Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 28

Mob No.28: “[That’s a problem! The success of our company depends on this new product announcement event! We can’t be late!]”

The day the request began.

As expected, no one was late, and everyone gathered at the guild’s marina which was our departure point.

“Nice to meet you, I’m the person in charge, Regas Bundleban. This new product announcement event is very important for our company. Please get us there promptly and safely.”

The one who greeted us with a seemingly natural stern face was the sales department manager, Mr. Regas Bundleban, the person in charge of this request from the Neima Company.

Behind him, the employees were loading merchandise and food onto the medium-sized transport ship [Lanoitan].

Apparently this transport ship belonged to their company, and the crew operating it were also employees.

Our job was to safely escort this single medium-sized transport ship to the planet Garaif.

The current time was 6:55 AM.

Departure time was 7 AM.

It would take 24 hours to reach the gate to Planet Garaif. (Estimated arrival – 7 AM next day)

During night time (10 PM to 6 AM the next day), we would switch to auto-navigation and take 4-hour alternating rest periods in groups of 3.

After passing through the gate, it would take 14 hours to reach Planet Garaif. (Estimated arrival – 9 PM that day)

Barring any issues, we should arrive and finish in 38 hours.

Soon after, loading was completed and it was time to depart.

The departure went very smoothly.

No machine trouble.

Former policeman Bernard’s pointless stories were a minor annoyance.

Moritz teasing Seila and her turning beet red.

No foolishness to disrupt the peace.

Truly peaceful time passed by.

However, after about 8 hours, the radar reacted to something.

After checking, I reported to Arthur.

“Hey, can I ask something?”

[What is it?]

“At the direction between 2 and 3 o’clock, 1.6 billion km away, I detected a fleet of ships with unknown registry. They’re probably pirates.”

[I confirmed as well. If we stay on this course, there’s a chance we’ll make contact. We should change course or stop temporarily to let them pass, don’t you think?]

Seila also seemed to have spotted the fleet of unknown ships and reported to Arthur.

[I have no objections.]

[Less trouble is better.]

[I’ll leave it to your judgment.]

The other 3 agreed with Seila’s opinion.

Prioritizing safety and moving swiftly, this was the optimal choice.

[I see. Let me get the client’s permission. Mr. Bundleban, pardon me?]


[We detected what appears to be a pirate fleet. They don’t seem to have noticed us yet, but if we continue on this course, there’s a chance we’ll make contact. So we’d like to change course or reduce speed to slip past them, but…]

[That’s a problem! The success of our company depends on this new product announcement event! We can’t be late!]

Arthur proposed avoiding the pirates and how, but the manager rejected it with a stern face.

That was quite an imposing presence, likely due to his naturally severe face.

[However, if we engage the pirates, it will take more time with combat, and depending on the circumstances, it could endanger yourself and your employees.]

But Arthur did not falter before that imposing manner, and presented the demerits of not executing his proposal.

Indeed, combat would not only take time but could endanger the client himself.

[Manager! For safety’s sake, please follow the professionals’ instructions!]

Mr. Nostu and the other employees tried persuading the manager from behind to reconsider, but

[No! We must arrive at the venue as quickly as possible, no matter what!]

The manager was fixated on arriving as quickly as possible no matter the reason. This was quite troublesome.

[I see. Seila continue monitoring the pirates. Mr. Uzoss continue checking our surroundings.]

Just as Arthur reluctantly tried to follow those orders, from the Lanoitan’s communication came a Snap sound, the manager disappeared from screen,

[My apologies. Could you please change course?]

and instead Mr. Nostu appeared with a lovely smile, accepting Arthur’s proposal.

This man was more frightening that I realized…

And so as proposed we changed course and proceeded, when communication came in from Seila.

[Pardon me?]

“Yes, what is it?”

I panicked and checked the radar again thinking something was found, but nothing had changed.


Then Seila said something unexpected.

[First, I’m very sorry for glaring at you the other day. I didn’t actually think your ship could scan 2 billion km…]

Seila had a serious expression as she apologized.

“Oh right, that time. Don’t worry about it.”

I didn’t really mind, but it seems she did.

[In the past, someone claimed they could scan 2 billion km but could actually only do 0.5 billion km, and because of that person many unfortunate things happened…]

I see, so that was a suspicious glare back then.

People like that do exist after all. Boasting they can do what they actually can’t, just causing trouble…

[You gotta learn to see through people like that. Stop chasing after your man’s behind, why doncha?]

Moritz butted in to tease Seila, and she reacted by turning bright red.

She’s completely being toyed with…

Well it did help lighten the mood so I’m thankful.

3 hours later.

Fortunately, the fleet of suspicious ships that looked like pirates completely changed course in the opposite direction from us, and disappeared.

If they were pirates, it likely meant they found different prey nearby. Can’t exactly celebrate that.

Another 4 hours passed, and it was time for the alternating sleep schedule at night.

The first sleep shift was Arthur, Seila, and old man Bernard.

With my and Seila’s powerful radar, we couldn’t rest at the same time, and if granting Seila’s wish then this arrangement was inevitable.

The Lanoitan also seemed to have hit its sleep shift, as the person on watch greeted us briefly.

Truthfully, the most grueling part of escort duty is the uneventful times.

It’s best when nothing happens, but with nothing going on, boredom sets in and makes one sleepy.

Moreover, for those like Seila and I with powerful scanning equipment, we can’t let our guard down on the radar even when bored and sleepy.

What helps during such times is someone chatting away meaninglessly, but Moritz, the most likely to do so, was fast asleep.

The snoring made it clear he was out cold.

I thought to connect just to his channel and blast some loud warning sounds to wake him, but

[Yo. Got a minute?]

Levin called out to me.

I couldn’t think of anything he’d want to talk to me about, so what was this about I wonder?

[Are you close with the info broker Pattson?]

The conversation went to my info broker friend.

“We’ve been friends since high school.”

Hearing that, Levin was a little surprised, and

[Then you know what that person likes right? Food, accessories, anything’s fine! Tell me!]

He eagerly questioned me.

What’s this about I wonder? Could it be!?

Is Levin in love with Gonzalez!?

Gonzalez probably hasn’t told him the true identity.

Well, knowing that person, Gonzales wouldn’t say anything unless asked.

If that’s the case, would it be better to reveal the truth early?

Or let him experience heartbreak unknowing, and have him move on?

“In…in high school that persom liked anime and light novels, I think that person still does…”

Unable to choose, I dodged the issue.

Gonzalez is also my otaku buddy, so it’s true he likes anime and light novels.

[I see…]

Levin had a complicated expression.

Well, it is hard to imagine from Gonzalez’s current career woman-like appearance.

After that, he searched for some undoubtedly inappropriate sites until it was time to switch shifts.

I informed the others that Moritz had been asleep the whole time, and requested to wake him with loud warning sounds.

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