Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 1 Extra + Afterword


“Master, would you like to take a stroll outside for a bit?”

Luna Maria suggested this on the day following our victory against the Basilisk. Specifically, it was the day I returned to the “Blue Bird” inn with Suzume.

“Hm? What’s this all about suddenly? There’s no time for that. I have to go to the slave association—”

“Master, I believe that would be for the best as well!”

“What?! You too, Seal?”

Luna Maria and Seal smiled, pulling me out of the inn while I was still perplexed by their behavior. Wondering what had transpired, I decided to heed their suggestion and take a walk outside.

I don’t think they whisked me away without reason. There must be a purpose to it. Besides, I also wanted some time to ponder.

“…To think that the Mitsurugi family came here.”

I said this with a touch of bitterness. When I heard about Suzume’s recovered physical condition in the Kamuna village, my attention was drawn to the mention of a “group of samurai from the east.” It led me to believe that Seirin Hatsuki was responsible for the destruction of Kamuna village decades ago.

The strength of the Kamuna Kijin was somewhat known when they settled in Tittis. Only the Mitsurugi family could have wiped out those formidable Kijin. To attack Kamuna, one would have to venture deep into its depths. Only practitioners of the Illusory Sword style could combat the Kijin while warding off the monsters lurking in the depths. They showed no mercy on the battlefield, killing men and women of all ages. The Mitsurugi family’s presence, brandishing their formidable banner, was deeply felt.

I don’t know what transpired at that time, so I can’t judge whether it was right or wrong. However, it’s hard to imagine that all the peaceful Kijin residing in the Tittis Forest would go out of their way to harm the Mitsurugi family in Onigashima. It seems more likely that the Mitsurugi family actively attacked the village.

“In this manner, I cannot leave Suzume alone, even more so.”


Originally, I had no intention of leaving her by herself, but I reaffirmed that decision.

Once you make a decision, swift action is required. Before I knew it, I had walked enough, so I returned to the inn. Today, I left a generous tip for the innkeeper and his daughter and attempted to enter my room. However, at that moment, Seal emerged.

“Ah, Master! Welcome back!”

For some reason, Seal cheerfully exclaimed, “I was just about to come find you. Come on in!” and guided me into the room. Inside, Luna Maria was also wearing a smile, while Suzume seemed to be hiding behind her.

“I’m not sure what’s going on, but is everything alright?”

“Yes, everything’s perfect!”

Seal proudly puffed out her chest. As I pondered the situation, Seal gestured for Suzume, who was hiding behind Luna Maria, to step forward.

“Alright, Suzume-chan. Let Master see it too!”


“Don’t worry, you look absolutely beautiful.”

“Yes, absolutely.”

Luna Maria agreed with Seal’s words. As I grew increasingly puzzled, Suzume took a step forward. She distanced herself from Luna Maria, and I couldn’t help but let out a gasp of astonishment at her appearance.

Suzume was no longer clad in her customary leaf outfit. Instead, she wore a one-piece dress with colors reminiscent of the night sky. Blue butterflies and flowers were delicately embroidered in various places, and the skirt had a double-layered design, with a thin, translucent outer fabric.

Although it combined dark and blue hues, what made it truly captivating was the wearer’s sense of style. Suzume’s hair glistened as if it were moist, and her face was meticulously adorned. The flat hat she wore seemed to minimize the visibility of her forehead horns. She looked remarkably elegant.

“Hm. You look absolutely stunning, truly.”

It was as if she were a different person from the moment she left the inn. I borrowed Luna Maria and Seal’s words from earlier since I couldn’t think of any other fitting descriptions. Hearing my words, Suzume became flustered, her hands pressed against her cheeks, murmuring, “Stun…ning…?”

Behind her, it appeared that Seal was immensely proud. Later, when I inquired with Luna Maria, she explained that Seal, being the oldest of six siblings, looked at Suzume’s leaf outfit with a touch of anger, exclaiming, “It’s unforgivable for such a beautiful girl to wear something like that!” She swiftly arranged various items, igniting her inner big sister spirit upon learning about Suzume’s appearance and circumstances.

The shy Suzume, the spirited Seal, and Luna Maria, observing them with gentleness. Enchanted by their presence, I mustered a forced smile.

Author’s Words

It’s a pleasure. I’m Gyokuto. Thank you very much for buying this work. It’s been about 10 years since I learned about the world of web novels and created my own work on a novel publishing site. To think that the day would come when my work would be sent out into the world… when Earth Star Novel contacted me about making a book, I had some strange thoughts about being impressed. To be honest, I still want to pinch my cheeks to make sure it’s not a dream, but it wouldn’t be very becoming for an old man to do something like that.

Well, let’s move on to the story of the work. In this tale, the protagonist, exiled from his homeland due to his weakness, will make others understand when he awakens a new power. The story itself may be somewhat ordinary, but I consciously incorporated sharp elements like grotesque and erotic elements, so at first, I never thought this work would become a book. As soon as I saw the ranking on “shousetsu ni narou” keep rising, and when I reached the top of the ranking, which I had never achieved before, I burst into laughter for no apparent reason. After that, while feeling an unfamiliar pressure from being at the top and receiving a warning from the management of “shousetsu ni narou” saying, “Isn’t your work too erotic?”, it was announced that the Earth Star Novel Awards would take place, and I was able to enter and received an award among that—so now I find myself in this position. During that time, my health declined, my parents fell ill, and many things happened, but I am relieved that the book was able to be published safely. I thank Yunagii-sensei for the wonderful illustrations. Although I was already impressed by simply adding an illustration to my work, the quality was so high that I felt so overwhelmed I could ascend to heaven right now. I see, I was strangely convinced that this kind of heavenly solace existed.

I would like to thank the editor, Furusato-sama, and I also want to apologize for any inconveniences caused since I wasn’t very familiar with the book creation process. Issues continued to arise both publicly and privately, but it was thanks to Furusato-sama, who guided me all the way, that the work was successfully published. It is also thanks to the readers who read the web version and the people who evaluated it that this work could reach the world. I will do my best for both the web version and the book version, so I hope to continue to have your support.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who acquired this work. Nothing would be more satisfying than if this work could chase away boredom.

So, I will leave a brush here, hoping to meet again in Volume 2. Thank you very much.

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