Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 1 Chapter 7 part 1

Chapter 7: Hear the Voice of the Heart

“Take your positions! Prepare for the assault of the Floor Master!”

Camilla shouted with a booming voice that overpowered the sound of the rain, and everyone received their instructions.

The visibility was poor, but it didn’t mean communication was impossible. Everyone held a light and called out each other’s names to determine their positions. Each person armed themselves and the shield unit formed a circular formation on the outer edge. I stood in the center position.

“Vim, it’s Zimon. Can you hear me?”

A message came through a personal communication device.

“This is Vim. I can hear you!”

“Get into combat formation! Prepare for reinforcement as planned!”


No one had predicted the rain, but our preparations for the worst-case scenario were paying off. Thanks to that, everyone seemed to remain composed without falling into chaos.

“Listen up, all of you!”

As the formation gradually took shape, Camilla spoke up.

“The southern passage is flooded due to the amount of rain! We can’t retreat! We are trapped in this labyrinth!”

The truth was laid bare. The words were filled with a sense of despair. However, no one’s spirit seemed to break.

“I’ll say it again! Prepare for the assault of the Floor Master!”

The circular formation was complete, and we confirmed it by looking at our neighbors. The plan was set. First, we would observe the monster’s attack and then search for an escape route. Simple and straightforward.

Everyone’s fear disappeared, and they resolved themselves. They scanned all directions through the gaps in the rain, searching for any movement in the darkness.

Silence within the midst of the intense sound of rain.

In the still air quieter than silence, our nerves were on edge.

“The northern passage! Third from the right! Something is coming!”

It was probably Betty’s voice. Everyone’s attention turned in that direction.

“Shield unit, fall back! Rear guard, after Vim’s reinforcement, attack!”

Approvals from all members of the rear guard unit came through personal communication devices. I immediately activated my enhanced ability.

“[Solidify] – [Quiver]”

I created a passage. Enhancement specialized in [Ice Spear], adjusting hardness, vibration, and air resistance.

“Enhancement granted!”

A giant ice spear appeared overhead, illuminating the surroundings with its radiant light.

Amidst the brilliant light, I looked towards the passage and saw a translucent mass.

The size… it was huge. At least much larger than any large monster. It was likely fifty people in size.

And it was visibly wriggling.

“[Ice Spear]”

The ice spear attacked the mass. A thunderous sound erupted in the grand hall, overpowering the sound of rain. Water cascaded down from the explosive force. Instead of a cloud of dust, the area was obscured by steam.

“The target is not silenced. It missed. And… uh… it’s transforming! Those are tentacles! They’re coming!”

Tension spread through the group with Betty’s report.

Before Camilla’s instructions, the shield unit inserted themselves between the mass and us. Approval messages from the shield unit came to me, and I responded.

“Enhancement granted!”

The translucent mass extended rapidly like an arrow, attacking us. The shield unit blocked it. Rather than deflecting, they aimed to erase the attack directly.

The first wave stopped.

Up until this point, we had simply acted on reflexes. The rest was entrusted to Camilla.

“Illuminate the front! Shield unit, maintain your defensive stance! Once you have visual contact, attack!”

The instructions were given, followed by a moment of silence. The front was illuminated by light magic as instructed, gradually revealing the true form of the translucent mass as it entered the grand hall.

It resembled a gigantic round sphere.

It had two organ-like protrusions resembling horns and veins covered its entire body.

“Vim, can you identify what that is? There’s no doubt it’s the Floor Master.”

“It doesn’t match any of the previous Floor Masters. If I had to compare, it’s more like a small monster, similar to a manatee.”

“A manatee, I see. Then fire should work, right?”

“I believe so. Enhancement is still active, so we can go at it anytime!”


Camilla switched to a group transmission.

“Rear guard unit! Unleash fire magic! Each person attacks individually!”

Fire magic. It was forbidden in a closed space like this labyrinth. However, despite being monsters, they were living creatures, and fire usually had a certain effect as a weakness. But in a closed labyrinth, there was the issue of rapid oxygen depletion, so it couldn’t be used unless it was a considerably large space. But now there was “emptiness.” Even if we burned as much as we wanted, there should be no depletion of oxygen.




The long-range unit unleashed fire magic one after another. Fireballs, flame breaths, and heatwaves. I also adjusted my enhancement to efficiently utilize energy. The leaping flames were tremendous, evaporating the rain as they burned through the surface of the Floor Master one after another.

When the flames hit, the Floor Master’s entire body undulated silently.

“It’s effective!”

Someone shouted, and voices followed, raising the morale of the entire party.

“Alright! Front-line unit, pair up with the shield unit to defend against the tentacles and attack the main body! Even if you sever the tentacles, the damage should still reach! Rear guard unit, split into teams of two for interception and attack!”

Camilla’s orders were met with everyone acting in an organized manner, dispersing and launching coordinated attacks.

“Vim, you can release the enhancement on anyone except the shield unit. Concentrate on defense with some reserve.”


“Only the shield unit receives Vim’s enhancement! Rejoice, shields! You can be reckless!”


The view from there was magnificent. As the rear guard unit’s magic responded, the vanguard unit moved through the gaps, smoothly executing hit-and-run maneuvers without any worry of friendly fire. Sometimes simultaneously, sometimes with a time delay, they struck, ensuring the Floor Master’s attention was never concentrated.

It felt like witnessing a meticulously calculated war, like a scene from chess.

It was evident that the Floor Master was being cornered. Despite being completely in enemy territory amidst this heavy rain, the tide was in our favor.


I heard Camilla’s voice, not through magical transmission, but in her own voice.

“I’m going out. Give me your enhancement, full throttle. I, Camilla, approve of Vim’s granting.”

“The captain is going out,” I heard. The battlefield was filled with excitement.

Camilla hurried, but perhaps due to her presence, she seemed to be walking calmly, as if she were strolling.

Her physique was enormous, not just for a woman, but for any human being. With her well-defined features and flowing silver hair, she exuded a divinity that surpassed the confines of humanity, almost resembling an idol worthy of worship.

Her sword, the blade of the “Great Beheader,” had already expanded to the size of a large sword. Despite my best efforts in enhancement, I couldn’t tell if it was making any difference. She was surely planning to finish it with a single strike.

Floor Masters were cunning and cautious, often hiding their trump cards. It would be desirable to defeat them with a single blow before they could reveal them.

The magic of the sword, the power to sever, had an effective strength against all things. When it came to living creatures, severing their central core would typically result in instant death. Even lower-level animals couldn’t avoid significant damage.

With everyone pushing forward, delivering a decisive blow was now required.



“I’ve been granted the enhancement.” I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard those words. Vim’s enhancement became more refined with each repetition, permeating my body.

It was no longer a metaphor. I repeatedly reproduced the movements realized through his enhancement with my own body.

I had long been hitting a ceiling. No matter how much I trained, there was an ability that I couldn’t surpass.

Muscle strength couldn’t be improved any further, and I was proud of my mastery of magic. However, that pride made me feel limited.

Because “Night Dragonflies” was an excellent party, I convinced myself that it didn’t matter. If I could only maintain my current level of strength, I could contribute to command and guidance.

But that was the flip side of despair. As a warrior, I had died by accepting that fact.

That enhancement suddenly shattered that frozen situation. It was borrowed power, but it allowed me to see the view above the ceiling. With his power, I could go there anytime and confirm it.

The sensations I had felt until just now became a clear goal standing before me. Had there ever been such a vivid sign?

In this short period, I broke through several barriers. It was an unprecedented speed.

Now I realize it. The moment our paths connected during our first dungeon dive together. The excitement I felt at that moment was a sure sign of breaking through stagnation.

Vim, you wouldn’t know.

There’s no way you could know.

How grateful I am to you.

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