Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 8

Leaving the flustered Folia to Lady kana’s care, Raze closed in on the food as if drawn to it.

It would quickly become apparent she was just a commoner far beneath the noble gentlemen. If so, she may as well be brazen about it and steel herself for people’s reactions while continuing forward.

She was a professional spy. With a straight face she would casually charm those around her while elegantly filling her plate with the cuisine.

She intended to fully enjoy her free and safe school life here as a student. If she held back at first, she would end up regretting things later. She had managed to enroll here as a commoner seeking to greedily learn, so she would shamelessly partake as such – or so she told herself.

That said, she had no intention of disrespectfully interacting with the others, and certainly no plan to forget her military loyalty and honor. Needless to say, that was for her own future’s sake.

“So lovely…”

After successfully retrieving food while keeping to the wall out of people’s way, Raze swooned blissfully.

She speared the tender meat with her fork and took a big bite.


What Alyssa had told her earlier was no exaggeration.

(If I’m here I can eat soft meat, bread, fresh vegetables, desserts and more like this…?)

She had to avoid causing trouble and getting expelled.

Raze ate the cuisine happily. Though standing alone by the wall would normally mark someone an object of pity at a social gathering, she emanated an aura of happiness.

“Oh Raze-chan, you were over here?”

Sometime into polishing off her plate, Folia and Carne found her.

Seeing the visible fatigue in Folia, Raze’s eyes widened.

“What happened? Did the people tire you out?”

“Um, since I said I can use healing magic, a whole bunch of people came to talk to me… I guess I was a little overwhelmed.”

She didn’t seem to have endured harassment, so it would be overprotective for Raze to shield Folia in this case.

(I guess she just has to get used to it. There’s not much I can do as a poor commoner…)

Raze nodded and said “I see.”

“It can’t be helped at first. You’ll get used to it over time, but it’s good to learn how to politely end conversations so it doesn’t get to be too much.”

“Yes… I was saved thanks to Lady Carne being there.”

It was only natural Folia would draw attention for being cute with a rare magical specialty.

Carne seemed used to these kinds of events, but she was the daughter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs herself. Dealing with double the people must be tiring for her.

(Nobles have it rough, huh~)

Raze herself was technically a honorary noble, but feeling completely uninvolved, she stuffed another potato in her mouth.

Folia and Carne also took a short break, joining Raze in the meal.

“Is that enough for you two?”

Seeing how little food Folia and Carne had gotten, Raze asked. It was less than half what she’d eaten.

“If I overeat, my face gets chubby immediately, so I have to restrain myself.”

“This is about how much I always had at the church too?”

Raze felt like she’d been struck by lightning.

“I-, I see…”

Maybe she had been too greedy. If she overate here and turned into a pig, it could interfere with her duties.

(Nooo. What a cruel choice…)

After agonizing over it, she decided not to go back for more dessert.

Some time later, the music flowing through the hall changed to signal the start of the dance.

“Can you two dance?”

In response to kana’s question, Folia made a troubled face.

“Um, I practiced a bit but I’m not very good at dancing…”

“It’ll be fine. Your partner will lead you properly. What about you, Raze-san?”

“I can dance, but I doubt I have a partner.”

No boys were likely to ask a visible commoner like her. Plus she was still basking in the lingering flavor of the delicious food, so Raze had no desire to dance at the moment.

“I don’t have one either.”

“Eh, really?”

kana’s wording made Raze tilt her head, as she’d assumed Folia already had a partner.

Still, a cute girl like Folia would probably get offers any second.


Just as she thought that, a certain figure entered Raze’s field of vision. His aim was surely kana, given his refined evening attire.

Well, it looked like she’d be the one left behind anyway.

“Lady kana.”


A composed voice called out to Carne from behind.

Turning around in surprise to see her stylishly dressed up fiance Ruben, Carne caught her breath. Her ears immediately turned red, making her feelings plain to see.

“You must be the other friend she mentioned earlier?”

“Yes. Raze Granoli, in the same class.”

While tucking her hair behind an ear and feigning composure, Carne introduced Raze.

Caught off guard that she’d been discussed without realizing it, Raze hurriedly straightened her back and bowed.

“A pleasure to meet you, Prince Ruben. I’m Raze Granoli of Class A.”

“No need to be so formal. Here we’re just fellow students. I look forward to getting to know you. Please take care of my beloved fiancee as well.”

Ruben casually put his arm around kana. Following his sweet words of “my beloved fiancee”, the combination clearly decided it as kana’s cheeks flushed bright red in his embrace.

(Wh-, what is this…?)

Raze was left behind, unable to comprehend what had just transpired before her eyes.

(Huh? What’s going on? Didn’t His Highness have someone else he liked?)

If this was all an act, Ruben was more cunning than the Grim Reaper himself. Such a prince would be intolerable. Yet if Ruben truly cherished Carne as he appeared to now, kana’s murmured words from earlier only deepened the mystery for Raze. She just couldn’t make sense of it.

“Lady kana, may I have this dance?”

“Y-, yes.”

Too flustered from having his arm around her waist and being pressed against him, Carne nodded vigorously. From her reaction, she didn’t notice Ruben’s smile as he watched her.

(…Is that acting too?)

Raze felt ready to get heartburn from the saccharine display being put on by the two beauties.

After Ruben led Carne away, Raze exchanged looks with Folia.

“Way too sweet. His Highness must really like Lady Carne too, huh.”

Raze concluded Carne must have been mistaken about Ruben’s suspected infidelity. If his behavior just now had all been an act, she would seriously consider assassinating Ruben.

“Yeah. I think they’re perfect for each other. I’m kinda jealous…”

Folia then hastily covered her own mouth with both hands.

It seemed like feelings she hadn’t been conscious of herself had slipped out of her mouth, and she was stopping them.

“Ohh? Could Folia have someone she likes too?”

Raze immediately pressed the issue.

“Wha-, no, it’s not like that! I-, this isn’t love or anything! It’s more like, respect, or admiration!”

“Uh-huh, I see very clearly~”

As Raze warmly watched her, Folia desperately denied it over and over, but Raze paid her no mind. This was definitely a bullseye.

(Could it be Cardinal Zel-Ire-Moldil?)

Raze guessed it was Moldil, who had prepared all the perfect dresses for Folia. He was twenty-six this year, a ten year difference quite adorable in this world.

“I’m cheering you on. Since Folia is cute, tell me if any guys here give you trouble and I’ll do whatever I can to help.”

“O-, okay… Wait, no it’s not like that!”


Seeing Folia obediently nod at first, Raze snorted softly. That was as good as Folia confessing who she liked herself. Ruben’s protection was with kana, so Raze felt she should look out for the seemingly weak-willed Folia.

“Excuse me. Would you care to share a dance, miss?”


And right on cue, a fish bit Folia’s line. As one guy asked her, a crowd of male students swarmed Folia. She’d gotten a blessings-cum-hassles big catch.

“Wha-, um!”

Raze wanted to throw her a lifeline, but as an unaffiliated commoner here she currently lacked status.

“…..Folia, do your best.”

“Huhhh?! Raze-chan?!”

Sending Folia encouragement, Raze promptly left her side. Cute girls came what may.

Watching from nearby, Raze noticed someone force their way into the circle surrounding Folia.

“She’s dancing with me. Sorry.”

The one who rescued Folia was their red-haired classmate, Ian Maas Dolrua the grandson of the former knight commander.

(Ohh. A knight arrives.)

Raze applauded him in her mind. Ian trained his body so he should be able to properly lead and dance with Folia.


Something then felt off to Raze, and she furrowed her brow.

(Lady Carne knew Folia would dance with Sir Ian…?)

kana’s surprise that Folia didn’t have a single room also felt strange. She had reacted as if expecting something that should happen.

But if she had such rare foresight magic, the military would surely have been informed. Raze shook her head, thinking she was overthinking it, but an unease lingered in her heart.

(I’ll try casually asking her about it later.)

Since constant nagging uncertainty was unpleasant, Raze decided to ask Carne about it another time.

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