A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 1 Chapter 13 part 1

Chapter 13: Yururu’s Pioneering?

“Okay, Yururu-kun. So, you were driven by impulse and tried to kill your own student, is that right?”


“I see… Alright.”

A certain man spoke in a solemn voice, closed his eyes, and showed signs of distress. He was in a luxurious office, with his hands clasped together.

Standing before him was Yururu-Galestia, looking gloomy. She had regained her sanity after being defeated by Fei. Of course, she had gradually regained her senses during the battle with Fei, but now she was fully back to her senses.

No one knew that she had caused that disaster due to the recoil from the Dark Star Power. However, it was known that she had attacked her students.

And now, she was here of her own free will. At the headquarters of the Knights of the Round Table, on the fourth floor, in the office of the Grand Knight, Lancelot.

With his white hair tied up to reveal his forehead, where there was a cross-shaped scar, he appeared quite elderly at the age of forty. However, he exuded a heavy sense of dominance from there.

“Well, what should we do? What do you think, Constantine?”

“…Considering this incident, as well as the family problem, expulsion from the Knights is also a possibility,” replied Constantine.

Beside Lancelot stood a blonde woman. Her face was wrapped in bandages, making it hardly visible, but Yururu got the impression that she was still quite young from her voice.

(Yururu heard her voice for the first time… this person is the Vice Grand Knight, Constantine.)

Although she had been a member of the Knights for many years, she had never spoken to Grand Knight Lancelot before, but she had heard his voice. However, she had never heard Constantine’s voice. She had heard that taht person was quite powerful, though.

She had never spoken to the two individuals known as the top echelon of the Knights since she belonged to the lowest tier. However, it was widely known that Constantine had been unexpectedly appointed as the Vice Grand Knight, making an exception.

She had heard rumors that she was scouted by the Grand Knight himself due to her recognized abilities and her solitary defeat of a super-strong Daemon.

“Well, it might be true. But… it’s a problem. What do you think about it, Yururu-kun?”

“I… truly feel that I have caused something irreparable… so, being expelled is only natural…”

“I see…”

“But… could I still be allowed to serve as a knight a little while longer, please?”

“Hmm… may I ask why? Honestly, you don’t have a place in this order. Even so?”

“I-I have a reason why I truly want to remain here! I have a student whom I want to teach swordsmanship!”

“I see… but what should we do? There are already numerous voices within the order demanding your expulsion. This is an organization, so we must maintain control. Do you have any viable ideas to overcome this situation?”

“Well, um…”

“Well, we still don’t have all the information. We will conduct a thorough investigation, hold discussions, and reach a conclusion. That’s all.”

With that, she couldn’t say anything. Silence reigned. It seemed she would be expelled just like that. But she genuinely desired to stay.

However, she felt powerless in the face of the figure before her.

At that moment, a knock came from the door of the office.

“You may enter.”

Behind the door stood Grade 5 Holy Knight Marumaru, Fei, and his three companions.

“I apologize for intruding like this, Grand Knight. However, we have urgent business and have come to see you.”

“I don’t mind, Marumaru-kun. And who is behind you?”

“They are the temporary members under her care. I brought them here to inform you about the situation.”

“I see. Then let’s hear the details.”

Marumaru led Fei and the others into the room, capturing Lancelot’s attention.

“I heard that you fought and emerged victorious against her. Could you elaborate?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Hey, Fei. Please use polite language!”

Marumaru panicked at Fei’s ease of speaking to the highly ranked Holy Knight.

“Marumaru-kun, don’t worry about it.”

Lancelot chuckled heartily. However, Marumaru, Yururu, True, and Bowlan were all taken aback. How could a newcomer to the Holy Knights speak disrespectfully to their commander?

(Fei is incredible. He possesses the mental strength to handle any situation without altering his approach, regardless of the opponent.)

Arthur was the only one who admired his actions. Fei glanced at Lancelot, sighed, and began speaking in a somewhat silly manner.

“To begin with, I have no intention of participating in such a farce. Let’s wrap this up quickly.”

“Hahaha, a farce? What do you mean by that? You’re saying something interesting.”

“That’s precisely what I mean. That person’s attack was part of the training. As Holy Knights, we must always take the best course of action, no matter what. The person misunderstood due to their haste. That’s all.”

Everyone was astonished upon hearing this. He was attempting to portray recent events as part of their training. Lancelot laughed heartily once again, appreciating Fei’s explanation.

“Hahaha, interesting! So, was everything part of the training? Even the fight against the person who risked their life?”

“Yes, indeed. One can only become stronger by risking their life. One can only reach new heights by knowing the edge of death. I was the one who proposed this training in the first place. This person simply agreed with me.”

“Wow, he’s quite an interesting fellow. But most of the Holy Knights are already calling for her expulsion.”

“Those Holy Knights make a lot of noise about training. As a newcomer, I can confidently say that those are many lazy individuals.”

Marumaru’s head began to throb. He never anticipated such significant consequences would arise from this situation.


Moreover, almost everyone failed to conceal their surprise.

“It’s alright, Marumaru-kun. What he says is genuinely fascinating. I will pardon everything. However, there are things in this world that cannot be changed. We take this incident very seriously. Have you heard about past incidents? It is still infamous, and now this incident has occurred. If we do nothing, it could undermine the organization’s structure. And the scrutiny from the Holy Knights towards her will become even more severe than before.”


“That’s why, to be honest, I believe the only option is to expel her. If you wish to overturn the majority opinion of the Holy Knights, you must present something more substantial than that. Moreover She is still a child of the infamous Galastea family, other knights will grow anxious, and in the worst-case scenario, lives could be lost. Are you still determined to protect her?”

“I need her.”

Instantly, tears welled up in Yururu’s eyes.

“May I ask you something? In the event that something truly happens, how would you…?”

“I would take my own life by cutting my stomach.”


“I said I would take my own life by cutting my stomach.”

“Kukuku, gahaha! Oh, he truly is an intriguing fellow. You’re willing to risk your life? Constantine, what are your thoughts on this?”

“While the majority opinion of the Holy Knights holds significance, I believe it is not worth sacrificing the life of a single Holy Knight.”

“Hmm, then what?”


“If you’re genuinely willing to risk your life, there might be a chance to spare her from expulsion. Merely endangering your life to protect her is insufficient if you desire her to remain. You need something more.”

“I understand… In that case, we shall convey this incident to the Holy Knights as false information, a part of their training. And if a genuine event were to occur, one devoted Holy Knight would promise to take their own life by cutting their stomach, opposing her expulsion. This will be our message to the Holy Knights.”

“Understood,” Constantine swiftly began the work, akin to an assassin.

before bidding him farewell, Fei addressed Lancelot again in a disrespectful tone.

“Is the conversation finished then?”

“Of course not. However, if a real incident were to transpire, you must be prepared to die for it.”

“I see. Then the conversation is indeed concluded. Can we take her away now?”

Having said that, Fei gazed at Yururu. Lancelot comprehended the intent and smiled.

“There’s no issue. Take her with you.”

“What?! Ah, yes!”

Following Lancelot’s instructions, Fei held Yururu’s hand, and they departed on their own. Arthur and his men, lacking the selfishness to act likewise, remained in the office. Marumaru expressed his apologies.

“Sir Knight, I deeply apologize—”

“No need to worry about it. You stated it was a matter of life and death, and as the leader of the knights, I had no choice but to act.”

“Yes, thank you.”

“You may all return home as well. I imagine the atmosphere here must be heavy and difficult, isn’t it? Hahaha!”

He chuckled heartily and made a jest. Everyone, except Arthur, laughed and played along. However, Arthur…

“Yes, it certainly felt quite heavy.”


They all thought, “Arthur, you too?”

Fei held Yururu’s hand and led her away without specifying their destination, traversing through the capital city.

“Oh, Fei-kun…”

“What is it?”

“Wh-where are we going?”

“Don’t be absurd. You skipped morning training, didn’t you? I’m going to ensure we complete it.”

“R-right. But you already defeated me, didn’t you? I mean, against someone like me…”

“That wasn’t the real you. Besides, you were already fatigued. I should have lost, truthfully.”


Fei candidly admitted that considering both magical and physical factors, he would have been the loser. Nevertheless, Yururu wasn’t certain about what to do next. She had uttered awful things to him and questioned if she had the right to instruct him.

“Am I acceptable?”

“There’s no one else. I need you to grow stronger.”

“…I said so many awful things.”

“That wasn’t the real you—”

“But deep down, I’m certain those thoughts were mine… I’m sure of it.”

“It doesn’t matter.”


“I don’t have time to dwell on that. I must simply forge ahead. Besides, you were not entirely wrong.”


“But don’t misunderstand. That doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. I will make you reconsider your perception of Yururu-Galestia completely. If you are genuinely remorseful about what you said, stay by my side and observe me.”


His eyes reflected the determination of a man. Her heart skipped a beat, as if struck by an cupid arrow. She had fallen in love with a man whose eyes mirrored those of her brother, who had met a tragic fate.

It was the radiance of his soul, the joy of being needed above all others, with unwavering determination.

Once, she had lost everything in her overwhelming happiness. Since then, her path had been filled with hardship and sorrow.

However, she was grateful that she still held happiness in her hands and could seize it once more.

She wondered if he would become like her brother, but she shook her head. It didn’t matter.

(I will guide him… and perhaps… we can always share the same perspective…)

She tightly held his hand once more.

“Thank you, Fei-kun.”

“Hmph. If you have time to say that, then teach me the ways of the sword.”

“After defeating Teacher Yururu, I lost consciousness. Later, I heard it from Bowlan.

“Hey, Teacher Yururu about to be expelled!!!”


What the hell…? I can’t allow this to happen. I can’t let my mentor’s position be eradicated. I owe so much to the person who has nurtured me and provided me with such wonderful experiences!

As a disciple, I still have much to learn! I have only just received the initial teachings! Please, Teacher!

So, I decided to meet this teacher named Marumaru and confront him. I would blame Star power for all the reasons that led teacher into darkness and deceive Marumaru. I instructed the four of them to follow suit.

Then, I headed to the fourth-floor office to explain… Oh, it’s quite luxurious here. And there was an elderly gentleman.

“Ah, you must be the Holy Knight Commander…” Oh, my apologies. I have a translation function. Cool-type protagonists tend to be arrogant, so Marumaru-Teacher should endure it as well.

Well, this design is quite impressive too. Maybe someday, I’ll be able to sit here and be pompous. It’s commendable that everything is so neat and orderly.

Since this seat feels comfortable, I’ll use it when I become a hero.

Well then, I’ll just lie and wrap things up.

That’s what I thought, but it seemed that the Holy Knight Commander saw through my lie. “Oh? So you’ve decided?” You’re not an ordinary person.

──Oh, speaking of the Holy Knight Commander.

“Then let me ask you. If you’re going to say that, be prepared to lead her. And with that responsibility, if she were to cause a scandal similar to the young Garestia, what would you do…?”

“I would cut my stomach and die.”

──A swift decision!!

The Holy Knight Commander seemed satisfied with this response. Well, I’m the protagonist, so there’s protagonist’s privilege that I won’t die, but still.

Regardless, I will risk my life for my mentor!

I took Teacher Yururu’s hand and left the office. We needed to proceed with the morning training, which we missed earlier. And since the teacher also believes she did something wrong, it would be good for her to move her body and refresh her mind.

“Thank you, Fei-kun.”

The teacher who can express gratitude properly. The darkness has
cleared, hasn’t it? Well, it’s only natural since I, the protagonist, am here to save the day, right?

Rescuing someone from falling into darkness is not a remarkable feat or anything. It’s just a matter of breathing, isn’t it?

But I don’t feel bad being thanked. “Well, no problem. Please continue to teach me the ways of the sword.”

“Hmph, if you have time to say that, then teach me the sword.”

As a cool and diligent protagonist, I say such words, but the meaning is clear. After all, this person is my teacher and mentor.

Alright, it’s time for training! I am the protagonist, and I must do my best to prepare for the next challenge!

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