SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 3

Lunch break after 4th period ended. 
I was alone, holding my head on the roof. 
What is it…just what on earth is that!? 
The mental choices appearing suddenly, with absolute compulsion—  
Thanks to that thing, my peaceful school life had come to an end. 
The favorable impression from my classmates (?) thanks to class rep Ishibashi had recovered my standing considerably, but my mother’s underwear declaration sent my stock plunging straight to limit down. 
Everyone was whispering while watching me from afar…not a single person had spoken to me after homeroom. 
Misfortune? …Could that actually be a new form of misfortune? 
…No, something feels a little off about that idea. My normal misfortune is more like— 
Bird poop struck my shoulder directly. 
Right, this, this is my normal misfortune. This feeling, it’s kind of reassuring—  
“No, nothing reassuring about getting crapped on by a bird…that’s poop landing on me…” 
I unconsciously retorted myself, but I’m certain. 
That’s different. 
Those mental choices are something else entirely from my regular misfortune. 
Just intuition, but I’m not mistaken after dozens of years of misfortune experience.  
But in that case, just what— 
[Choose ] 

  1. A beautiful girl falls from the sky 
  2. A drenched Joe falls from the sky

“Who’s Joe!?” 
I reflexively shouted, but there it was again…that weird choice popped up again. 
Just what the hell is this— 
Ngh…the jabbing headache if I don’t choose is the same huh… Well if I had to pick one, better a beautiful girl than some wet Joe. 
With that thinking, the instant I selected 1— 
Sensing something, I looked up and…some sparkling object? 
No way…a beautiful girl is really gonna fall!? 
I-If that’s the case, I’ve gotta catch her or there’ll be big trouble! 
Umm…first roughly predict the spot, then look around for something mattress-like to—huh, fast!? 
Whoa…no time to look for a mattress! I’ve got no choice but to catch her directly— 
** Slam! ** 
This is awful! …It’s awfullll! 
Getting smashed from that height, I’d have no chance at survival— 
…Dumbfounded by the situation, I stood motionless.  
In time, the swirling dust cleared and visibility returned. What entered my eyes was—  
To be precise, legs growing out of the ground. 
Even more precisely, legs sticking straight up in a V-shape with the upper body stabbed into the ground. 
…………What does this mean? 
No matter how many times I rewatched it, I could not understand what I saw before my eyes. 
I understand it mentally. That I need to contact emergency services and teachers urgently.  
But the scene is so surreal my mind and body have frozen up— 
“Heyyy, you there!” 
She’s alive!? No way…no way she’d be unharmed after falling from that height… 
“Pfft hahaha! Let me tell you what you’re most wondering about right now.” 
Though her mouth is buried in the concrete, muffling her voice, I could clearly make out a girl’s voice around my age. 
“Why my skirt isn’t flipping up and you can’t see my panties, it’s defying gravity right?” 
“That’s not important right now! First—” 
Admittedly the skirt’s state is puzzling, but there are much more pressing issues here. 
“A-Are you okay!? …Are you really okay like this!? Is…is this okay!?”  
“Ahaha! I don’t need an ambulance or anything~ See, I’m perfectly fine right?”  
The girl(?) energetically wiggled her legs, narrowing and widening the V-angle…too surreal. 
“Look, I can see you’re fine, but…more than that, shouldn’t you be dead in the first place…?” 
“Well I guess you’d think that huh. Since it’s a pain to explain like this, mind pulling me out?” 
“Me…pull you out?” 
“Yup. I can’t get out myself you see. Ahh, I should’ve thought a bit more. Even as fanservice for you, I might’ve overdone it a little.”  
“That’s right. You definitely love [head stabbed into the floor girl] sexy videos right?” 
“That’s too niche! You won’t find a category tab for that no matter where you look!” 
“Oh was I wrong? Anyway, mind pulling me out?” 
Still completely confused, I approached the girl’s side. 
“Okay, gonna touch you…” 
I hesitantly placed my hands on her waist. 
“Ahaha! You’re worrying too much and it’s making you touch weirdly~ Must be an a virgin huh.” 
…My bad.  
She seems to have quite the jesting personality, but…Anyway, the conversation won’t progress if I don’t pull her out. 
The instant I applied force, the girl let out a coquettish voice. 
Startled by the unexpected reaction, I quickly released my hands. 
“I-I’m fine…just surprised me a little so keep going, I don’t mind…” 
“Oh, o-okay then…” 
I grasped her body again and pushed with force— 
An even more sensitive reaction than before startled me into recoiling. 
“D-Did I touch you weirdly? I didn’t mean to…”  
“Haah…haa…s-sorry, my bad…not being able to see makes me extra sensitive…but that’s because my true identity is sensitive, it can’t be helped…” 
“True identity?” 
“Yes. Actually, I’m not human.”  
“I mean, could a normal human fall from that height and be totally fine?” 
Well she has a point but… 
“I’m actually the personified form of a certain something.”  
Personification…that’s like, pretty common in anime and games of battleships and animals turning into beautiful girls right? This thing before me is one of those? 
S-Something so unrealistic but…the fact she’s stabbed headfirst concretely into the ground is also reality.  
“W-Whether believable or not…just what were you personified from?” 
“[Erotic shaped daikon radish]” 
“Who would want such a thing!?”  
This girl…that weird voice from before was totally on purpose…forget it, I’ll just pull her out roughly! 
“Oh nice, got me out got me out~ Man, roof air is great huh. So refresssshing~” 
Seeing the girl stand up and stretch before me, I— 
Froze up in spite of myself.  
Because that existence was far too perfect. 


Jutting out violently where it should jut out, and withdrawing where it should withdraw, ideal proportions. And her facial features were also eerily orderly. 
It’s not the cute or pretty you’d see with idols or actresses. As I said eerily orderly but…that still feels insufficient to describe just how orderly she seems.  
Something superhuman, an aura as if not of this world…to use a terribly cliche metaphor, it was as if an ang— 
“Oh right, I haven’t introduced myself yet. No point hiding it, I’m an angel sent down from the heavens above! That’s what I am!” 
An, angel? While I did have that impression from her divine appearance, that was just a metaphor for the ethereal feel of her looks, not that I imagined she had a literal ring over her head. 
“Oh, that face says you don’t believe me huh? I get it, I get it. It’s not something you can accept easily~ Then, as proof of my angelhood, I’ll point out something about you that only you in the whole world could know ‘kay?” 
And she placed her index finger on her own temple and tapped tap tap. 
“The mental choices occurring in your brain.” 
How does she know that? I haven’t breathed a word of it to anyone yet…that’s something impossible unless she somehow peeked directly into my mind right? She couldn’t be seriously…a being surpassing human knowledge? 
“Fufun, believe me now? Let me reintroduce myself then. My name is Corone. I’m a bona fide angel girl sent to help you ok~?”  
The girl calling herself Corone struck a silly pose going panpakapaaan! while mimicking trumpet sounds. 
“I’m Oootomo…Youta.”  
“Uh huh, nice to meetcha Youtan. I’ve been tasked by the heavenly realm to support you fully, so feel free to consult me ’bout anything ‘kay?” 
“The heavenly realm? Oh, you mean heaven. My support meaning…the stuff about the mental choices right?” 
“Yup. That’s a [curse] from the heavenly realm – something that shouldn’t exist in the human world. My objective is to lift that [curse].”  
“A [curse] huh…Oh wait. Could it be that all the ridiculous misfortune I’ve suffered all this time is also part of that [curse]?” 
“Ah nope, not that. Your misfortune has nothing to do with any supernatural phenomena. You just simply have astronomically bad luck, that’s all.” 
…………….I see. 
Right after being let down by that excessively blunt truth—  



Bird poop directly hit my shoulder again. 
“And in the exact same spot as earlier…well consecutive ones aren’t that rare but…” 
“Oh Youtan, this might be a little different.”  
“Unlike the white poop from before, this one’s transparent and sparkly see—going by the aura, it’s a heavenly realm resident’s excretion.” 
“Yup. Sometimes they come down to the human world by chance. But they’re super rare since it’s reeeally occasional.”  
“It certainly has a shine unlike anything of this world…could it perhaps be angel tears or something?” 
“It’s God’s vomit.” 
“Say what!?” 
“God of woro.” 
“Don’t randomly say game-sounding stuff!” 
I vigorously scrubbed off the divine vomitus.  
“But seeing it in person, it really is awful huh. You said this misfortune has nothing to do with the heavenly realm and is just coincidental…it really is shocking.” 
“Well it is related to the heavenly realm…God’s puking directly on me…” 
“But this is simply indecent behavior from drinking too much, the misfortune itself has no supernatural influence whatsoever you know? That is the official heavenly view.” 
So as you said before, I’m just super unlucky… 
“But the mental choices are different you know, big brother. That [curse] doesn’t occur spontaneously, there’s definitely someone’s intent involved.”  
“Someone’s intent…Does the heavenly realm have any leads on the culprit?” 
“Nope sadly, not yet. But actually, a similar incident occurred previously. That case is completely resolved now but…the one cursed then was a high schooler like you…well like you he was an M-type, so while he struggled, he somehow managed to live a normal high school life.” 
…Please don’t arbitrarily judge me as an M. 
“But in that person’s case, it was only the mental choices in their brain. In your case, the misfortune you were born with is added on top too. Honestly, it exceeds what one person can handle right? Helping to prevent your mind from going into overload is also part of my mission you see.” 
“I see, so that’s what support means…” 
“Yup. So consult me if things get tough ‘kay…I’ll heal you with lewd stuff.” 
“Ha? …H-Hold on, saying that stuff out of nowhere…it’s not like that kind of thing would be healing or anything—” 
“Reallyyy? Are you suuure?” 
Corone’s face was right before me. 
“The fastest way to cheer up depressed boys…is lewd stuff riiight?” 

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