of such an event when they arrived at the scene.

If all of that was Alfred’s doing…

…He didn’t know why he had revealed his true power now.

…He didn’t know why he had stubbornly hidden it until now.

But as a fellow in the same battle, Grashian couldn’t help but feel respect for the third prince in his heart.

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