Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 1 Chapter 1

Mob #1 “Hahaha! Our army is overwhelming! Those foolish barons should have surrendered their daughters sooner! They resisted this much. Once we capture them, we’ll treat them nicely!”

My name is John Uzoss. I’m a mercenary.
When you hear mercenary, it sounds like a cool image, but that’s only true for a handful of them.
The ones who become material for fiction are, first of all, definitely beautiful men and women.
The ship they ride is either an ultra state-of-the-art one that no normal person could control, was experimentally produced, or an ancient excavated sentient superweapon.
Masterfully piloting such a ship, they annihilate an enemy fleet with only one ship,
Infiltrate and destroy a planet-class fortress alone,
Form a massive independent mercenary organization that doesn’t belong to any nation,
They’re the guys where only suspicious stories believable whether they’re even true or not.
Unlike me, an otaku with a coat and glasses, and even though my ship is modified, it’s just a used piece of junk…I’m a mob mercenary destined to be cannon fodder living in a different dimension.

Right now, I was hired by the forces of Count Buckahoa in the Huiga region within the Galactic Empire, about to commence battle against the forces of Viscount Zeemass.
Currently, the Galactic Empire was in the midst of civil war, with nobles of the same rank fighting over inane things like which one had higher status, and whether or not to hand over antiquated antiques.
It’s so stupid I could puke.
And as usual, this Count Buckahoa apparently wanted the only daughter of Viscount Zeemass (by the way, there’s about a generation between their ages) because he took a liking to her, and demanded she be handed over as his mistress.
Should I rush over to the bridge of the flagship while that old geezer’s in it and beat him to death?
Well, choosing a job without confirming stuff like that was my mistake.
By the way, Count Buckahoa is currently giving a speech to the entire fleet, saying this is retaliation because Viscount Zeemass insulted him, but we all know the truth!
Anyway, looks like the speech is about to end, so I should prepare for combat.
When combat starts, I’ll attack moderately from the edge of the combat zone, and flee at full power.
This is the strategy for surviving.

“Alright! Shot down the 4th!”
It’s already been 1 hour since the battle began.
Somehow I had barely stayed alive at the edge of the combat zone.
“I think this area’s under control now?”
A flagrant death flag line, but it looks like I don’t need to worry.
Then a fleetwide transmission came in.
[Left wing support squadron, head to central for support! We’re getting pushed back a bit!]
The one displayed on screen was Galvin, a lieutenant from Count Buckahoa’s private troops who was charged with commanding us mercenaries.
He’s a good guy, but I wish it had been a cute female soldier instead.
Or it’d be no problem if it was a beautiful woman officer.
But reality, he is a nearly worn out old man.
“Ehhhh?! What happened to the guys at the central squad that were there?! I’m sure there was a guy shouting [Hah! A mob like that is nothing against me! Don’t get in my way mobbies!]”
[The support squadron is still holding out, but the main forces are in tatters. Also, that guy hasn’t shot down a single ship.]
Lieutenant Galvin dutifully answered my mumblings.
While it’s not that rare to not shoot down anything in combat, after shouting like that and getting zero is pretty lame.
Anyway, I decided to head to central.

When I rushed over leisurely, central was in quite the dire situation.
The support squadron was holding their own somehow, but the main forces were falling apart.
Wait, if the support squadron wasn’t here then wouldn’t it be really bad?
And as expected, that loudmouth guy had attracted dozens of enemy ships and was flying around the battlefield.
“Wow, as expected, he’s got no time to counterattack!”
Since the loudmouth guy had drawn a massive number of enemy ships, there was ample safety margin for allied ships.
However, the fact he hadn’t been shot down despite being chased by such numbers meant his ship’s capabilities were also a factor.
As expected of our protagonist loudmouth guy. His actions are flashy.
By the way, when you hear leisurely, it sounds like I headed over there slowly and lazily, but written as [octori katana], it refers to moving urgently without even having time to properly sheath a sword at one’s waist when a sudden event occurs, so it actually means I hurried over there.
Anyway, I’ll take down the guys stuck to that loudmouth!

Not just me, the other guys in the support squadron were shooting down the ones clinging to the loudmouth.
But letting my guard down because of that was bad.
I got attacked from behind.
I’m avoiding the attacks somehow, but this is bad if it continues.
I’ve got no choice but to do it even though it strains the ship!
First I fly at full throttle while leading my opponent directly behind me.
When the opponent’s right behind me, I raise the nose – fire the attitude control thrusters on the bottom of the ship at full power for an instant – stop the main booster, doing them simultaneously at the perfect timing.
Then the ship will rotate with the opponent’s ship passing under, putting me behind them, and shooting a beam then will certainly damage the enemy.
In other words it’s the basic tactic of doing a midair flip to get behind the enemy, but since suddenly raising the nose makes it look like the fuselage snapped from being attacked, I call it a [shot down feint].
And my opponent fell for it splendidly.

While I was doing that, the right wing support squadron also arrived.
Then our forces suddenly gained the advantage at central.
For the Viscount Zeemass forces, that meant they had no combat strength at either side, which would also lower morale.
Just when the forces as a whole shifted to Count Buckahoa’s advantage with less than 10 ships remaining stuck to the loudmouth, something unbelievable happened.
Count Buckahoa’s flagship moved forward, firing its main cannon,
Moreover, they shouted something stupid in a simultaneous transmission to the whole enemy.
[Gya ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! My forces are overwhelming! You foolish Viscount should have quickly handed over your daughter! Yet you resisted this far. Once captured, I will dote on her plenty!]
Ah, that’s a death flag.
The moment I thought that, one of the ships stuck to the loudmouth guy charged straight at the bridge of Count Buckahoa’s flagship on a kamikaze run.
It was so fast that not one ally could react.
The enemy side of course hadn’t expected him to do something like that either.
He was probably a young soldier who harbored feelings for the Viscount’s daughter or something.
While the ship wasn’t sunk from that kamikaze, the bridge had been rendered into a barely recognizable, heavily damaged state.
If he hadn’t been wearing a spacesuit properly on a whim, the Count and his entourage would surely have departed for the afterlife.
[Ah, this is Lieutenant Galvin, currently the highest ranking officer. Count Buckahoa and Major Skantan died, making continued combat impossible. I announce to all officers and soldiers. Halt combat immediately! This foolish slaughter is meaningless!]
With those words broadcasted fleetwide by Lieutenant Galvin, who had launched the transmission from a different ship, everyone ceased combat.

translator note : not much difference compared to web novel version. Light Novel changes will start around chapter 4 when the main girl from the cover appear

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