Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 3

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Chapter Three: Study Session with Yellow

Compared to Red and Blue, Yellow is a relatively easier person to talk to.

If those two progress the conversation at their own peculiar tempo and pushiness, Yellow is the type who will wait for the other person’s words and have a normal dialogue.

To explicitly state it…

“You’re pretty normal huh.”

“Why are you suddenly saying that?”

In the middle of the usual solitary cell is a table set up.

Five chairs are placed around the table where I’m sitting facing her. notebooks, textbooks, and writing supplies for studying are lined up in front of me.

“Does it bother you?”

“Wh,what, it d-doesn’t bother me.”

“It does bother you.”

That was a model example of a trembling voice.

But if normal is disliked…and that’s why she intentionally changes her speech…it means she’s quite worried about this herself doesn’t it?

“What’s wrong with normal? Isn’t normal good?”

“But compared to Akane and Aoi I feel like I don’t leave much of an impression…”

“I don’t think so.”

While she is ordinary, I don’t think her impression is thin at all.

At least for me, having anything resembling a normal life would feel extravagant.

“You say normal normal, but swinging that axe with your skinny arms, you stand out a lot don’t you?”

“Well I do stand out, but being noticed like that isn’t making me happy or anything…”


I see, being treated as freakishly strong isn’t pleasant huh.

I also hate being treated as just brawn without brains.

“But there’s not only downsides to changing your speech.”

“Is there something good about it?”

“Being able to be a different you than normal…it gives that kind of feeling. Strangely I can be aggressive when fighting monsters too.”

Won’t say it aloud but she seems to have a kind personality.

In that sense, even her fake Kansai dialect has meaning.

“What does Katsumi think about it?”

“About the speech? Well, it’s odd but isn’t it fine? I’ve gotten used to it, it would feel weird now if you suddenly switched to standard Japanese.”

“I see… ehehe.”

What’s she laughing about…

Yellow smiles faintly as I look at her with some exasperation and point at her hands.

“See, your hands have stopped. You have tests starting next week right?”

“Oh, that’s true but…Katsumi is technically in the same grade as me.”

“I can’t go back to school so it’s fine for me.”

While I’m considered to be on leave of absence, they probably won’t let me out so easily.

So I’ve given up on going back to school.

“Then why are you studying?”

“Habit. At home I had nothing else to do besides housework.”


No TV or smartphone either.

While I did have someone to talk to, basically my days were no different than now, just training and studying while confined to this cell as the Black Knight.

I had no dissatisfaction whatsoever with that lifestyle, but Yellow makes an awkward expression before me.

“Oh, sorry.”

“Are we out of sync? Me?”


Didn’t mean to make her look like that, but in times like this I’m made aware of how my everyday life was far from normal.

The mood has gotten awkward so I should change the subject.

“Speaking of which, how did you slip out of class when monsters appeared?”

I had been wondering since finding out they were students at the same high school, how did Red and the others slip out of class when monsters appeared?

Yellow answers my question readily without any trouble.

“We have a classmate who knows about us that covers for us. When monsters appear they help out, and during class they project a hologram while I sneak out using the optical camouflage function of the Changers.”

“That’s way too much overtechnology isn’t it.”

Casually bringing up holograms and optical camouflage, that’s crazy isn’t it.

Judging from the suits, the science capabilities here are absurdly advanced.

“How did you sneak out of class, Katsumi?”

“Me? I…used a secret technique to sneak out.”

“Secret technique?”

Certainly I didn’t use advanced science and holograms or anything like that.

I have no intention of revealing the method right now, and can’t use it anymore either so I’ll keep it unsaid.

“Ugh, I hate studying.”

“It’s a student’s proper role. Do it obediently.”

“Katsumi is spartan too.”

I direct an exasperated gaze at Yellow who suddenly lies down on the table.

“You already have less study time because of the fights against monsters, so do it properly.”

“Giving such honest lecturing, Katsumi is a good person after all huh.”

“Enough already, so…”

With her following Red and Blue saying that to me, I let my shoulders droop.

“And thinking about it, why am I lecturing you when I’m the one seeing a counselor?”

“Oh, you’re right. Should I call you Teacher instead?”

“Don’t joke around.”

I’m not together enough to be called Teacher, and it would annoy me to be called that by you.

“The counselor teacher is Shirakawa-chan right?”


Shirakawa Hakuo.

Despite looking our age he’s a doctor. And a rude guy who calls me “Kat-tsun”.

“Anyway, Shirakawa doesn’t matter for now. Study, study.”

“I want to chat more with Katsumi…no good?”

She looks up at me. While thinking purely “What is she saying?” I wave my hand flippantly.

“Don’t say nonsense, hurry up and do it. I don’t care if you fail.”

“Uu, such a strict teacher…”

“I told you, I’m not a teacher…”

While discouraged, I also wryly smile at Yellow clasping her pen with teary eyes.

You can still live a normal student life, so enjoy it to your heart’s content.

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