Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 1 Chapter 12 part 1

Chapter 12 – Moonlight Grass and Mana Recovery Potion

After concluding the meetings with Father and Chris, we set off for the imperial capital. Our purpose was to present the Rinse and Tonic Water to His Majesty and Her Majesty, the Emperor and Empress. To maintain secrecy, we decided to present it as a joint development between Christie Trading Company and the Valdia Territory, hiding my role as the developer. The trading company would handle the production and sale of cosmetics, while the Valdia Territory would be responsible for cultivating aloe and olives as raw materials. The trading company would purchase the raw materials and take care of the processing, production, and packaging. 

Transportation, sales, delivery, and after-sales service will be handled by Saffron Trading Company, with whom we have an agency contract. As the owner of the sales and production rights for the cosmetics, I will receive a portion of the sales revenue for the corresponding products from the trading company in the future. I am the creator and provider of the recipe, and I have also provided the noble crest as the brand logo, which carries the risk of unauthorized use. Chris understood the importance of this, but she gently pointed out that I might be exerting too much control over the rights. In response, I addressed her concerns.

“Well, even so, it shouldn’t be a problem since Chris and Saffron Trading Company will monopolize the market for a while, right? We are currently selling the products at a premium price, so we won’t be offering them cheaply.”

Upon hearing my words, Chris let out a heavy sigh.

For the time being, I decided to let go of the cosmetics business. During my free time, I planned to focus on developing the next product: the “Magic Recovery Potion.” This potion was of utmost importance as it would serve as temporary relief for my mother’s magic depletion syndrome until a specialized medicine could be developed. I embarked on this task with unwavering determination, even though I lacked knowledge in pharmacy.

Even if I managed to obtain the raw materials, I was unable to process them on my own.

“…While it seems to have some effect when consumed as is, I can’t simply make my mother ingest it like this…”

After receiving it from Chris, I intentionally depleted my magic power and consumed the grass. I felt a slight recovery, but consuming it in its raw form proved challenging due to its grassy taste, bitterness, and strong odor.

…If it came down to it, I would have to compel my mother to consume it. However, since there was still some time remaining, I wanted to act carefully. After much consideration, I asked Galun to introduce me to someone knowledgeable in pharmacy within our world. To my surprise, he provided an unexpected answer.

“Pharmacy? In that case, why don’t you approach our tutor, Sandra-sama? She is an excellent magician and well-versed in pharmacy. To be honest, she leans more towards research.”

“Huh? Then why did she become my tutor?”


Galun’s eyes widened, and he covered his mouth upon hearing my words. It seemed like he had accidentally revealed something. I couldn’t just let it slide. Sporting an innocent smile on my face, but harboring a sense of unease inside, I confronted Galun. After muttering, “I made a mistake…” he let out a deep sigh. After a brief moment of silence, he seemed resigned and started explaining.

As it turned out, Sandra used to work at the research institute in the imperial capital. However, she faced obstacles in producing significant results and experienced budget cuts due to the disfavor of certain nobles. Her research situation became dire, making it difficult for her to continue her work properly. At that time, my father apparently offered her the position of being my tutor. Frustrated with her lack of progress and tired of dealing with nobles, she decided to come to the Valdia Territory.

“I wonder if she was happy when I called her ‘Professor Sandra’… Maybe she wasn’t treated well in the imperial capital?”

Regardless of the circumstances, having a magician knowledgeable in pharmacy nearby would be beneficial for any kind of research. Thus, I resolved to seek Sandra’s assistance during the next day’s training session.

(Scene transition)

Today was the long-awaited day for training with Sandra and magic. Although I wanted to discuss what I had learned from Galun, I decided to focus on the training for now.

The training mainly consisted of practicing magic conversion, activation, and form repeatedly. The current goal was to increase the amount of magic power through repetitive practice.

“Let’s activate magic until we can’t activate it anymore!”

Sandra stood with her right hand on her waist, pointing her index finger towards the sky, and energetically instructed me on the training method. I let out a small sigh and followed her guidance. Although Galun had described her as a researcher, her training methods seemed more brute-force-like to me. However, as long as I could effectively use magic, the approach didn’t matter. With that thought in mind, I completed today’s training.

“Sandra-sensei, do you have some time today? There’s something I’d like to discuss.”

“I don’t have any plans, so it’s fine.”

“Thank you. I’ll go change first, so please wait for me in the reception room, Sandra-sensei.”

Following her instructions, I headed to my room to change. Meanwhile, a maid who happened to be nearby called out to Sandra and began guiding her to the reception room. After changing my attire, I made my way to the reception room, where I found Sandra waiting while sipping the tea brought by the maid.

Looking at her again, I couldn’t help but notice her beauty when she sat there silently, not saying a word.

“…Are you thinking something impolite right now?”

“N-No, not at all. I was just admiring you, Sandra-sensei.”

“Oh, if that’s the case, then I’m glad.”

Sandra smiled, but her eyes didn’t mirror the same warmth. She had a sharpness about her, both in her speech and actions. Despite her eccentricities, I sensed that she was a perceptive woman. After hearing Galun’s story, I started to suspect that even her usual odd behavior might be calculated. However, that was just my conjecture.

“Did you think of something impolite again?”

“No, I didn’t. Anyway, may we proceed with the main topic?”

I asked the maids present in the reception room to leave, explaining that I had an important conversation to have. 

Taking a seat on the sofa across from Sandra, I placed the “Moonlight Grass” on the desk between us.

“Hmm? What’s this?”

“I can’t disclose its origin and name yet, but it’s a plant with the ability to restore magical power.”

As Sandra listened to my words, she suddenly stood up with great vigor, causing the teacup on the desk to shake and create a loud noise. She seemed unperturbed by it and tightly clenched both fists.

“This is the ‘Moonlight Grass,’ isn’t it? I knew it existed…”

“…As I mentioned before, I can’t reveal its name and origin, so I hope you understand.”

I offered a slight bow. Her reaction caught me off guard. I hadn’t expected her to have such a strong response or even be familiar with the name “Moonlight Grass.” It impressed me that Galun’s words about her past at the research institute in the capital were true. Placing her hand on her forehead, Sandra let out a sigh and sat back down on the sofa.

“I apologize for getting flustered. Before becoming your tutor, I was actually the director of the research institute in the capital. I was conducting research on the ‘Mana Recovery Potion.'”

“I see. Then you probably have a good understanding of what I want to discuss.”

I tried my best to hide my surprise, but deep down, I was truly astonished. I had known about her tenure at a research institute in the Imperial Capital, but I never imagined that she had been researching magic recovery potions. If she were to collaborate with me, we could make significant progress in developing the magic recovery potion. I wanted to find a way to convince her to join me.

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