Before the tutorial begins chapter 14

Chapter 14 : The Dungeon Reaper and the Sword of Six Flowers, Part 6


 – Dungeon City Sakuraka – Dungeon #27 [Lunar Eclipse] Layer 1

A pure white light covers the sword. 

The absolute [White] that flashed in the azure world illuminates an area around my blade with a radius of about 5 meters.

It’s a mysterious light. Dazzling, warm, yet never intrusive.

Eventually, the light converges on the greatsword and transforms into a glowing blade.

The pouring white light is the divine work of Al, who stands at the apex of the spirits.

Logically, standard equipment shouldn’t be able to withstand it.

However, Hymingreva-Albion, the ruler of the fourth dimension, can easily break such three-dimensional common sense.

The contradiction of supreme abilities coexisting with minimal equipment.

The white light drops its power into the physical realm without harming the practitioner, which is me, or even the greatsword acting as a medium—-

“Did our spirit art make you surrender?”

And so a sword was reborn.

The blade that radiated white light and exuded the majesty of a king – who could believe that this was a standard greatsword?

“Haha, this is awesome!”

I swing my now beautifully transformed blade.

Starting practice swings in the middle of the battlefield is almost suicidal, but since the important enemy doesn’t move an inch, no problem.

“What is it? Quite a chill from a mere sword, isn’t it?”


The Grim Reaper is silent.

Unlike his earlier cautious tactics, his posture shows confusion.

That’s right, he couldn’t do anything while the skill was being completed.

From the time the light manifested to the time it merged with the sword, he couldn’t even unleash a surprise chain attack.

This bizarre situation wasn’t caused by our skill at all.

We didn’t stop time or confuse his senses or anything like that.

He, the mutant specializing in regeneration with quasi-immortality, simply got scared.

He instinctively felt threatened, even though he could regenerate any damage.

“If I take this, it won’t end well for me either.”

He must have been stunned by the impossible feeling of death visiting his defeated self.

No matter how mighty your power is, it’s still just a sword.

For someone with infinite regeneration to lose to a blade that’s only good for cutting is unthinkable, right?

“Then why are you cowering? What could the mighty future ‘Sword Prison Rakshasa’ have to fear from a mere sword?”

Even if this sword had the ability to “cut anything,” what of it?

Cut all you want, I’ll just regenerate.

Just use the usual attrition tactics to drain resources and wait for an opening.

There shouldn’t be any problems or obstacles.

Besides, [Origin’s End] doesn’t have such a convenient ability. 

Its basic specifications as a sword are the same as the original Great Sword – in other words, it’s no different from standard equipment.

Although it is a technique that claims the epithet of Albion, who stands at the apex of all spirits, the object created is only a single light sword (and its sharpness remains unchanged from the original).

All in all, it feels modest for the cost.

In fact, compared to the original [Origin’s End], it is somewhat inferior.

Originally, this technique unleashes untimed successive long-range attacks, so it is an extreme weakening to be limited to [One Shot] in one weapon.

However, even though it has been fatally degraded in various aspects such as time, quantity, range, and cost, this technique still possesses power worthy of the name of the Goddess of Time.

That’s right. It’s become rather disappointing due to Keiichiro’s specifications, but at least its power remains true to the original.

And as long as this power is reproduced, the majesty of the Goddess of Time will be established,


Such that even an immortal monster shudders.


And so [Origin’s End] has manifested, completing the pieces for victory.

Therefore, let us now hunt the immortal Reaper—-

Scene Cut


And so I advanced with a full-throated war cry.

One by one, I converted the returned spiritual power into buff skills, transforming my flesh into a speed demon.

“Leg strength enhancement,” “Leg strength enhancement,” “Leg strength enhancement!

My superhuman body is pounding on the azure ground with powerful beats. 

This is truly the final stage. No holding back whatsoever.


And it seems that the other side feels the same.

The Grim Reaper bastard deploys binding chains from subspace. 

The number is the usual four. But the speed of their attack is unprecedented.


“Not fast enough!”

While zigzagging and feinting my way around, I pull off a high-speed dodge.

One, two, three, four. Avoiding all chain grabs, I immediately accelerate.

Within attack range, charge!


Howling with all my spirit, I swing my blade at his forehead.

A final strike with all my strength.

The absolute end that should destroy even immortal reapers completely… —-


Just before the kill, I paused.

My limbs, especially my torso, are rapidly losing strength. The tightly gripped greatsword almost slipped out of my hands.

Probably the binding chain attack.

But it’s not the same as the one I dodged before.

A new hand – no, his real trump card.


“I see, so those were decoys before, huh?”

The Grim Reaper doesn’t answer. 

But the way his skull grins broadly seems to convey the truth.

A withholding attack with perfect stealth, evading not only sight but even mystical senses.

A great ambush out of nowhere at this crucial time.

My mind flashes back for a moment.

The moment of flashback is my conversation with Aono Haruka.

[Oh, right, there’s something else bothering me]

[What is it?]

[Look, I don’t want this to be taken the wrong way, but I definitely think I could have avoided chains like before].

She said that in the middle of our strategy meeting.

From a normal point of view, it could be taken as empty bragging by a rookie.

But the one who spoke was that Aono Haruka.

A girl who unleashed six blades at the same time, like splitting aspects of herself to fire all kinds of sword arts like a shotgun, could you imagine such a girl being bound by a mere visual deception [level] trick?

No, it probably wouldn’t work.

Then why was she bound?

There is no such thing. The answer is simple.

In other words, just like me with [Origin’s End], that Grim Reaper bastard also had an extra card up his sleeve.

Binding chains that can’t be felt.

Invisible, unfelt, unnoticed.

This is how it [Captures] the opponent for sure.

Invisible. So the chains exist.

In other words, a perfectly stealthy binding attack that slips past not only sight, but even mystical senses. —- Come to think of it, the Sword Prison Rakshasa’s chain attacks were also guaranteed hits below a certain HP, though that trivial detail does not matter. —- This is what binds me now.

Guaranteed hit, right. If the enemy remains unaware until captured, it will certainly connect.

Quite a nasty ambush.

If we hadn’t noticed it, we might have been able to turn it around.

But unfortunately,

“Just as predicted!”

At the same time as declaring that I’ve figured it out, I take a deep breath,


And yelled.

Inelegantly calling for help at the top of my lungs, then


The rescuing blade came with a strange war cry.

Answering in pleasant tones, the concerto of countless slashes shredded the Grim Reaper of the dungeon.

Under the barrage of sword art unleashed by the four blades, even a stalwart stalker is in dire straits. 

A prime opening….No, he was nothing but an opening from the start.

Not even trying to dodge enemy attacks properly, then making a fool of himself after his own attack connected.

The rotten mentality of not being able to restrain himself from signaling his own strength and looking down on the opponent.

–The strong cannot allow this. Trampling others. Denying effort. Sullying victory. Looking down on the weak. Usurping power. Being unreasonable. Wanting to be invincible. Needing absolutes. Ah, ah, I don’t want to be hurt.

For a moment I thought I heard such voices.

Masses of self-love and twisted complexes stimulating my precious parts, making my ears rot.

“I see, so that’s how you really feel. Then I’ll kindly teach you a lesson for the underworld.”

I aim the sword at his chest.

“Do not bring out your ugly complexes.

Then I charged out and swung the greatsword down from the sky.

“On unrelated strangers, stupid!”

With a flash.

The Grim Reaper’s body, unable to defend or evade Aono Haruka’s blade dance, was easily pierced by the white blade.


And so the immortal Grim Reaper screamed his ugly death wail as he faded away.

The whitening bone body, the massive spiritual power vanished like smoke. 

Every component that made him up disintegrated at a dizzying speed, until not a single bone fragment remained, and he became zero.

For a mutant who specializes in regeneration, it is ironic that his end should be instantaneous.

And the source of this impossible yet reasonable occurrence is, of course, the White Blade.

The absolute end brought about by the immense acceleration of time that annihilates existence – the sole and incomparable principle of [Origin’s End] is to send all of creation to the farthest end of time.

Well, simply put, it’s an amazing version of Urashima Taro’s treasure chest in fairy tales.

Unlike the one that leaves a speck behind, this one completely reduces everything to dust – its evilness is on a different level.

That’s right, [Origin’s End] erodes all of existence. 

Matter, spirit, souls, concepts, mystical power-if it exists under the fourth dimension, it will be heartlessly reduced to zero —- This is the peak of [Origin’s End].

The absolute end decreed by the Goddess of Time cannot be overturned by any degree of immortality.

Yeah, definitely not a skill a mid-boss should have in a tutorial. No wait, the full version spamfires this supreme one-hit kill skill from range!? …… That can’t be right, can it?


Various complicated feelings pass through my lips in one sigh.

Once again, I feel like I’ve been infected with a true monstrosity.

Not that I have any regrets, and no matter how many times time rewinds, I’d probably make the same choice, but still.

Al is amazing. Truly.

[Well done, Master. You handled the first test magnificently]

[Thanks to Al. I couldn’t have stood on this battlefield without you]

In gratitude, I kneel on the azure ground. I’m a little tired. 

Looking around, a [Spirit Stone] as big as a boulder has appeared where the Grim Reaper was somehow.

Proof of his departure from this world, and a special large reward congratulating us on our victory. That’s great and all, but —-

[How do we take that away?]

[We can ask the examiners for help]

I’ll do that. Referees like Akabane shouldn’t steal it.


Suddenly, I feel an unpleasant sensation in my little finger. Somehow, a skull ring has been put on it.

“This is ……”

It’s obviously a boss drop loot, just as I was about to inspect it,


Her voice reaches my ears.

Happy, fast approaching footsteps. The girl with the azure hair ornament smiles happily as she runs over here.

When I saw her figure, I finally understood that the long battle was over.


Today, a monster should have been born in this place.

A blood-stained lunar eclipse.

On the day that the super-abnormal monster Sword Prison Rakshasa, with its near-immortal regenerative ability and overwhelming power, roared to life, the [Lunar Eclipse] dungeon was destined to be filled with a lot of blood and tears.

Many test takers would lose their lives at the test site.

Two referee teachers died bravely fighting. 

The remaining examiners would bear full responsibility and become dropouts.

And the girl who was forced to take responsibility as the biggest victim and the worst perpetrator would continue to be trapped in the endless purgatory of slaughter —- that was supposed to happen until her blood sister freed her.

But what of reality?

The Reaper is gone, and she is alive.

So the Sword Prison Rakshasa will not be born, and there will be no casualties, no grudges, and no jobs lost.

A massive victory without blemish.

So now, and only now, let it ring out loud. 

“This is our victory”

I wave to the approaching Aono Haruka with one hand, while I raise the middle finger of the other hand behind my back to the sky.

It’s a declaration of perfect triumph and a declaration of war at the same time.

Look at this, o twisted fate.

To rotting tragedies.

Your twisted schemes are fucking trashable by a mid-level boss like me.

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